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(ASC X12) 1159 Test Score Interpretation Code


Code indicating unusual testing conditions that must be known to interpret properly a person’s academic test score


1Special Circumstances (Something unusual occurred during testing that may have affected how the student performed)
2Nonstandard Administration Procedure (Braille, Signing, Extended Time, etc.)
3Experience Only
4Diagnostic Only
5Experience and Diagnostic
6Reader or Signer
7Large Type Booklet, write or mark on booklet or separate paper, untimed
8Large Type Booklet, type on typewriter, braillewriter, or computer, untimed
9Large Type Booklet, scribe marks responses, untimed
AUntimed, with breaks
BOne and a half times the normal time, no break
COne and a half times the normal time, one break only
DSelf-determined review of audio/videotape, untimed
EReader or Signer, examinee marks on answer document, booklet, or separate paper, standard administration type
FSpecial Furniture
HUse of scripts for videotape scenarios only
IForeign language dictionary and standard timing
JSpecial Lighting
KHead Mouse
LAdjustable table height
MEnlarged Keyboard
NAdjustable swivel arm
OTrack ball
PSeparate room
QAmanuensis or Recorder
RSign Language Interpreter
SExtra time

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