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(ASC X12) 1186 Type of Income Code


Code defining the nature or source of income


1Monthly Flight Hazard Income
2Monthly Clothing Income
3Monthly Pro Pay
4Monthly Quarters
5Monthly Overseas Combat
6Overseas Annual Income
7Monthly Ration
8Bonus Income
9Overtime Income
10Commission Income
11Income From Tips
13Child Support
14Law Suit
15Next Pay Increase
16Stock Options
18Profit Sharing
20Base Employment Income
21Base Employment Income plus Overtime
22Base Employment Income plus Commissions, Bonus or Both
23Self-Employment Income
24W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
25W-2 Wage and Tax Statement with Deferred Compensation
26Income Eligible for Employer Matching
27Compensation Required for Nondiscrimination Testing
28Compensation Required for Internal Revenue Code 415 Testing
30Real Estate
32Unknown Type of Income
33Net Rental Income
34Total Gross Income
35Total Monthly Income
38Veteran Affairs Benefits
39Mortgage Differential Payments
40Unemployment Compensation
42Social Security
44Sale of Stocks and Bonds
45Other Type of Income
46Notes Receivable Income
47Toke Income (Gambling Tips)
48Last Pay Increase
49Monthly Variable Housing Allowance
51Highest Verified Income
52Salary at Termination
53Automobile Allowance
54Aid for Dependent Children Benefits
55Partnership Income
56Corporation Income
57S Corporation Income
58Lottery Winnings
59Trust Income
60Expense Account Payments
61Average Rent
62Net Operating Income
63Income Per Unit
64Income Per Building
65Income Per Area
66Income Per Suite
67Income Per Bay
68Income Per Slip or Dock
69Gross Sales
70Continuation of Pay
71Long Term Disability
72Short Term Disability
73Lump Sum Payment (Disability Event)
74Lump Sum Payment (Fatality Event)
75American Payroll Association Code
91Employment – Total
92Earnings From Financial Assets – Total
93Windfall Income – Total
94Civil Action Income – Total
AIActual Income
BGBudgeted Earnings
EIEstimated Income
HRHourly Wage
K1K1 Earnings
PDPer Diem
PSSick Pay
SBSalary Plus Bonus
SCSalary Plus Commission
SPSeparation Pay
VPVacation Pay
ZZMutually Defined

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