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ANSI ASC X12 Standards – Technical Overview – 2021

ANSI X12 Data Segments Release 4010

A segment is the intermediate unit of information in a transaction set. Segments consist of logically related data elements in a defined sequence. Segments have a unique segment identifier that comprises the first characters of the segment. When segments are combined to form a transaction set, their relationship to the transaction set is defined by a segment condition designator and a segment sequence. Some segments may be repeated, and groups of segments may be repeated as loops

Segment IDSegment Name
AAA Request Validation
ACD Account Description
ACK Line Item Acknowledgment
ACS Ancillary Charges
ACT Account Identification
AD1 Adjustment Amount
ADI Animal Disposition
ADJ Adjustments to Balances or Services
ADT Animal Parturition Status
ADV Advertising Demographic Information
ADX Adjustment
AEI Equipment Information Summary
AES Automatic Equipment Identification Site Information
AIN Income
AK1 Functional Group Response Header
AK2 Transaction Set Response Header
AK3 Data Segment Note
AK4 Data Element Note
AK5 Transaction Set Response Trailer
AK9 Functional Group Response Trailer
ALG Allergen
AM1 Informational Values
AMT Monetary Amount Information
ANI Animal Identification
AOC Animal Offspring Counts
AOI Animal Offspring/Fetus Identification
AOL Animal Observation Location
AORAnimal Observation Result
AP1 Alternate Parts
APE Assurance Protocol Error
API Activity or Process Information
APR Association of American Railroads Pool Code Restrictions
ARC Animal Results Counts
ARS Applicant Residence Specifics
ASI Action or Status Indicator
ASL Asset Liability
ASM Amount and Settlement Method
ASO Asset Ownership
AST Animal Reproductive Status
AT1 Bill of Lading Line Item Number
AT2 Bill of Lading Line Item Detail
AT3 Bill of Lading Rates and Charges
AT4 Bill of Lading Description
AT5 Bill of Lading Handling Requirements
AT6 International Manifest Information
AT7 Shipment Status Details
AT8 Shipment Weight, Packaging and Quantity Data
AT9 Trailer or Container Dimension and Weight
ATA Beginning Segment for Motor Carrier Delivery Trailer Manifest
ATH Resource Authorization
ATN Attendance
ATR Animal Test Result
ATV Student Activities and Awards
AVA Funds Availability
AWD Amount with Description
AXL Vehicle Axle Measurements
B1 Beginning Segment for Booking or Pickup/Delivery
B10 Beginning Segment for Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
B11 Beginning Segment for Shipment Status Inquiry
B12 Beginning Segment for Consolidation of Goods In Container
B13 Beginning Segment for Appointment Schedule
B2 Beginning Segment for Shipment Information Transaction
B2A Set Purpose
B3 Beginning Segment for Carrier’s Invoice
B3A Invoice Type
B3B Beginning Segment for Rail Carrier’s Invoice
B4 Beginning Segment for Inquiry or Reply
B9 Beginning Segment for Logistics Services
B9A Service Request
BA1 Export Shipment Identifying Information
BA2 Beginning Segment for Cargo Terminal Information
BAA Beginning Segment for Product Transfer Account Adjustment
BAK Beginning Segment for Purchase Order Acknowledgment
BAL Balance Detail
BAT Batch
BAU Beginning Segment for the Debit Authorization
BAX Beginning Segment for Advance Consist and Transportation Automatic Equipment ID
BBC Legal Claims
BC Beginning Segment for Contract Completion Status
BCA Beginning Segment for Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment
BCD Beginning Credit/Debit Adjustment
BCH Beginning Segment for Purchase Order Change
BCI Basic Claim Information
BCM Beginning Segment for Contractor Cost Data Reporting
BCO Beginning Segment for Procurement Notices
BCP Beginning Segment for Contract Pricing Proposal
BCQ Beginning Segment for Shipper’s Car Order
BCS Beginning Segment for Project Cost Reporting
BCT Beginning Segment for Price/Sales Catalog
BCU Legal Claim Updates
BDD Beginning Segment for Shipment Delivery Discrepancy Information
BDS Binary Data Structure
BEG Beginning Segment for Purchase Order
BEN Beneficiary or Owner Information
