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An Incredibly Simple Way to, Successful Partner Data Exchange

An Extremely Easy Method to, A success Spouse Information Change

Adeptia is a business application that provides a very easy and intuitive way for your company to setup EDI transactions with your Trading Partners. Whether the data is inbound or outbound, whether you want to integrate the data with SAP ERP IDocs or backend databases, Adeptia’s browser-based user interface allows your company to start exchanging data with your Trading Partners in minutes.

In terms of the setup, users can configure Networks that allows them to manage different partners into their related categories. For example, you can have Networks such as Customers, Suppliers, Resellers or Plan Sponsors and then specify a Partner into those Networks. This approach provides an ease of use for your Operations to manage these Partners and grant them access to transactions. Adding new Trading Partner is also intuitive where user clicks on “Add Partner” and invites new Partners into your Network.

Once the Networks and their related Partners are defined we then go in and setup an EDI transaction for that Partner. The setup is a wizard-based navigation menu that lets the user walk-thru each step such as selecting the type of interchange, option to send 997 Acknowledgment and the EDI version.

After completing the EDI setup through the wizard, next step allows users to specify the Source location such as SFTP and provide the file pickup criteria to look for new files after a certain polling interval.

Adeptia provides a browser-based Mapping interface to allow user to map the EDI to a Target application such as a Database. After completing the configuration the user simply activates the transaction and then goes to the Dashboard to see the runtime processing results.

Dashboards provide full visibility of all the EDI transactions in terms of inbound or outbound, status of each transaction and it also allows user to search for a particular interchange based on key fields.

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