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(ASC X12) 100 Currency Code


Code (Standard ISO) for country in whose currency the charges are specified

Appears in

ANSI X12 EDI AWDAmount with Description
ANSI X12 EDI B3BBeginning Segment for Carrier’s Invoice
ANSI X12 EDI BCIBasic Claim Information
ANSI X12 EDI BCMBeginning Segment for Contractor Cost Data Reporting
ANSI X12 EDI BOLBeginning Segment for the Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
ANSI X12 EDI BOXBox Office Detail
ANSI X12 EDI BVABeginning Vehicle Advice
ANSI X12 EDI C3Currency
ANSI X12 EDI C4Alternate Amount Due
ANSI X12 EDI CMACooperative Market Agreement
ANSI X12 EDI CURCurrency
ANSI X12 EDI DAMDamage Information
ANSI X12 EDI DVIDynamic Vehicle Information
ANSI X12 EDI F01Identification of Claim (Claimant Originated)
ANSI X12 EDI F11Status
ANSI X12 EDI F13Payment Information
ANSI X12 EDI FIRFinancial Information
ANSI X12 EDI ICMIndividual Income
ANSI X12 EDI L1Rate and Charges
ANSI X12 EDI MS5Shipment Rates and Charges
ANSI X12 EDI N10Quantity and Description
ANSI X12 EDI Q6Shipment Details
ANSI X12 EDI VATVehicle Attribute
ANSI X12 EDI VC1Vehicle Detail
ANSI X12 EDI VRRate Origin
ANSI X12 EDI XHPro Forma – B13 Information
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