BEP Borrower Education Program
BER Beer Information
BFR Beginning Segment for Planning Schedule
BFS Borrower Financial Summary
BGF Beginning Segment for File Transfer Information
BGN Beginning Segment
BGP Beginning Segment for Problem Log Inquiry or Advice
BHT Beginning of Hierarchical Transaction
BIA Beginning Segment for Inventory Inquiry/Advice
BIG Beginning Segment for Invoice
BIN Binary Data Segment
BIX Beginning Segment for Automotive Inspection
BJF Beginning Segment Railroad Junctions and Interchanges Update Activity
BL Billing Information
BLI Basic Baseline Item Data
BLN Balance Information
BLR Transportation Carrier Identification
BLS Beginning Segment for Asset Schedule
BMA Beginning Segment for Market Development Fund Allocation
BMG Beginning Segment For Text Message
BMM Beginning Segment for Multilevel Railcar Load Details Transaction
BMP Beginning Segment for Market Development Fund Settlement
BMS Beginning Segment For Material Safety Data Sheet
BNR Beginning Segment For Nonconformance Report
BNX Rail Shipment Information
BOL Beginning Segment for the Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
BOR Beginning of Report
BOS Beginning Segment for Joint Interest Billing and Operating Expense Statement
BOX Box Office Detail
BPA Beginning Segment for Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status
BPP Beginning Segment for Project Schedule Reporting
BPR Beginning Segment for Payment Order/Remittance Advice
BPT Beginning Segment for Product Transfer and Resale
BQR Beginning Segment for Response to Request for Quotation
BQT Beginning Segment for Request for Quotation
BR Beginning Segment for Material Management
BRA Beginning Segment for Receiving Advice or Acceptance Certificate
BRC Beginning Segment for Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
BRR Beginning Segment for Railroad Mark Register Update Activity
BSC Beginning Segment for Commission Sales Report and Periodic Compensation
BSD Breakdown Structure Description
BSF Business Function
BSI Beginning Segment for Order Status Inquiry
BSN Beginning Segment for Ship Notice
BSR Beginning Segment for Order Status Report
BSS Beginning Segment for Shipping Schedule/Production Sequence
BSW Beginning Segment for Carrier�s Services Settlement
BT1 Batch Totals
BTA Beginning Tax Acknowledgment
BTC Beginning Segment for Parameter Trace Registration
BTI Beginning Tax Information
BTP Beginning Segment For Trading Partner Profile
BTR Beginning Segment for Test Results
BTS Beginning Segment for Train Sheets
BUY Loan Buydown
BVA Beginning Vehicle Advice
BVB Beginning Segment for Vehicle Baying Order
BVI Beverage Information
BVP Beginning Segment for Vehicle Shipping Order
BVS Beginning Segment for Vehicle Service
BW Beginning Segment for Weight Message Set
BX General Shipment Information
C2 Bank ID
C3 Currency Identifier
C4 Alternate Amount Due
C8 Certifications and Clauses
C8C Certifications Clauses Continuation
CA1 Rate Request Identifier
CAD Carrier Details
CAI Civil Action Income
CAL Calendar
CAS Claims Adjustment
CAT Category of Patient Information Service
CB1 Contract and Cost Accounting Standards Data
CBS Cost Breakdown Structure
CCI Credit Counseling Information
CD Shipment Conditions
CD1 Cargo Detail
CD2 Multi-Valued Characteristics
CD3 Carton (Package) Detail
CDA Consumer Credit Account
CDD Credit/Debit Adjustment Detail
CDI Change Detail Information
CDS Case Description
CED Administration of Justice Event Description
CER Certification
CF1 Beginning Segment for Summary Freight Bill Manifest
CF2 Summary Freight Bill Detail
CFI Compensation Financial Information
CFT Cost Reporting Format Type
CGS Charge
CHB Chargeback Information
CHR Car Hire Rates
CI Carrier Interchange Agreement
CIC Car Information Control
CID Characteristic/Class ID
CII Conveyance Insurance Information
CIV Civil Action Liability
CL1 Claim Codes
CLD Load Detail
CLI Cost Line Item
CLM Health Claim
CLP Claim Level Data
CLR Car Location Routing Request
CM Cargo Manifest
CMA Cooperative Market Agreement
CMC Commodity Classification
CN1 Contract Information
