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4 Reasons Why Our Product Might, Not Be A Good Fit for Your Company

4 Causes Why Our Product May, Now not Be A Just right Are compatible for Your Company

At first glance our title might have you think your eyes are deceiving you. After all, who goes out and tells people why their product wouldn’t be a great fit for them? However, my primary goal as the Director of Sales is NOT to sell software, but to create happy long-term customers. And in order to do that, I have to make sure from the outset that both EDI Here, and the EDI Here solution offering, are a good match for each and every prospect.

Based on my experience trying to make happy customers, I have developed a pretty good eye for which companies will benefit the most from working with us. So, the following are four honest reasons why EDI Here might not be a good fit for your company:

1. You Have a Fixed Amount of Trading Partners

The faster your trading partner network is growing and the more volatile it is, the more value you will derive from EDI Here solution. Our pre-packaged B2B technology provides business users the agility to re-use and make changes to existing processes, and its ease-of-use allows for quick onboarding of new customers. If your company is not changing or growing much, then speed and agility are less important for you.

2. All Your Trading Partners Follow The Same, Single Process For Data Intake

Traditionally, the more diverse your trading partner network is, the more processes you will need to handle the variety of customer requirements for onboarding and processing data. These differing requirements include disparate file types, file transfer protocols, data mappingcapabilities, and exception-handling rules, just to name a few. EDI Here takes all of this data intake complexity and simplifies it into a single process that can be easily monitored and managed by non-technical business users. If you are the type of company that has the power to make all your trading partners abide by your process, then you won’t benefit as much from our product.

3. You Are Already 100% Automated

Manual processes are labor intensive, expensive, time-consuming and error-prone. As a result, most companies have automated at least some of their B2B connectivity and integration. The less automated a company is, the more value they will receive from EDI Here solution. It’s important to note, though, that even the most advanced companies typically only automate 50 to 65 percent of their B2B processes, and very few automate the handling of exceptions and errors. With advanced system-to-system and human workflow automation capability.

4. You Have In-House Custom Coders With A Lot Of Spare Time On Their Hands

Most companies don’t have enough IT bandwidth to meet the needs of the business, so it’s very common for IT to bottleneck the achievement of B2B business initiatives. By making customer onboarding, integration and automation dirt simple for business users, EDI Here is able to overcome an IT shortage and allow businesses to achieve their goals. Within some businesses, however, there is a culture which isn’t as accepting of this progressive IT paradigm. Even though all companies (including those with a surplus of IT resources) would greatly benefit by rethinking their manual approach to IT, shifting the enterprise mindset can be a difficult and political long-term process.

If any of these four reasons apply to you, our product would simply not be right for you. If they don’t apply to you, though, you should consider looking into our product offering. Even if you’re not sure, we’d still love to explore the possibilities with you in order to help determine what’s best for your company.

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