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(ASC X12) 1270 Code List Qualifier Code


Code identifying a specific industry code list


0 Document Identification Code
1 Free On Board Site Code
2 Type of Business Code
3 Kind of Contract Code
4 Type of Contract Code
5 Criticality Designator Code
6 Special Contract Provision Code
7 Quality Assurance Site Code
8 Acceptance Site Code
9 Indicator Code
A American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
B Bank Administration Institute (BAI)
C Canadian Inter*EDI
D Court Document Type Code
E Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
F Financial Rating
G Risk Class
H Life/Annuity Status Codes
I Identifying Characteristics
J Trade Code
K Property Underwriting Condition Code
L Line Item Condition Code
M Policy Type Code
N Valuation Type Code
O Source of Loss Code
P Ceiling Type Code
Q Surface Descriptor Code
R Coverage Modifier
S Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT)
T Personal Property and Contents Code
U Residential and Commercial Room Code
V Violation Type Code List
W Court Issued Warrant Type Code
X Vehicle Class
Y Rental Charge
Z Cancellation Reason
10 Transaction Status Indicator Code
11 Contract Delivery Date Revision Agent Code
12 Reason for Contract Delivery Date Revision Code
13 Recommendations Regarding Delayed Deliveries Code
14 Contract Shipment Advice Code
16 Cash Discount Stipulation Code
17 Shipment Acceptance Discrepancy Explanation Code
19 Contract Close-out Group Code
20 Payment Type Code
21 Contract Fund Reporting Transaction Code
22 Contract Payment Deduction or Collection Code
23 Obligation Variance Code
24 Plus or Minus Indicator Code
25 Reason for Delayed Closing of Contract File Code
26 Contract Payment Line Item Status Code
27 Special Reimbursable Provisions Code
28 Kind of Modification Code
29 Purchasing Contract Officer (PCO) Instructions Code
30 Type of Delay Code
32 Container and Roll-on/Roll-off Number Code
33 Air Commodity and Special Handling Code
34 Water Commodity and Special Handling Code
35 Air Dimension Code
36 Air Terminal Identifier Code
37 Water Terminal Identifier Code
38 Consolidation and Containerization Point Code
39 Transportation Mode or Method Code
40 Type Pack Code
41 Date Shipped or Received Code
42 Estimated Time of Arrival Code
43 Military and Civilian Grade Code
44 Seavan Ownership Code
45 Ocean Carrier Code
46 Voyage Document Number Code
47 Voyage Manifest Reference Code
48 Vessel Status and Terms of Carriage Code
49 Vessel Sustaining Code
52 Billing Advice Code
53 Billing Status Code
54 Type of Bill Code
55 Recipient of Billing Status Code
56 Sales Price Condition Code
57 Delivery Source Code
58 Transportation Bill Code
59 Stock Fund or Non-stock Fund Code
60 General Services Administration (GSA) Customer Supply Center Number Code
61 Information Indicator Code
62 Communications Routing Identifier Code
63 Content Indicator Code
66 Suffix or Limit Code
67 Type of Assistance Code
69 Foreign Military Sales Country Code
71 Service and Agency Code
74 Demand Code
75 Suffix Code
78 Project Code
79 Priority Designator Code
80 Advice Code
81 Status Code
82 Shipment Hold Code
83 Supply Condition Code
84 Management Code
85 Country and Activity Code
87 Subsistence Type of Pack Code
88 Disposal Authority Code
89 Cooperative Logistics Program Support Code
90 Precious Metals Indicator Code
91 Automated Data Processing Equipment Identification Code
92 Reason for Disposal Code
93 Type of Storage Code
94 Identification Code
95 Offer and Release Option Code
96 Shipment Release Code
97 Ultimate Recipient Code
98 Reason for Requisitioning Code
99 Purpose Code
A1 Ownership Code
A2 Customer Within Country Code
A3 Delivery Term Code
A4 Case Designator Number
A5 Subcase Number
A6 Freight Forwarder Number
A7 Record Control Number
A8 Program Year Code
A9 Supplemental Data
AA Country Code (Finance and Acquisition)
AB Defense Priorities and Allocations System Code
AC Account Characteristics Code
AD Acquisition Advice Code
AE Beneficiary Type
AF Class of Pitch
AG Grade of Difficulty
AH Acquisition Method Suffix Code
AI Acquisition Method Code
AJ Utilization Code
AK Distribution Code
AL Special Requirements Code
AM Locale of Activity
AN Nature of Event Code
AO Settlement/Payout Options
AP American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IIIR)
AQ Application Question Identifier
AR Arrest Reason
AS Form Type Code
AT Allegation Type Code
AU All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (APR-DRG)
AW All Patient Diagnosis Related Groups (AP-DRG)
AX Ambulatory Patient Groups (APG)