COB Coordination of Benefits
COD Channel of Distribution
COI Container Information
COM Communication Contact Information
CON Contract Number Detail
CPI Claimant Payment Information
CPL Program Information
CPM Customs Profile Management Information
CPR Commodity Price Reference
CQ Credentials and Qualifications
CR1 Ambulance Certification
CR2 Chiropractic Certification
CR3 Durable Medical Equipment Certification
CR4 Enteral or Parenteral Therapy Certification
CR5 Oxygen Therapy Certification
CR6 Home Health Care Certification
CR7 Home Health Treatment Plan Certification
CR8 Pacemaker Certification
CRC Conditions Indicator
CRD Content Reporting Detail
CRI Claim Report Information
CRO Credit Report Order Details
CRS Course Record
CRT Contractor Report Type
CS Contract Summary
CSB Cryptographic Service Message Body
CSC Cryptographic Service Message Certificates and Keys
CSD Consolidated Shipment Invoice Data
CSE Educational Course Information
CSF Conditional Sampling Frequency
CSH Sales Requirements
CSI Claim Status Information
CSM Cryptographic Service Message Header
CSS Conditional Sampling Sequence
CST Cost Analysis
CSU Supplemental Course Data
CT Car Type
CTB Restrictions/Conditions
CTC Car Hire Transaction Control
CTH Beginning Segment for Contract Transaction Set
CTP Pricing Information
CTT Transaction Totals
CTX Context
CUR Currency
CV Cycle/Summary Value
CYC Car Hire Cycle
D9 Destination Station
DAD Debit Authorization Detail
DAI Appendix Information
DAM Damage Information
DB Disbursement Information
DD Demand Detail
DDI Explanation
DED Deductions
DEF Delayed Repayment
DEG Degree Record
DEL Delivery Logistics
DEP Deposit
DET Diet Information
DEX Delivery Execution Information
DFI Default Information
DH Dealer Hours
DIS Discount Detail
DK Docket Header
DL Auto Claim Detail – Labor
DLP Delivery Parameter
DLV Deliverable Information
DM Demurrage/Detention/ Storage Rate
DMA Additional Demographic Information
DMG Demographic Information
DMI Data Maintenance Information
DN Dealer Effectivity
DN1 Orthodontic Information
DN2 Tooth Summary
DOS Definition of Share
DP Auto Claim Detail – Parts
DPN Dependent Information
DR Docket Range
DRA Drug Authorization
DRT Deprescription Rate Detail
DSB Disability Information
DTM Date/Time Reference
DTP Date or Time or Period
DVI Dynamic Vehicle Information
E01 Electronic Form Main Heading
E03 Interchange Order of Segments
E1 Empty Car Disposition – Pended Destination Consignee
E10 Transaction Set Grouping
E13 Segment Order in Transaction Set
E20 Segment Header Information
E22 Data Element Relationships in a Segment or Composite
E24 Data Element Sequence in a Segment or Composite
E30 Data Element Attributes
E34 Code List Values for a Data Element
E4 Empty Car Disposition – Pended Destination City
E40 EDI Standards Note Reference
E41 Composite Header Information
E5 Empty Car Disposition – Pended Destination Route
E6 Advance Car Disposition
E8 Blocking and Response Information
EA Equipment Attributes
EB Eligibility or Benefit Information
EC Employment Class
ECS Fees and Payment Schedule
ED Equipment Description
EDF Educational Fee Information
EFI Electronic Format Identification
EI Automatic Equipment Identification
EIA Beginning Segment for Equipment Inquiry or Advice
ELV Employee Leave Summary
EM Equipment Characteristics
EMP Employer
EMS Employment Position
EMT Employment
ENE Electronic Systems Environment
ENM School Enrollment Data
ENR School Enrollment Information
ENT Entity
EQ Eligibility or Benefit Inquiry
EQD EQD Equipment Damage Information
ER Rail Event Reporting
ERI Entity Relationship
ERP Educational Record Purpose
ES Equipment Status
ESI Employment Status Information
ETD Excess Transportation Detail
EXI Excavation Ticket Information
F01 Identification of Claim (Claimant Originated)
F02 Identification of Shipment
F04 Weight/Volume Loss
F05 Allowance/Charge (Claim)
F07 Auto Claim Detail
F09 Detail – Supporting Evidence for Claim
F10 Identification of Claim (Tracer)
F11 Status
F12 Basic Claim Information – Automotive
F13 Payment Information
F14 Line Item Reject
F6X Identification (Automotive)
