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Amazon Required AS2 Connection Security Setting Update

Amazon Required AS2 Connection Security Setting Update

Amazon has made changes to their Information Security policies, and is now requiring an update to the AS2 security settings on the AS2 connection used to connect your business to Amazon for exchanging EDI documents. Deadline for compliance is October 15, 2019. Read all the important details here to stay compliant and avoid suspension.

AS2 connections that are not compliant by October 15th, 2019 may cause the suspension of AS2 EDI traffic between Amazon and your business.
Amazon is making this request to ensure that existing B2B connections meet current security standards.

It is recommended to begin these updates immediately!

If your account has one or more configured AS2 connection(s) which do not comply with the following minimum required standards, updates need to be made.

Amazon AS2 Settings:

  • AES128 Encryption Algorithm
  • SHA256 Message Signing Algorithm
  • SHA2 Amazon AS2 Certificate*

*Should you currently use a SHA1 Amazon Certificate, Amazon will renew the certificate and you will receive an email with certificate update instructions. Follow the steps to download and apply the new certificate now or change the date/time to apply the new certificate any time before the current certificate expiry date as soon as possible.

How to Update Your Amazon AS2 Connections

Updates to the AS2 connections are managed on the Vendor Central platform using the EDI Self Service tab as follows:

  1. Login to Vendor Central and navigate to the EDI tab > Self Service Setup
  2. Open the Connection dashboard.
  3. Click the Edit button for the AS2 connections with expiring certificates.
  4. Click the “Download certificate” option and then set the scheduled start date for the new certificate.

Please note that the above AS2 settings are validated when saving changes to the Connection. Non-compliant settings will be highlighted on the Vendor Central page at that time.

The Amazon AS2 settings will be updated when you save your changes on the self-service connection page. Both test and production connections need to be updated to be compliant.

Once you have changed your configuration you can then analyze all transmissions (success and failure) in detail using the Operational Analytics application accessible via Vendor Central > EDI > Operational Analytics. You can verify receipt or delivery of transmissions, deep dive into failed transmissions and also request re-delivery of transmissions from Amazon.

If your AS2 connections are managed by an EDI Service Provider or VAN, ensure that your EDI provider or VAN has access to your Vendor Central account in order to manage the updates to your connection as needed.

Amazon makes this request to ensure that their B2B connections run in accordance with current security standards.

Connections that are not compliant by October 15th 2019 may result in the suspension of AS2 traffic between Amazon and your business.

For more detailed instruction from Amazon, refer to “Amazon AS2 Certificate Update Guide” document in technical section of the Resource Center on the Vendor Central Portal.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions for Amazon, sign in to Vendor Central, click Contact Us on any page, and select EDI Integration > Connectivity Issue.

Amazon also released an update earlier in August 2019, going into affect September 9, 2019 concerning a Chargeback Rate Increase, read the details in the post below:

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If you need an EDI solution to ensure full compliance with Amazon and all your trading partners, EDI Here can help find an EDI solution perfect for your unique business!

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