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(ASC X12) 1172 Claim Response Reason Code


Code identifying the detailed reason for the response


DCDuplicate Charge
EWExpired Warranty
URUnauthorized Repair
CDRCustomer Damage or Responsibility
CMPCustomer Must Pay Deductible
ELHExcessive Labor Hours
ELRExcessive Labor Rate
EPCExcessive Part Cost
FRSFactory Required Service
FWCFull Warranty Credit
IISInsufficient Information Supplied
IRSItem Reported as Stolen
IWSInsufficient Warranty Information Supplied
MAPManufacturer’s Agreed Price
NCRNo Charge Repair
NEWNot Eligible for Warranty
NOPNot Our Product
NRINot a Recall Item
NSBNot a Service Bulletin Item
NWRNo Warranty Record
PNPPart not Proper for Specified Repair
PWAPartial Warranty Approved
RDPRepair Description Does Not Agree With Product
SUBSubmitted Too Late
UPRUnrelated To Previous Repair
URFUnauthorized Repair Facility
WBSWarranted By Seller

Appears in

PCSProduct Claim Status
Review post

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