F9 Origin Station
FA1 Type of Financial Accounting Data
FA2 Accounting Data
FAA Financial Asset Account
FAC Facing Direction
FBB Foreign and Industry Business
FC Financial Contribution
FCL Foreclosure
FDA Facility Description
FGS Form Group
FH Family History
FIR Financial Information
FIS Mortgage Loan Fiscal Data
FK Factor
FNA Financial Status Information
FOB F.O.B. Related Instructions
FOS Field of Study
FPT Financial Participation
FRM Supporting Documentation
FSA Tax Advantage Account
FST Forecast Schedule
FTH First Time Home Buyer
FU1 Bracket Information
FU2 Deal Value
FU3 Product Detail
FU4 Product Pack Detail
FU5 Co-Product Information
FX2 Product Classification
FX3 Product Information
FX4 Equipment Information
FX5 Services Information
FX6 Brand Label
FX7 Pack and Size
G01 Invoice Identification
G05 Total Shipment Information
G07 Carrier Information
G08 Pallet Receipt Disposition
G1 Shipment Type Information
G11 Coupon Reporting Specifications
G12 Coupon Physical Characteristics
G13 Store Size Attributes
G14 Coupon Special Processing
G15 Coupon Distribution
G17 Item Detail – Invoice
G18 Store Category Size
G19 Line Item Detail – Quantity/Unit of Measure/Price Differences
G2 Beyond Routing
G20 Item Packing Detail
G21 Product Information
G22 Pre-Pricing Information
G23 Terms of Sale
G24 Promotion Reference
G25 F.O.B. Information
G26 Pricing Conditions
G28 Line Item Numbers
G29 Store Display Information
G3 Compensation Information
G30 Retail Account Marketing Types
G31 Total Invoice Quantity
G32 Survey Question Response
G33 Total Dollars Summary
G35 Advertising Feature Information
G36 Price List Reference
G37 Labor Activity
G38 Claim Payment Information
G39 Item Characteristics – Vendor’s Selling Unit
G4 Scale Identification
G40 Bracket Price
G42 Promotion Announcement Identification
G43 Promotion/Price List Area
G45 Line Item Detail – Promotion
G46 Promotion Allowance/Charge
G47 Statement Identification
G48 Statement/Invoice Identification
G49 Statement Total
G5 Scale Information
G50 Purchase Order Identification
G51 Free Goods/Product Condition
G53 Maintenance Type
G54 Module Description
G55 Item Characteristics – Consumer Unit
G61 Contact
G62 Date/Time
G63 Period
G66 Transportation Instructions
G68 Line Item Detail – Product
G69 Line Item Detail – Description
G70 Line Item Detail – Miscellaneous
G72 Allowance or Charge
G73 Allowance or Charge Description
G76 Total Purchase Order
G82 Delivery/Return Base Record Identifier
G83 Line Item Detail/Direct Store Delivery
G84 Delivery/Return Record of Totals
G85 Record Integrity Check
G86 Signature Identification
G87 Delivery/Return Adjustment Identification
G88 Delivery/Return Identification Adjustment
G89 Line Item Detail – Adjustment
G91 Price Change Status
G92 Purchase Order Change Type
G93 Price Bracket Identification
G94 Promotion Conditions
G95 Performance Requirements
GA Canadian Grain Information
GDP General Dosing Parameters
GE Functional Group Trailer
GF Furnished Goods and Services
GH Group Header
GID Group Identification
GR Guarantee Result Detail
GR2 Train Data
GR4 Loading Cluster
GR5 Loading Details
GRI Statistical Government Information
GRP Group Dosage Parameters
GS Functional Group Header
GY Geography
H1 Hazardous Material
H2 Additional Hazardous Material Description
H3 Special Handling Instructions
H5 Car Service Order
H6 Special Services
HAD Hospital Affiliation Detail
HC Health Condition
HCP Health Care Pricing
HCR Health Care Services Review
HD Health Coverage
HI Health Care Information Codes
HL Hierarchical Level
HLH Health Information
HPL Health Care Provider License
HS Health Screening
HSD Health Care Services Delivery
IA Interconnect Mailbag Acknowledgment
IC Intermodal Chassis Equipment
ICH Individual Characteristics
ICM Individual Income
ID Inspection Detail Segment
ID1 Item Detail Dimensions
ID2 Item Image Detail
ID3 Dimensions Detail
ID4 Load Details
IDB Indebtedness for Student Loans
IDC Identification Card
IEA Interchange Control Trailer
IGI Insurer or Guarantor Information
IH Interconnect Mailbag Header
III Information