BA Vessel Stowage Location Code
BB Business Type
BC Transportation Holding Delay Code
BD Transportation Priority Code
BE Value
BF Diagnosis
BG Condition
BH Occurrence
BI Occurrence Span
BJ Admitting Diagnosis
BK Principal Diagnosis
BL Routine Foot Care Class Findings
BM Systemic Condition for Routine Foot Care
BN United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Vital Statistics E-code
BO Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System
BP Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System Principal Procedure
BQ International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) Procedure
BR International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) BS
BU Part of Body Affected
BV Education Institution Type Code
BY Share Type Code
BZ Business Size Code
C1 Eye Color Code
C2 Hair Color Code
C3 Skin Tone Code
CA Type of Inquiry Code
CB Billed Office Indicator Code
CC Treasury Symbol Code
CD Supplementary Accounting Classification Code
CE Reference and Station Code
CF Major Force Program Code
CG Aircraft Mission Design Series Code
CH Type of Issue Code
CI Criminal Charge
CJ Criminal Charge Grade
CK Coupon Adjustment Reason Code
CL County Designator Code
CM Financial Management Service Cash-Link Code
CN Cause of Injury Code
CO Customized Notice Type Code
CS Clause Status Type
CT Compensation Type Codes
CU Cuisine Type Code
CV Coverage Code List
CW Controvert Code
CZ Conviction Offense Type
D1 Driver’s License Withdrawal Type
D2 Driver’s License Withdrawal Extent
D3 Driver’s License Withdrawal Basis
D4 Driver’s License Withdrawal Due Process Status
D5 Driver’s License Withdrawal Reason
DA Device Availability Code
DB Debtor Business Type Code
DC Report Distribution Code
DD Primary Diagnosis
DE Signal Code
DF Media and Status Code
DG Fund Code
DH Drug Detail Code
DI Single Use Label Code
DJ Remedial Action Code
DK Program Originator Code
DL Service Contract Act Operation Code
DM Agent Status Code
DN Nature of Debt Code
DO Device Operator Type Code
DQ Device Status Code
DR Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)
DS Related Device Applicability Code
DT Debtor Type Code
DU Device Usage Code
DW Estimating Method Status Code
DX Contact Status Code
DY Type of Firm Code
DZ Reportable Event Status Code
EA Asset Status or Transaction Reporting Code
EB Asset Transfer Status Code
EC Certification Requirements Code
ED Coast Designation Code
EE Competitive Characteristics Code
EF Correction or Change for Storage Item Records Code
EG Excavation Information Code List
EH Type Due-In Indicator
EI Discrepancy Indicator Code
EJ Disposal Condition Code
EK Event or Exposure Code
EL Error Classification Code
EM Inventory Category Code
EN Local Source Code
EO Adverse Event Outcome Code
EQ Controlled Inventory Item Code
ER Department of Defense Identification Code
ES Extension Reason
ET Reject Advice Code
EU Request Code
EV Review Period Indicator Code
EW Small Arms Error Transaction Reject Code
EX Small Arms Transaction Code
EY Special Program Requirement Status Code
EZ Type Inspection Code
FA Type of Contractor Code
FB Type of Media Code
FC Type Physical Inventory or Transaction History Code
FD Demilitarization Code
FE Shelf Life Code
FF Essentiality Code
FG Source Maintenance and Recoverability Code
FH Type of Location Reconciliation Request
FI Applicant Type
FJ Antenna Structure Type
FK Station Classification
FL Radio Frequency Type
FM Station Classification Type
FN Class of Operation
FO Antenna Polarization
FP Fund Purpose
FQ Radio System Type
FR Frequency Band
FS Area of Operation
FT Application Type
FU Authorization Type
FV Radio Service Type
FW Applicant Classification Type
FX Frequency
FZ Edit Error Code
G1 Uniform Residential Appraisal Attributes Code
GA Action Code
GB Medium of Transmission Code
GC Management Indicator Code (Petroleum)
GD Gain or Loss Indicator Code
GE Type Adjustment Code
GF Type Identity Change Code
GG Transportation Mode Reason Code
GI Notification Indicator Code
GJ Reject Indicator Code
GK Investigation Status Code
GQ Group Qualifier Code
GR National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Nature of Injury Code
GS Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Nature of Injury Code
GT National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Part of Body Code
GU Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Part of Body Code
GV National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) Source of Injury Code
GW Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Source of Injury Code
HA Discrepancy Code
HB Discrepancy Advice Code
