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(ASC X12) 1133 Program Participation and Services Code


Code indicating other programs in which a student is enrolled or services received


1 Alternative Education
2 Gifted or Talented
3 Limited English Proficiency
4 Migrant Program
5 Pre-Kindergarten
6 Remedial or Compensatory Program
7 Vocational Program
8 General Education Development (GED) Preparation
9 At-Risk or Dropout Prevention Program
10Discipline or Disruptive Program
11English as a Second Language Program
12Bilingual Education Program
13Adult High School Education Program
14Adult Basic Education Program
15Chapter 1 Program, Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965 (ESEA) (P.L 89-10)
16State Compensatory Education
17Indian Education
18Transitional Bilingual Education
19Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (Sheltered English)
20Primary Language Support (Bilingual Aide)
21Academic Subjects through Primary Language
22Early Intervention Services
23Related Services
24Individual and Small Group Instruction
25Tutorial Services
26Note-taking Assistance
27Test-taking Assistance
28Educational Therapy
29Study Skills Assistance
30Instruction in the Home or Hospital
31School Clothing
32Child Care or Center Services
33Language, Speech Development and Remediation
34Audiological Services
35Orientation and Mobility Instruction
36Adapted Physical Education
37Vision Services
38Specialized Driver Training Instruction
39Counseling and Guidance
40Psychological Services Other than Assessment and Development of the Individualized Education Program (IEP)
41Family Counseling and Training
42Health and Nursing Services
43Social Worker Services
44Specially Designed Vocational Education and Career Development
45Recreation Services
46Specialized Services for Low-incidence Disabilities such as Readers, Transcribers and Vision and Hearing Services
48Children’s Protective Services
49Substance Abuse Education and Prevention
50Teen or Adolescent Family Planning
51Speech Therapy
52Occupational Therapy
53Physical Therapy
54Music Therapy
55Art Therapy
56Dance Therapy
57Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired
58Rehabilitation Counseling Services
59Orientation and Mobility Services
60Case Management Services
61Mental Health Services
62Vocational Rehabilitation Training and Job Placement
63Supported Employment Services
64Independent Living Services
65Residential Services
66Communication Services
67Technological Aids
68Community Recreational Services
69Community-based Instruction
70Pre-College Development Program
71State or Province Defined Program
72Local or District Defined Program
73Other Program
74Lender Provided Counseling Program
75Non-profit Organization Counseling Program
76Public or Government Agency
77Other Organization Program

Appears in

BEPBorrower Education Program
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