IIS Interchange Identification Segment
IK3 Implementation Data Segment Note
IK4 Implementation Data Element Note
IK5 Implementation Transaction Set Response Trailer
IM Intermodal Movement Information
IMA Interchange Move Authority
IMC Interconnect Mailbag Client Exchange Header
IMM Immunization Status
IMP Impairment Detail
IN1 Individual Identification
IN2 Individual Name Structure Components
INC Installment Information
IND Additional Individual Demographic Information
ING Ingredients
INI Incorporation Information
INQ Credit Inquiry Details
INR Information Request
INS Insured Benefit
INT Interest
INV Investment Vehicle Selection
INX Index Detail
IRA Investor Reporting Action
IRP Report Selection Segment
IS1 Estimated Time of Arrival and Car Scheduling
IS2 Scheduled Events
ISA Interchange Control Header
ISB Grade of Service Request Segment
ISC Interline Service Commitment Detail
ISD Railroad Interline Service Definition Detail
ISE Deferred Delivery Request Segment
ISI Institutional Staff Information
ISR Item Status Report
ISS Invoice Shipment Summary
IT Interconnect Mailbag Trailer
IT1 Baseline Item Data (Invoice)
IT3 Additional Item Data
IT8 Conditions of Sale
ITA Allowance, Charge or Service
ITC Information Type and Comment Results
ITD Terms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale
ITS Item Selection
IV1 Lane Estimates
IVT Inventory Parameters
JCT Railroad Junction Information
JID Equipment Detail
JIL Line Item Detail for the Operating Expense Statement
JIT Just-In-Time Schedule
JL Journal Identification
JS Rail Junction Settlement Role Information
K1 Remarks
K2 Administrative Message
K3 File Information
L0 Line Item – Quantity and Weight
L1 Rate and Charges
L10 Weight Information
L11 Business Instructions and Reference Number
L12 Alternate Lading Description
L13 Commodity Details
L1A Billing Identification
L3 Total Weight and Charges
L4 Measurement
L5 Description, Marks and Numbers
L7 Tariff Reference
L8 Line Item Subtotal
L9 Charge Detail
LAD Lading Detail
LC Life Coverage
LC1 Lane Commitments
LCD Place/Location Description
LCT Logistics Container Tracking Information
LDT Lead Time
LE Loop Trailer
LEP EPA Required Data
LEQ Leased Equipment Information
LET Load and Equipment Type
LFG Hazardous Information, Finished Goods
LFH Free-form Hazardous Material Information
LFI Beginning Segment for Locomotive Information
LH Mixed Hazardous Commodities
LH1 Hazardous Identification Information
LH2 Hazardous Classification Information
LH3 Hazardous Material Shipping Name Information
LH4 Canadian Dangerous Requirements
LH6 Hazardous Certification
LHE Empty Equipment Hazardous Material Information
LHR Hazardous Material Identifying Reference Numbers
LHT Transborder Hazardous Requirements
LIC License Information
LID Loss Information Description
LIE Individual or Event Location
LIN Item Identification
LM Code Source Information
LN Loan Information
LN1 Loan Specific Data
LN2 Existing Real Estate Loan Specific Data
LOC Location
LOD Location Description
LP Load Planning
LQ Industry Code Identification
LRQ Mortgage Characteristics Requested
LS Loop Header
LS1 Asset Item Identification
LSC Location Scope Parameter
LT Letter of Recommendation
LTE Letter of Recommendation Evaluation
LTR Laboratory Test Results
LUC Loan Underwriting
LUI Language Use
LV Loan Verification
LX Transaction Set Line Number
M0 Letter of Credit Reference
M1 Insurance
M10 Manifest Identifying Information
M11 Manifest Bill of Lading Details
M12 In-bond Identifying Information
M13 Manifest Amendment Details
M14 General Order Status Information
M15 Customs Events Advisory Details
M2 Sales/Delivery Terms
M20 Permit to Transfer Request Details
M21 Supplementary In-Bond Information
M3 Release
M7 Seal Numbers
M7A Seal Number Replacement
MAN Marks and Numbers Information
MBL Bill of Lading
MC Miscellaneous and Accessorial Charges
MCD Mortgage Closing Data
MCT Tariff Accessorial Charges
MCZ Marine Catch Zone
MEA Measurements
MI Media Information
MI1 Mileage Source
MIA Inpatient Adjudication
MIC Mortgage Insurance Coverage
MIR Mortgage Insurance Response
MIS Mortgagee Information Status