HD Discrepancy Status or Disposition Code
HE Claim Payment Remark Codes
HI Health Industry Number
HS Service Contract Act Occupation Category Code
IC Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) – Inspection
ID Identity Disclosure Code
IF Investment Fund Type
IQ IRS Qualification Code
IT Initial Treatment Code
J0 Summons Type Code
J1 Judicial Hearing Type Code
J2 Judicial Order Type Code
J3 Judicial Sentence Type Code
J4 Court Disposition Code
J5 Court Appearance Type Code
J6 Court Pleading Type Code
J7 Defendant Plea Type Code
J8 Trial Type Code
J9 Court Case Status Code
JA Physical Characteristics Code
JB Weight or Fragility Code
JC Preservation Material Code
JD Quantity per Unit Pack Code
JE Preservation Data Code
JF Packing Requirement Level A Code
JG Packing Requirement Level B Code
JH Packing Requirement Level C Code
JI Intermediate Container Code
JK Intermediate Container Quantity Code
JL Special Marking Code
JM Type and Cause Code
JN Mission Impact Statement Code
JO International Standard Designation System for Teeth and Areas of the Oral Cavity
JP National Standard Tooth Numbering System
KA Deficiency Cause
KB Discrepancy
KC Preventive Measure
KD Contactor Alert List Reason
KE Quality Alert List Reason
KF Contractor Alert List Status
KG Nature of Buy
KH Type of Procurement
KI Representative Buy Indicator
KJ Assured Delivery Indicator
KK Award Source
KL Termination
KM Patient Event Problem Code
KO Method Evaluation Code
KP Result Evaluation Code
KQ Conclusion Evaluation Code
KS Device Event Problem Code
KT Dose Form Code
KU Route Code
KW Report Source Code
KZ Adverse Event Code
LA Contract
LB Contractor Review List Status
LC Laboratory Test Condition Code
LD Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) – Loss Category
LE Life/Annuity Service Features
LF Life/Annuity Product Code
LG Location Code
LH Basis of Jurisdiction Code
LJ Principal Party Citizenship Code
LK Nature of Suit Code
LM Case Origin Code
LN Line of business code
LO Letter of Recommendation Rating Category
LP Deficiency Indicator
LQ Delinquency Indicator
LR Test Results Code
LS Loss Severity Code
LT Laboratory Results Identification Code
LZ War Reserve Material Requirement Code
MB Service Contract Act Occupation Classification Code
MC Manual Class Code
ME Device Evaluation Code
MI Minority Indicator
MJ Drug Status Code
MK Drug Status Adverse Event Code
ML Lot Type Code
MN Post Market Study Status Code
NA Plant Clearance Office Code
NB Inventory Type Code
NC Property Record Status Code
ND Control Unit Design Code
NE Direct Numerical Control System Code
NF Type Numerical Control System Code
NH Property Source Code
NI Nature of Injury Code
NJ Uniform Freight Classification (UFC) Code
NK National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) Code
NL No Longer Considered for Award Reason
NP Special Category Code
NR Excess Material Disposition Code
NS Hazardous Material Code
NT Type of Cargo Code
O1 Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP) Source of Injury Code
O2 Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP) Nature of Injury Code
O3 Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP) Part of Body Code
O4 Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP) Occupation Code
OC Occupation Code
PB Part of Body Code
PC Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) – Profile
PD Professional Designation
PI Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) – Points of Impact
PL Priority Lookup
PS Professional Status Code
QA Response Status Code
QB Business Entity Filing Report Type Code
QC Business Entity Filing Detail Code
QE Domestic Line of Business Code
QF Foreign Line of Business Code
QG Business Entity Filing Status Code
QH Business Entity Filing Securities Information Code
QI Business Entity Financial Information Code
QJ Business Entity Status Code
QK Business Entity Filing Location Code
QS Query Status
RA Religious Affiliation Code
RC Requirement Code
RD Property Ownership Type Code
RE Property Type Code
RF Failure to Award Reason
RI Residency Indicator
RQ Testing Service Question Code List
RR Bid Rejection Reason
RT Request Type
RX National Council for Prescription Drug Programs Reject/Payment Codes
SA Student Activity Type Code
SB Student Award Code
SC Source
SD Secondary diagnosis
SE Sound Code
SF Run Type
SG Source of Deposit Code
SH Source of Lead Code
SI SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
SJ Source of Injury Code
SL Secondary Source of Injury
SM Solicitation Method
SO Solicitation Cancellation Reason
SP Standard Occupation Classification Code
SR Statistical Administrative Information Code
