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(ASC X12) 1271 Industry Code


Code indicating a code from a specific industry code list

Appears in

ANSI X12 EDI ACKLine Item Acknowledgment
ANSI X12 EDI AESAutomatic Equipment Identification Site Information
ANSI X12 EDI ATVStudent Activities and Awards
ANSI X12 EDI BCIBasic Claim Information
ANSI X12 EDI BLNBalance Information
ANSI X12 EDI BSFBusiness Function
ANSI X12 EDI BTCBeginning Segment for Parameter Trace Registration
ANSI X12 EDI CATCategory of Patient Information Service
ANSI X12 EDI CHBChargeback Information
ANSI X12 EDI CLRCar Location Routing Request
ANSI X12 EDI DDDemand Detail
ANSI X12 EDI DEXDelivery Execution Information
ANSI X12 EDI EMTEmployment
ANSI X12 EDI FIRFinancial Information
ANSI X12 EDI G18Store Category Size
ANSI X12 EDI IGIInsurer or Guarantor Information
ANSI X12 EDI IIIInformation
ANSI X12 EDI IS1Estimated Time of Arrival and Car Scheduling
ANSI X12 EDI L4Measurement
ANSI X12 EDI LFIBeginning Segment for Locomotive Information
ANSI X12 EDI LIDLoss Information Description
ANSI X12 EDI LQIndustry Code
ANSI X12 EDI LTELetter of Recommendation Evaluation
ANSI X12 EDI LTRLaboratory Test Results
ANSI X12 EDI PDRProperty Description – Real
ANSI X12 EDI PINPrevious Incident
ANSI X12 EDI REDRelated Data
ANSI X12 EDI RQSRequest for Information
ANSI X12 EDI RSDResidency Information
ANSI X12 EDI SCAStatistical Category Analysis
ANSI X12 EDI SCDSales Commission Employee Detail
ANSI X12 EDI TOOTooth Identification
ANSI X12 EDI TSIAutomatic Equipment Tag Status Information
ANSI X12 EDI TSUTransaction Summary
ANSI X12 EDI VATVehicle Attribute
ANSI X12 EDI YNQYes/No Question
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