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(ASC X12) 1224 Contribution Code


Code indicating the category of contribution


100 Insurance Plan Description
ACAll Categories of Contribution
EAEmployer Contribution Amount
EBEmployee Pretax Basic
ECEmployee Post-Tax Basic
EDEmployer Discretionary (Profit Sharing)
EIEmployee Pretax Individual Retirement Account
EMEmployer Discretionary
EPEmployee Pretax
EREmployee Post-Tax Individual Retirement Account
ESEmployee Pretax Supplemental
ETEmployee Post-Tax
EUEmployee Post-Tax Supplemental
ICClaimant Contribution Amount
MBEmployer Pretax Match Basic
MSEmployer Pretax Match Supplemental
MTEmployer Post-Tax Match Basic
MUEmployer Post-Tax Match Supplemental
NCNonqualified Matching Contribution
NQNon-Qualified Voluntary Employee Contribution
PBPrior Plan Employee Pretax Basic
PSPrior Plan Employee Post-Tax Supplemental
PTPrior Plan Employee Post-Tax Basic
QCEmployer Qualified Nonelective Contribution
QEQualified Voluntary Employee Contribution
QMQualified Matching Contribution
QPQualified Employee Stock Option Plan
RARollover 401(A)
RKRollover 401(K)
RPEmployer Pretax
RSPrior Plan Employee Pretax Supplemental
RTEmployer Post-Tax
SDSalary Deferral
SPSpousal Individual Retirement Account
ZZMutually Defined

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FCFinancial Contribution
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