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(ASC X12) 1127 Interline Settlement System Status Action or Dispute Code


Code specifying action to be taken or current status of a revenue waybill


CACarrier Initiated Revenue Waybill Cancel
CCSystem Initiated Cancelled and Fully Concurred
CDSystem Initiated Cancelled Disputed Status
CHCarrier Initiated Challenge
COCarrier Initiated Concurrence Without Opinion
CPCarrier Initiated Concurrence With Opinion
CTCarrier Initiated Concurrence to Date Change Only
DASystem Initiated Settlement, Active Road on Silent Concurrence, Divisions Generated
DGSystem Initiated Settlement, Silent Road on Silent Concurrence, Divisions Generated
DOSystem Initiated Deletion From Route by Another Carrier
DRCarrier Initiated Deletion from Route (Not in Interline Movement)
DTCarrier Initiated Settlement Date Change
GDSystem Initiated Government Dispute
LTDelay Shipment Dispute
NPNull Settled Due to AAR Rule 11 Parent Null Settled
NRNew Road, Route Dispute
OPCarrier Initiated Waybill Opinion
ORCarrier Initiated Revenue Waybill
PSSystem Initiated Postponement to Settlement Due to AAR Rule 11 Notify Party
PTPrepaid or Collect Dispute
RTRoute Dispute
SASystem Initiated Settlement, Active Road on Silent Concurrence
SCSystem Initiated Settlement, Composite Version Due to Forced Settlement
SFSystem Initiated Settlement, Force Settled on Dispute
SNSystem Initiated Settlement, Null Value
SSSystem Initiated Settlement, Silent Road on Silent Concurrence
STSystem Initiated Settlement, Fully Concurred
T1System Initiated Trace for Concurrence to AAR Rule 11 Notify
TDTransit Dispute
TRSystem Initiated Trace for Concurrence to Revenue Waybill
UTAAR Rule 11 Dispute

Appears in

ZRWaybill Reference Identification
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