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2018 B2B Ecommerce Essentials 10 B2B Features You Can’t Live Without

B2B Ecommerce Necessities: 10 B2B Options You Can’t Reside With out

B2B ecommerce is going from strength to strength and opportunities to grow market share and improve customer service are encouraging companies of all sizes to quickly re-platform.

If you’re looking for a new B2B online ordering system that can be fully-integrated with your ERP solution for seamless account, warehouse, sales, and inventory management, check out the below B2B features:

If you have a large product catalogue, it is essential that you make finding products as simple and straight-forward as possible. For products that are largely similar, a regular site search system may be redundant. However, with comprehensive product attributes and a fully featured faceted search, filters will allow customers to find exactly what they need quickly and easily. They can even compare features before making a final selection!

2)Expand Your Reach with Multi-Lingual Product Selection

When selling to business in different countries and time zones, having your products and information available in different languages online can give you a competitive advantage and dramatically expand your reach.

3) Build Bespoke Sites for Key Customers or Buying Groups

Build branded sites for key customers or groups of customers quickly. to increase customer loyalty and spend. Brand and style these differently and enable or disable features and functionality in order to meet this customer’s exact requirements.

4)Automate with Core Orders Lists

Save your customers time and effort using order pads that automatically create customer specific order lists direct from your ERP. Alternatively, improve speed and efficiency of ordering by allowing customers to edit and personalise these lists for themselves

5) Get Reactive with Back Order Management

Utilise back order management to order products as and when they’re needed to ensure you always have the stock you need when customers attempt to make a purchase.

You can also give your customers the option to receive an automated back order report on a specified schedule, plus track deliveries and monitor delivery statuses so you can provide an accurate ETA. 

6) Make Ordering Easy with a Matrix

Make checking the availability of products in many sizes and colours simple by presenting your customers with a matrix which allows them to view the full range at a glance. They can then enter quantities next to the selected variations and order a variety at a single click of a button.

7) Personalise Content with Targeted News

Targeted News

Make the content and B2B features you present your customers as relevant as possible by segmenting your customers into groups. Functionality will then allow accurate targeting of news, banners, and other content to improve visibility and enhance customer satisfaction.

8) Support Super-Sized Catalogues with Ease

A super-size catalogue is ideal for any organisation that offer extremely large catalogues of products or services – even those with millions of products – and needs advances searching and filtering options for improved usability

9) Reduce Admin on Corporate Deals Using Punchout

This specialist B2B feature links your B2B offering to third party procurement systems, allowing buyers to browse, add, and purchase using their Oracle, SAP or Ariba system.

If you’ll be selling to large corporate clients, Punchout could help reduce the administrative time and costs for both parties, allowing you to pass a 10% saving on.

10)Manage Security with Authoriser Controls

Control spending with ease and ensure customers have the authority to purchase your products by utilising procurement and purchase controls which ensure customers have an efficient purchase approval process. Spend limits can be set across departments and locations to cut down on the amount of paperwork needed as part of the authorisation process and speed up the entire process.

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