MIT Message Identification
MKS Marks Awarded
MLA Mortgage Loan Audit Information
MLS Milestone
MNC Mortgage Note Characteristics
MOA Outpatient Adjudication
MPI Military Personnel Information
MPP Mortgage Pool Program
MRC Mortgagor Response Characteristics
MS1 Equipment, Shipment, or Real Property Location
MS2 Equipment or Container Owner and Type
MS3 Interline Information
MS4 Shipment or Package Dimensions
MS5 Shipment Rates and Charges
MS6 Shipment Quantity and Weight
MSG Message Text
MSI Multi-stop Shipment Information
MSS Material Safety Data Sheet Section Information
MTX Text
N1 Party Identification
N10 Quantity and Description
N11 Store Location
N12 Equipment Environment
N2 Additional Name Information
N3 Party Location
N4 Geographic Location
N5 Equipment Ordered
N7 Equipment Details
N7A Accessorial Equipment Details
N7B Additional Equipment Details
N8 Waybill Reference
N8A Additional Reference Information
N9 Extended Reference Information
NA Cross-Reference Equipment
NCA Nonconformance Action
NCD Nonconformance Description
NM1 Individual or Organizational Name
NTE Note/Special Instruction
NX1 Property or Entity Identification
NX2 Location ID Component
OBI Obligation Information
OD Origin and Destination
OI Other Health Insurance Information
OID Order Information Detail
OOI Associated Object Type Identification
OPS Program Subject Area and Eligibility
OPX Placement Criteria
OQS Order Quantity Sequence
ORI Object Reference Identification
OTI Original Transaction Identification
P1 Pickup
P2 Delivery Date Information
P4 Port Information
P5 Port Function
PAD Product Adjustment Detail
PAI Print Advertisement Information
PAL Pallet Type and Load Characteristics
PAM Period Amount
PAS Property Appraisal Summary
PAT Patient Information
PBI Problem Identification
PCL Previous College
PCR Payment Cancellation Request
PCS Product Claim Status
PCT Percent Amounts
PD Pricing Data
PDD Pricing Data Detail
PDE Property Metes and Bounds Description
PDH Pharmaceutical Drug Information
PDI Practice Detail Information
PDL Payment Details
PDP Property Description – Personal
PDR Property Description – Real
PDS Property Description/Legal Description
PEN Pension Information
PER Administrative Communications Contact
PEX Property or Housing Expense
PI Price Authority Identification
PID Product/Item Description
PIN Previous Incident
PKD Packaging Description
PKG Marking, Packaging, Loading
PKL Multi-Pack Configuration
PL Proposal Cost Logic
PLA Place or Location
PLB Provider Level Adjustment
PLC Equipment Placement Information
PLD Pallet Shipment Information
PLI Previous Loan Information
PM Electronic Funds Transfer Information
PMP Performance Measures
PO1 Baseline Item Data
PO3 Additional Item Detail
PO4 Item Physical Details
PO5 Expanded Item Physical Details
PO6 Non-Packaged Item Physcial Details
PO7 Gift Container Physical Details
PO8 Unmarked Trade Item Physical Details
POC Line Item Change
POD Proof of Delivery
PPA Property Location
PPD Payment Pattern Details
PPL Price Support Data
PPR Contract Party Restriction
PPY Personal Property Description
PR Product (Commodity)
PR1 Price Request Parameter List 1
PR2 Price Request Parameter List 2
PRC Payment Rate Change
PRD Mortgage Loan Product Description
PRF Purchase Order Reference
PRI External Reference Identifier
PRJ Multifamily Housing Project
PRM Basic Trace Parameters
PRR Problem Report
PRS Part Release Status
PRT Part Disposition
PRV Provider Information
PS Protective Service Instructions
PS1 Purchase Service
PSA Partner Share Accounting
PSC Product Service Contract
PSD Physical Sample Description
PSG Program Spend
PT Patron
PTD Product Transfer and Resale Detail
PTF Property Transaction Financials
PTS Property Tax Status
PUN Beginning Segment for Motor Carrier Pickup Notification
PWK Paperwork
PYD Payroll Deduction
PYM Payment Manner and Percentage
PYT Historical Payment Terms
Q2 Status Details (Ocean)
Q3 Arrival Details
Q5 Status Details
Q7 Lading Exception Status
Q8 Detail Delivery Exception Information
QTY Quantity Information
R1 Route Information (Air)
