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(ASC X12) 1142 Academic Grade or Course Level Code


Code indicating the level or type or both, of work which is reflected in the grade average and the credit hours


3Teacher’s Aide
8Specialized Topics
ASummary of all courses taken at all institutions
BSummary of all courses taken at sending institution
DDual Level (Upper Division and Graduate)
ESummary of All Courses Taken at All Institutions, Excluding Repeated and/or Forgiven Courses
FSummary of All Courses Taken at the Sending Institution, Excluding Repeated and/or Forgiven Courses
GGraduate (postsecondary)
HHigher or Upper division (postsecondary)
IInstitutional Credit
LLower division (postsecondary)
MWork in the Major or Program
RRemedial (postsecondary)
TSummary of Transfer Work Only
UUndergraduate (postsecondary)
VSummary of Transfer Work Only, Excluding Repeated and/or Forgiven Courses
11Gifted and Talented
12Advanced Placement
13Special Education
14Vocational Education
15Independent Study
16Work Experience
17Adult Basic
18Adult Secondary
19International Baccalaureate
ARAcademic Renewal
DLDual Level (Graduate and Professional)

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CRSCourse Record
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