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10 awesome edi managed services providers

10 superior edi controlled services and products suppliers

Perhaps you’ve come across our ‘25 Great EDI Service Providers’ article, and now you are wondering what’s the difference.

While that article was a mix of some of the best providers on the market, we didn’t distinguish EDI platform, and software providers from EDI managed services providers.

This blog will come in handy for you if you do not want to deal with EDI or you do not have a team that could do it, so you’re looking for a partner to ease your pain.

All ten EDI managed service providers in this list can help you to ensure that you do not have to worry about your EDI operations anymore. Naturally, you can focus on your core business, and they will handle the electronic data interchange on your behalf.

At the end of this blog, we will briefly explain the benefits of working with an EDI provider that provides fully managed services, but let’s look at the top 10 companies first.

(Note that there’s no specific order on this list and we do not endorse any of these providers, we just bring you the facts about their services.)


EDICOM is an American company with a global reach, and they offer solutions for electronic data interchange (EDI), global e-invoicing, electronic VAT compliance, long-term electronic archiving, or B2B2G network.

EDICOM can provide EDI solutions globally through their own software developed in-house and IT infrastructure, as well as several interconnection agreements. EDICOM specializes in developing data integration systems in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode. The company provides its customers with ongoing updates and 24/7 support.

EDICOM offers solutions for retail, healthcare, automotive, and logistics.


EDI2XML provides customers with ‘EDI as a service’. It means that EDI2XML will fully manage EDI operations on the customer’s behalf. Using EDI2XML customers do not need to install a software or hardware, EDI2XML will set up the process flow, take care of the data routing, and include data format translation.

They provide standard XML for all incoming and outgoing EDI messages and FTP site to receive files in XML format that can be then translated into other formats.


Among other services, Encompass also offers managed EDI services, as the company after a long-standing partnership acquired SaberLogic’s EDI Integrator, thus they can integrate EDI into any ERP platforms. 

When you work with Encompass, your EDI Value Added Network (VAN) will remain the same, but Encompass will act as a middleman to help with the mapping. They support RSX (Retail Standard XML) and the following EDI document types:

EDI 810 – Invoice

EDI 830 – Panning Schedule with Release Capability

EDI 846 – Inventory Inquiry/Advice

EDI 850 – Purchase Order (PO)

EDI 855 – Purchase Order (PO) Acknowledgment

EDI 856 – Advance Shipment Notification (ASN)

EDI 860 – Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

EDI 862 – Shipping Schedule

EDI 870 – Order Status Report

EDI 940 – Warehouse Shipping Order

EDI 943 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice

EDI 944 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice

EDI 945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice


Data Masons provide comprehensive and scalable EDI solutions for ERPs. They can execute EDI integration with Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Macola, and they work with over 1800 trading partners globally.

Data Masons have a variety of EDI solutions, such as VAN Service, universal data translator, supply chain EDI, planning schedule, invoices and purchase orders, and much more.



Just a couple of month ago, OpenText acquired Liaison, an iPaaS provider, that makes Opentext’s EDI solutions even more versatile. They provide fully managed services, standards support (e.g., ANSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and HL7). They have three different tiers of pricing:


1EDISource’s managed EDI service offerings ensure that trading partners can seamlessly exchange information with each other to provide visibility and insights into the operations. Their solutions help users to both automate and integrate B2B transactions.

1EDISource offers the following products:

  • [PX] partnerXchange – A web-based EDI solution for small businesses
  • [MX] managedXchange – An outsourced EDI solution great for any size business
  • [HQ] EDI HeadQuarters – A robust EDI solution for complete control
  • [IX] intelligenceXchange – EDI visibility layer that clips on to your current systems


While Adeptia’s EDI integration is not purely a managed service, they still made it to this list, as they are simplifying the way how B2B integrations can be done. Adeptia’s EDI integration software was designed for the business users – people that often lack coding skills. The software is empowering even those trading partners that do not have in-house EDI skills, but they still need to be able to exchange information with organizations that have been traditionally using EDI.


Truecommerce helps enterprises to bring their entire supply chain into a single EDI platform so that they can attain information from any ERP system and communicate with the application in a back and forth manner.

Truecommerce customers do not need to invest in infrastructure, thus they do not need to worry about maintenance cost either. They will handle the setup on the customer’s behalf and maintain the solution.


EDI Plus fully managed service will provide you with dedicated project management. They will map out your requirements and develop the solution according to your specs. You will have a primary point of contact that will continuously check in with you regarding the implementation to ensure that your project and go-live goes according to the plan.

EDI Plus has a UK based support team and UK data storage – this can be important if you work for a UK-based company.


Youredi’s managed EDI services are built on top of Youredi’s iPaaS. An iPaaS is a cloud-based integration platform that allows Youredi to execute hybrid integrations – connect on-premise systems with cloud-based applications. In today’s world where EDI software is still a dominant tool for B2B integrations, but for example, ERP software is moving to the cloud, Youredi provides an essential service for EDI integration. One of the most common use cases that Youredi works on is ensuring that companies that do not have EDI capabilities, but they use APIs, can communicate with enterprises that have been using EDI for decades. In a way, Youredi empowers businesses of any sizes to share data with their trading partners.


While some of the benefits of working with a managed EDI service provider compared to purchasing an EDI software were already mentioned before, we wanted to compile a list of benefits.

The benefits of working with a managed service provider compared to doing everything in-house are the following:

1. You do not need to invest in software or hardware. Instead, you just pay for the service.

2. Your costs will become more predictable. Most vendors provide volume-based pricing so you’ll be able to anticipate your overhead costs more promptly. EDI pricing should be predictable and clear for all stakeholders.

3. You will be modernizing the way you work around EDI. Some vendors use the cloud for routing the data, thus, you could take your EDI integrations to the next level, integrate hybrid environments, and utilize APIs. The cloud is also a secure and reliable (99,99% uptime) alternative for trading partner communication.

4. Data format translation. No matter what data formats you and your trading partners use, the EDI service provider will most likely take care of the data mapping and conversion.

5. You don’t have to have an IT team for EDI. EDI experts are scarce and expensive. You won’t need to worry about hiring and training people.

6. Hybrid integration. Connect to any on-premise or cloud-based applications.

7. Faster deployment and partner on-boarding. Working with a company that is specializing in EDI integrations can significantly decrease the time-to-production.

8. Full support and maintenance. Most vendors will provide you with 24/7 support and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry if something breaks.


It is difficult to compare these EDI managed service providers. While it may seem so that all of them providing the same service, there are clearly nuances that set apart these companies. The best way to move forward if you want to create a shortlist, get in touch with all these companies and make sure to set up a call to ensure which ones align the most with your goals and integration strategy.

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