R11 Beginning Segment for Trailer or Container Repair Billing
R12 Work Order Information
R13 Line Item Repair
R2 Route Information
R2A Route Information with Preference
R2B Junctions and Proportions
R2C Division Basis
R2D Miscellaneous Charge
R3 Route Information – Motor
R4 Port or Terminal
R9 Route Code Identification
RA Rate Header
RAB Rate or Minimum Qualifiers
RAP Requirement, Attribute, and Proficiency
RAS Reason Adjustment
RC Root Cause
RCD Receiving Conditions
RCR Reporting Criteria
RD Rate Data
RDD Route Description Detail
RDI Retail Account Demographic Information
RDM Remittance Delivery Method
RDR Return Disposition Reason
RDT Revision Date/Time
REA Real Estate Property Information
REC Real Estate Condition
RED Related Data
REF Reference Information
REG Regulatory Application
REL Relationship
REN Rate Request Information
REP Repair Action
REQ Request Information
RES Real Estate Sales Price Change
RET Real Estate Transaction
RIC Financial Return
RLD Down Payment Data
RLT Real Estate Loan Type
RMR Remittance Advice Accounts Receivable Open Item Reference
RMT Remittance Advice
RO Public Record or Obligation
RP Retirement Product
RPA Rate Amounts or Percents
RQS Request for Information
RRA Required Response
RRE Contract Related Error Reporting
RS Rate Subset
RSC Resource
RSD Residency Information
RST Carrier Restriction
RT Rate Destination
RT1 Rate Detail
RTE Rate Information
RTT Freight Rate Information
RU1 Retirement Board Detail
RU2 Employing Carrier Response
RU3 Employing Carrier Claim Profile
RYL Royalty Payment
S1 Stop-off Name
S2 Stop-off Address
S3A Assurance Header Level 1
S3E Security Trailer Level 1
S3S Security Header Level 1
S4A Assurance Header Level 2
S4E Security Trailer Level 2
S4S Security Header Level 2
S5 Stop-off Details
S9 Stop-off Station
SA Status Action
SAC Service, Promotion, Allowance, or Charge Information
SAD Student Award Detail
SAL Salary Information
SB Docket Level
SBI Specific Benefit Information
SBR Subscriber Information
SBT Subtest
SC Docket Sub-level
SCA Statistical Category Analysis
SCD Sales Commission Employee Detail
SCH Line Item Schedule
SCL Rate Basis/Scales
SCM Credit Score Model
SCN Beginning Segment for Cartage Work Assignment
SCP Beginning Segment for a Cartage Work Assignment Response
SCR Shipper’s Car Ordered Rail
SCS Credit Score
SCT School Type
SD1 Safety Data
SDP Ship/Delivery Pattern
SDQ Destination Quantity
SE Transaction Set Trailer
SEF Payment Handling
SER Service Charges
SES Academic Session Header
SFC Storage Facility Characteristics
SG Shipment Status
SHD Shipment Detail
SHI Security Holding Information
SHP Shipped/Received Information
SHR Railroad Interline Service Special Handling Restrictions
SI Service Characteristic Identification
SID Standard Transportation Commodity Code Identification
SII Sales Item Information
SIN Substance Use
SL1 Tariff Details
SLA School Accreditation and Licensing
SLI Specific Loan Information
SLN Subline Item Detail
SMA Station Address
SMB Beginning Segment for Railroad Station Master File
SMD Consolidated Shipment Manifest Data
SMO Operational Services
SMR Cross Reference
SMS Station Codes Segment
SN1 Item Detail (Shipment)
SOI Source of Income
SOM Status of Mortgage
SP Special Program
SPA Status of Product or Activity
SPE Security Protocol Error
SPI Specification Identifier
SPK Specimen Kit Information
SPR Supplier Rating
SPS Sampling Parameters for Summary Statistics
SPT Spirit and Liqueur Information
SPY Scope of Power of Attorney
SR Requested Service Schedule
SRE Test Scores
SS Docket Control Status
SSC Beginning Segment for Service Commitment Advice
SSD Shipment Sort Segregate Data
SSE Entry and Exit Information
SSS Product Special Services
SST Student Academic Status
ST Transaction Set Header
STA Statistics
STC Status Information
STP Study Parameters
STS Interchange Status Segment
SUM Academic Summary
SUP Supplementary Information
SV Service Description
SV1 Professional Service
SV2 Institutional Service
SV3 Dental Service
SV4 Drug Service
SV5 Durable Medical Equipment Service
SV6 Anesthesia Service
SV7 Drug Adjudication
SVA Security Value
