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(ASC X12) 1233 Service Classification Code


Code specifying uniformly categorize reasons for service actions or changes made to products, assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts or processes


ADesign Defect
BNew Feature – Change in Functionality
DNew Feature – No Change in Functionality
ESafety Problem
FSafety and Reliability Improvement
GPerformance Improvement
HReliability Improvement
ACConditional Design Defect
CHRChange of Requirements
CRDCost Reduction
CURCustomer Request
CUSCustomer Reported Condition
DOCDocumentation Error
LERLegal Requirement
LORLoss of Revenue
MAAMaterial or Component Availability
PAIPackaging Improvement
SEIServiceability Improvement
STRStandards Requirements
UIRAUnscheduled or Unplanned Incident or Repair Action

Appears in

PRRProblem Report
Review post

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