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(ASC X12) 1166 Contract Type Code


Code identifying a contract type


1Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)
2Per Diem
3Variable Per Diem
ABNegotiated Growing Equity Mortgage (GEM)
ACAnticipated Contract
ADFederal Housing Authority Adjustable Rate Mortgage
AEFederal Housing Authority Veterans Affairs Fixed Rate Mortgage (including standard Growing Equity Mortgages)
AFConventional Second Mortgages
AGConventional Fixed Rate Mortgages
AHFederal Housing Authority Veterans Affairs Graduated Payment Mortgage
AINegotiated Conventional, Graduated Payment, or Step Rate Mortgage
AJConventional Adjustable Rate Mortgage
CACost Plus Incentive Fee (With Performance Incentives)
CBCost Plus Incentive Fee (Without Performance Incentives)
CHCost Sharing
CPCost Plus
CWCost Plus Award Fee
CXCost Plus Fixed Fee
CYCost Plus Incentive Fee
EAExclusive Agency
ERExclusive Right
FAFirm or Actual Contract
FBFixed Price Incentive Firm Target (With Performance Incentive)
FCFixed Price Incentive Firm Target (Without Performance Incentive)
FDFixed Price Redetermination
FEFixed Price with Escalation
FFFixed Price Incentive Successive Target (With Performance Incentive)
FGFixed Price Incentive Successive Target (Without Performance Incentive)
FHFixed Price Award Fee
FIFixed Price Incentive
FJFixed Price Level of Effort
FKNo Cost
FLFlat Amount
FMRetroactive Fixed Price Redetermination
FRFirm Fixed Price
FXFixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment
LELevel of Effort
LHLabor Hours
OCOther Contract Type
PRProspect Reservation
SPSame Percentage as Film Rental Earned (SPFRE)
TMTime and Materials
ZZMutually Defined

Appears in

BCHBeginning Segment for Purchase Order Change
Review post

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