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​5 Things to Look For in an Enterprise Content Collaboration Platform

​5 Issues to Glance For in an Undertaking Content material Collaboration Platform

1. File Security

When collaborating on a project, organizations want to ensure the right people have access to project files. Of course, you do not want any bad actors tampering with those projects. As a result, it is important to find a collaboration platform that allows you to control who has access to certain files and folders, as well as monitor who downloads and shares information. In addition, a good content collaboration platform can become a great one if it allows you to receive automated alerts of unauthorized users. This is a great addition to a platform with robust security measures.

2. Encryption of Project Data

Many industries have high standards for encryption and security. For organizations in industries such as healthcare and finance, looking for a content collaboration platform that employs robust encryption standards is crucial. This can still be a critical element of content collaboration platforms for organizations that do not have these strict industry requirements. Looking at what each content collaboration platform for enterprises provides as far as encryption is one of the best ways to gauge how robust their security capabilities are.

3. User Flexibility

The big draw for enterprise content collaboration platforms is their ability to be used from anywhere in the world. In the pandemic era, this is one of the most powerful tools an organization can utilize to maintain productive and effective workflows. That being said, there are three important questions to ask before you decide on an enterprise content collaboration platform:

  1. Is the content collaboration platform accessible on mobile?
  2. More broadly, can you access files from any approved device?
  3. Is there a limited number of downloads or views?

These questions can be a good guide to understanding which content collaboration platform will provide the most flexibility.

4. Powerful Sharing Capability

Working with file size limitations is a pain and can slow workflows down quite a bit. Organizations should look for an enterprise content collaboration platform that has no file limitations. Beyond this capability, organizations should be able to send files and receive notifications of successful message delivery. These processes should be done securely, optimally with a data loss prevention solution so that demanding work does not disappear into thin air.

5. File Syncing

Project collaboration is ideally conducted with robust file syncing capabilities. When users are revising, commenting, or viewing content, file syncing and tracking is a powerful tool to ensure that no changes go unnoticed, and redundancies do not occur.

Why Use an Enterprise Content Collaboration Platform?

Content collaboration platforms can be powerful tools that can affect an organization’s bottom line. Working and collaborating with a team is made easier. Many of the barriers that users normally experience, such as file sizes, file version issues, and time zones are rendered moot by some content collaboration platforms. So, do your research and keep all of these elements in mind along your buyer’s journey.

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