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(ASC X12) 1131 Level of Individual, Test, or Course Code


Code identifying level of course, test, or student


1 First grade
2 Second grade
3 Third grade
4 Fourth grade
5 Fifth grade
6 Sixth grade
7 Seventh grade
8 Eighth grade
9 Ninth grade
0K Kindergarten
10 Tenth grade
11 Eleventh grade
12 Twelfth grade
20 Non-Degree or Temporary Undergraduate in Postsecondary school
21 Postsecondary First Year Student
22 Postsecondary Sophomore
23 Postsecondary Junior
24 Postsecondary Senior
25 Postsecondary Post-Baccalaureate Student
26 Postsecondary Non-Degree Graduate Student
27 Postsecondary Professional Student
28 Postsecondary Master’s Degree Student
29 Postsecondary Doctoral Student
30 Postdoctoral Student
31 Postsecondary Bachelor Preliminary Year
32 Postsecondary Fifth Year Student
33 Postsecondary Masters Qualifying Year
AD Adult
AS Associate Degree
BD Baccalaureate (Bachelor’s) Degree
C2 Medical Test (Trial)
DD Doctoral Degree
EL Elementary School
EM Employment
HG High School Graduate or Equivalent
HS Attended high school, but did not graduate.
IF Infant (0 to age 2)
IN Intramural
MD Master’s Degree
MS Middle or Junior High School
NO None
P0 Pre-Kindergarten Level 0
P1 Pre-Kindergarten Level 1
P2 Pre-Kindergarten Level 2
P3 Pre-Kindergarten Level 3
P4 Pre-Kindergarten Level 4
P5 Pre-Kindergarten Level 5
PC Postsecondary Certificate or Diploma
PD Professional Degree or Certification
PF Professional
PK Pre-Kindergarten
PS Some Postsecondary (e.g., college)
SS Secondary School
UN Ungraded
VR Varsity
VS Vocational School

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ATVStudent Activities and Awards
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