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A Fast, Easy Way to Avoid Amazon PO Chargebacks

A Rapid, Simple Technique to Keep away from Amazon PO Chargebacks

If you’re an Amazon vendor, then you’re probably well aware of Amazon’s brand-new chargeback policy regarding purchase order (PO) acknowledgement accuracy and timeliness. What does this mean and why are they doing this?

Simply put, Amazon must receive complete PO acknowledgements from every supplier so that it can relay accurate and timely order status information to its customers. This PO completeness benefits everyone involved, Amazon correctly argues. Happier consumers place more orders, which leads to busier retailers and more profitable suppliers. Everybody wins.

Amazon first tried the gentler approach of asking vendors to improve their PO acknowledgement practices on their own. But participation wasn’t where it needed to be, so here we are. For you and other vendors, this means that regardless of how many Amazon POs you manage, you must acknowledge each PO and all items on that PO completely or pay the price through chargebacks.

Getting You 100% Compliant

EDI Here offers a fast, simple solution for making the Amazon PO chargeback policy a non-issue for you: Fulfillment. This cloud-based service pulls all required PO details into your business documents and submits them electronically in the format Amazon requires. The end result is consistently complete and accurate information regardless of PO volume or frequency.

Our integration experts can help you achieve 100% PO acknowledgement compliance with Amazon within an hour.

Key Fulfillment capabilities include:

  • A time-saving auto-complete feature that lets you acknowledge any number of complete POs simultaneously
  • Defaults that save relevant details to eliminate redundant data entry, improving accuracy
  • A digital repository that provides easy access to item attributes
  • Reusable templates for increased speed and accuracy
  • Alerts that provide real-time status updates about your business transactions

If Amazon is one of your key sales channels, EDI Here can help you remove Amazon PO chargebacks from your list of concerns. Take a closer look at Fulfillment today.

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