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(ASC X12) 1085 Loan Payment Type Code


Code identifying the nature of loan payment


1Adjustable Payment Based on Index
2Fixed Payment with Balloon Option
4Growing Equity Mortgage (GEM)
5Fixed Payment
6Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM)
7Interest Only with Balloon
8Graduated Payment Adjustable Rate Mortgage
9Extended Term
10Wraparound Mortgage
11Collateral Pledge Graduated Payment Mortgage
12Fixed Payment With Buydown
13Other Loan Payment Type
14Step Rate
16Renegotiated Rate
17Reverse Annuity
18Reverse Installment Buydown
19Shared Appreciation
20Second Mortgage
21Interest Only
24Five-year Balloon
25Seven-year Balloon
26Regular Reducing
30Fixed Principal Payment
31Semi-monthly Principal Payment

Appears in

LNLoan Information
Review post

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