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(ASC X12) 107 Payment Method Code


Code identifying type of payment procedures


2Income Sensitive
3Income Contingent
4Level (Sum Constant)
8Credit Account
APrivate Netting Agreement, Pay by Wire Transfer
BCompensation by Balance
CPay By Check
EElectronic Payment System
FFreight Payment Bank
GCCD (NACHA Cash Concentration/Disbursement – Funds Transacted without Remittance Information)
HCCD+(NACHA Cash Concentration/Disbursement – Funds Transacted Plus an 80 Record Remittance Detail)
IInvoiced Separately
JCTX (NACHA Corporate Trade Exchange – Transaction Plus Remittance Detail in ANSI Standard Flexible Format)
KPrivate Netting, Pay by Check
LLetter of Credit
MDeduction from Film Rental
NBilling Account
OCTP (NACHA Corporate Trade Payment – Transaction Plus Remittance Detail in Fixed Format)
PPreviously Charged
QPetroleum Clearinghouse Bank
RRelated Detail Account
SSummary Account
TWire Transfer
UDirect Pay to Others
VLock Box
XIn Kind Payment
AABank Draft
ACCredit Card
ADDirect Deposit
AEMoney Order
AFSpecial Account
AGTravelers Check

Appears in

ACTAccount Identification
ASMAmount and Settlement Method
C2Bank ID
G31Total Invoice Quantity
G76Total Purchase Order
ITDTerms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale
MNCMortgage Note Characteristics
SADStudent Award Detail
SERService Charges
SLISpecific Loan Information
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