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(ASC X12) 1013 Notice Type Code


Code identifying the type of court notice


1Case Information Statement
2Sheriff Return of Service
3Intent to File Pleading
25Generic Dismissal of Bankruptcy Case
26Order of Bifurcation and Dismissal of Joint Bankruptcy
27Generic Conversion, Refile Claims in New Case
28Generic Conversion, Do Not Refile Claims in New Case
70Trustee’s Notice of Filing of Final Account
9ASection 341 Notice, Chapter 7, Individual (Joint), No Asset
9BSection 341 Notice, Chapter 7, Corporation (Partnership), No Asset
9CSection 341 Notice, Chapter 7, Individual (Joint), Asset
9DSection 341 Notice, Chapter 7, Corporation (Partnership), Asset
9ESection 341 Notice, Chapter 11, Individual (Joint)
9FSection 341 Notice, Chapter 11, Corporation (Partnership)
9GSection 341 Notice, Chapter 12, Individual (Joint)
9HSection 341 Notice, Chapter 12, Corporation (Partnership)
9ISection 341 Notice, Chapter 13, Individual (Joint)
ABProposed Abandonment
CJConsent Judgment
CPNotice to Debtor and Debtor’s Counsel to Commence Payments
DJDefault Judgment
FJForeign Judgment
JCJudgment Confession
JNJudgment Note
SJSummary Judgment
YJDeclaratory Judgment
101New Claims Bar Date
11BPostconversion 341, Chapter 11, Business
11IPostconversion 341, Chapter 11, Individual
12BPostconversion 341, Chapter 12, Business
12IPostconversion 341, Chapter 12, Individual
12NHardship Discharge of Chapter 12 Debtor, Plan Not Completed
12YDischarge of Chapter 12 Debtor After Completion of Plan
13BDischarge of Chapter 13 Debtor in a Pre-11/5/90 Case
13IPostconversion 341, Chapter 13, Individual
13NHardship Discharge of Chapter 13 Debtor, Plan Not Completed
13PSummary of Chapter 13 Plan
13YDischarge of Chapter 13 Debtor After Completion of Plan
18JDischarge of Joint Chapter 7, Both Debtors Discharged
18ODischarge of Joint Chapter 7, One Debtor Discharged
23AConversion of Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, by Debtor
23BConversion Chapter 13 to Chapter 7, by Trustee (Creditor)
24BDismissal of Chapter 13 Case
305Order of Execution
308Civil Action Hearing
309Execution Sale
310Recovery of Real Property Hearing
311Order for Possession
417Warrant of Arrest
603Summary Conviction
610Guardian Notice to Represent Minor Party
611Trial Summary Case
623Intent to Defend
628Bail Hearing
629Preliminary Hearing
630Preliminary Arraignment
631Indigency Hearing
638Withdrawal of Suspension
642Determination of Property Claims
701Trustee Report of Surplus
7BAPostconversion 341, Chapter 7, Business, Asset
7IAPostconversion 341, Chapter 7, Individual, Asset
DEFDeficiency Notice
DISDischarge of Debtor, Chapter 7 (11), Individual
DOTOrder Approving Account, Discharging Trustee and Closing Estate
FAMOrder of Dismissal for Failure to Appear at the Section 341 First Meeting of Creditors
FCLFile Claims in Lead Case
FFSOrder of Dismissal for Failure to Timely File Schedules
ITBNotice of Appointment of Interim Trustee and Approval of Blanket Bond
NOANotice of Assets
OCPOrder Confirming Plan
ODCOrder Dismissing Case
OFROrder for Relief
POCProof of Claim
SCHNotice of Deadline for Filing Schedules
ZZZMutually Defined

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CEDAdministration of Justice Event Description
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