SS System Status
ST Special Marketing Type Code
TB Treasury Management Association Service Code and Bank Service Code
TC Treatment Codes
TD Tertiary diagnosis
TE Treasury Management Association Service Code
TF Title Exception and Requirement Code List
TG Title Document Code List
TR Report Code
TX Follow-up Code
TY Reportable Event Code
UP Unsolicited Proposal Rejection Reason
UR Event Reappearance Code
US Event Abatement Code
UU Unit Code
ZZ Mutually Defined
100Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) Special Character Code
101Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) Special Feature Code
102Mortgage Index Source Code
103Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) Remittance Programs
104Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) Remittance Programs
105Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) Mortgage Insurance Code
106Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) Pool Feature Code
107Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) Mortgage Insurance Code
108Testing Statistical Category Code List
109Testing Demographic Category Code List
AAASystematized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED)
ABRAssigned by Receiver
ABSAssigned by Sender
ALPAlteration Lookup
APEActivite Principale Exercee (APE) Code
BCCBusiness Change Code
BCRBusiness Credit Rating
BPLBoard of Inspection and Survey Part Lookup
BRLBoard of Inspection and Survey Responsibility Lookup
BSLBoard of Inspection and Survey Ship Lookup
CLPCause Lookup
CMLCustomer Maintenance Level Lookup
COGCognizance Symbol
CPSCourt Party Status
CRCComplaint Request Code
CSFCorporate Statement Filing Code
DBSDUN’s Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 2+2, Dun and Bradstreet
DGODynamic Generator Set Code
DLODynamic Locomotive Tag Code
DLPDeferral Lookup
DPEAssociation of American Railroads Deprescription Exception List
DPLAssociation of American Railroads Deprescription Distribution List
ESLEquipment Status Lookup
ETLEstimate Type Lookup
EWCEvaluate Work Candidate Lookup
EWREvaluate Work Candidate Reason Lookup
HRCHazardous Response Codes
HZRAssociation of American Railroads Standard Transportation Commodity Code Description Qualifier
IMCItem Management Code
IMPImpact Recorder Code
IPAImpact Axis or Analog Port Code
JCLJob Characteristics Lookup
JOLJob Originator Lookup
KYLKey Event Lookup
LINLine of Authority
LOILogical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC) Codes
LSCLegal Structure Code
MCCMaterial Control Code
MCDGenerator Set Mounting Code
MOCMechanization of Contract Administration Services (MOCAS) System Error Code
NACNomenclature Activity Classification Economy (NACE) Code
NAFNorme Activite Francaise (NAF) Code
NASNature of Suit
NDCNational Drug Code (NDC)
PGSPetroleum United States Geological Survey (USGS) Formation Code
PITPetroleum Bill Type
PLCPetroleum Land Category
PLSPetroleum Lease Status
PPDPetroleum Product Disposition
PPPPetroleum Product Point-of-Sale
PPSPetroleum Product Selling Arrangement
PPVPetroleum Product Value Adjustment
PRAPetroleum Royalty Adjustment
PRCPetroleum Royalty Calculation Method
PRRPetroleum Regulatory Report
PRTPetroleum Royalty Transaction
PWAPetroleum Well Action
PWIPetroleum Well Information
PWRPetroleum Well Shut-In Reason
PWSPetroleum Well Classification Status
PWTPetroleum Well Test Information
RCARegistered Contractor Activity Code
RENAssociation of American Railroads Rate EDI Network Error Code
RTCRegistration Type Code
RUMRefrigeration Unit Operating Mode Code
SBAStatistic Bundes Amt (SBA) Code
SECStock Exchange Code
SHLSafety Hazard Lookup
SMISpecial Material Identification Code
SPESpecial Dating
SRLSpecial Requirement Lookup
STCAssociation of American Railroads Standard Transportation Commodity Code Master Description Information
T00Credentials Codes
T01Data Categories
T02Event Codes
T03Operation Type
T04Accident Parameters
T05Inspection Parameters
T06Driver Parameters
T07View Parameters
T08Vehicle Parameters
T09Fleet Parameters
T10Query Options
T11Jurisdiction Type
T12Single State Registration System and Operating Authority Credential
T13Commercial Vehicle Operations Insurance
T14Commercial Vehicle Registration
T15Hazardous Materials Credential
T16Oversize/Overweight Credential
T17Commercial Vehicle Tax
T18Commercial Vehicle Title
T19Commercial Driver’s License
T20Commercial Vehicle Type
T21Credential Status Code
TCLTemplate Characteristic Lookup
TOLTemplate Owner Lookup
TTLTemplate Type Lookup
WDLWhen Discovered Lookup

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