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(ASC X12) 115 Port or Terminal Function Code


Code defining function performed at the port or terminal with respect to a shipment


1Final Port of Discharge (Operational)
2Collect Charge Location (Operational)
3Customs Office of Manifest Origin
4Customs Office of Manifest Destination
5Activity Location (Operational)
6Origin Rail Intermodal Terminal
7Destination Rail Intermodal Terminal
APlace of Acceptance (Operational)
BReconsolidation Point (Operational)
CDe-Consolidation Point (Operational)
DPort of Discharge (Operational)
EPlace of Delivery (Contractual)
FFreight Payable At (Contractual)
GPort of Entry (Operational)
HPort of Exit (Operational)
IInterim Point (Operational)
JBill of Lading Port of Loading (Contractual)
KBill of Lading Port of Discharge (Contractual)
LPort of Loading (Operational)
MDestination (Operational)
NFinal Destination (Operational)
OOrigin (Operational)
PDispatching Pool (Operational)
QBill of Lading Origin of Goods (Contractual)
RPlace of Receipt (Contractual)
SReturn Pool (Operational)
TTransshipment Port (Contractual)
VPrepaid Charge Location (Operational)
WBill of Lading Release Office (Operational)
YRelay Port (Operational)

Appears in

BA2Beginning Segment for Cargo Terminal Information
CMCargo Manifest
P5Port Function
R4Port or Terminal
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