SVC Service Information
SVD Service Line Adjudication
SW Switching Charges
SWC Switching Conditions
SWD Switching Details
SWR Switching Rates
T1 Transit Inbound Origin
T2 Transit Inbound Lading
T3 Transit Inbound Route
T6 Transit Inbound Rates
T8 Free-form Transit Data
TA Tax Authority
TA1 Interchange Acknowledgment
TA3 Interchange Delivery Notice Segment
TAR Target Market
TAX Tax Reference
TBI Trade Line Bureau Identifier
TBP Frequency Basis
TC2 Commodity
TCD Itemized Call Detail
TD1 Carrier Details (Quantity and Weight)
TD3 Carrier Details (Equipment)
TD4 Carrier Details (Special Handling, or Hazardous Materials, or Both)
TD5 Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time)
TDS Total Monetary Value Summary
TDT Tax Delinquency Status
TED Technical Error Description
TEM Pickup Totals
TER Territory
TF Tariff Information
TFR Tariff Restrictions
TFS Tax Form
THE Screen Theater Identification
TI Transport Information
TIA Tax Information and Amount
TID Task Identification
TII Tax Installment Information
TIS Title Insurance Services
TLN Tradeline
TMD Test Method
TOA Type of Activity
TOO Tooth Identification
TOV Vehicle Use Information
TPB Business Professional Title
TPD Trading Partner Detail
TPP Third Party Payment
TRD Trade Item Ingredient Details
TRF Rating Factors
TRL Equipment Usage Information
TRN Trace
TRS Tax Rate
TRT Trade Item Type
TS Tariff Section
TS2 Transaction Supplemental Statistics
TS3 Transaction Statistics
TSD Trailer Shipment Details
TSI Automatic Equipment Tag Status Information
TSP Test Period or Interval
TST Test Score Record
TSU Transaction Summary
TT Term Text
TUD Trade Union Data
TXI Tax Information
TXN Transaction Capabilities
TXP Tax Payment
UC Underwriting Category
UCS Underwriting Considerations
UD Underwriting Status
UDA Underwriting Condition
UIT Unit Detail
UM Health Care Services Review Information
UPI Universal Product Identification
UQS Underwriting Question
UR Peer Review Organization or Utilization Review
USD Usage-Sensitive Detail
USI Unitized Shipment Information
UWI Underwriting Information
V1 Vessel Identification
V2 Vessel Information
V3 Vessel Schedule
V4 Cargo Location Reference
V5 Vessel Identification
V9 Event Detail
VAD Vehicle Advice Detail
VAR Credit File Variation
VAT Vehicle Attribute
VC Motor Vehicle Control
VC1 Vehicle Detail
VDI Value Description or Information
VEH Vehicle Information
VID Conveyance Identification
VR Rate Origin
VRC Vehicle Recovery
W01 Line Item Detail – Warehouse
W03 Total Shipment Information (Warehouse)
W04 Item Detail Total
W05 Shipping Order Identification
W06 Warehouse Shipment Identification
W07 Item Detail For Stock Receipt
W08 Receipt Carrier Information
W09 Equipment and Temperature
W1 Block Identification
W10 Warehouse Additional Carrier Information
W12 Warehouse Item Detail
W13 Item Detail Exception
W14 Total Receipt Information
W15 Warehouse Adjustment Identification
W17 Warehouse Receipt Identification
W18 Probe Temperatures
W19 Warehouse Adjustment Item Detail
W2 Equipment Identification
W20 Line Item Detail – Packing
W27 Carrier Details (Warehouse)
W28 Consolidation Information
W3 Consignee Information
W4 Consignor Information
W5 Carrier and Route Information
W6 Special Handling Information
W66 Warehouse Carrier Information
W76 Total Shipping Order
WLD Workload Detail
WS Work Schedule
X01 Automated Manifest Archive Status Details
X02 Automated Manifest Bills Eligible/Overdue Archive Details
X1 Export License
X2 Import License
X4 Customs Release Information
X7 Customs Information
XD Placement/Pull Data
XH Pro Forma – B13 Information
XPO Preassigned Purchase Order Numbers
XQ Reporting Date/Action
Y1 Space Reservation Request
Y2 Container Details
Y3 Space Confirmation
Y4 Container Release
Y5 Space Booking Cancellation
Y6 Authentication
Y7 Cargo Booking Priority
YNQ Yes/No Question
ZA Product Activity Reporting
ZC1 Beginning Segment for Data Correction or Change
ZD Transaction Set Deletion – ID, Reason, and Source
ZR Waybill Reference Identification
ZT Waybill Request Information
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