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(ASC X12) 128 Reference Identification Qualifier


Code qualifying the Reference Identification


01 American Bankers Assoc. (ABA) Transit/Routing Number (Including Check Digit, 9 Digits)
02 Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (S.W.I.F.T.) Identification (8 or 11 Characters)
03 Clearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS) Participant Number (3 or 4 Digits)
04 Canadian Financial Institution Branch and Institution Number
05 Clearing House Interbank Payment System (CHIPS) User Identification (6 digits)
06 System Number
07 Add-On System Number
08 Carrier Assigned Package Identification Number
09 Customs Bar Code Number
0A Supervisory Appraiser Certification Number
0B State License Number
0D Subject Property Verification Source
0E Subject Property Reference Number
0F Subscriber Number
0G Reviewer File Number
0H Comparable Property Pending Sale Reference Number
0I Comparable Property Sale Reference Number
0J Subject Property Non-Sale Reference Number
0K Policy Form Identifying Number
0L Referenced By
0M Mortgage Identification Number
0N Attached To
0P Real Estate Owned Property Identifier
10 Account Managers Code
11 Account Number
12 Billing Account
13 Horizontal Coordinate
14 Master Account Number
15 Vertical Coordinate
16 Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR) Number
17 Client Reporting Category
18 Plan Number
19 Division Identifier
1A Blue Cross Provider Number
1B Blue Shield Provider Number
1C Medicare Provider Number
1D Medicaid Provider Number
1E Dentist License Number
1F Anesthesia License Number
1G Provider UPIN Number
1H CHAMPUS Identification Number
1I Department of Defense Identification Code (DoDIC)
1J Facility ID Number
1K Payor’s Claim Number
1L Group or Policy Number
1M Preferred Provider Organization Site Number
1N Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) Number
1O Consolidation Shipment Number
1P Accessorial Status Code
1Q Error Identification Code
1R Storage Information Code
1S Ambulatory Patient Group (APG) Number
1T Resource Utilization Group (RUG) Number
1U Pay Grade
1V Related Vendor Order Number
1W Member Identification Number
1X Credit or Debit Adjustment Number
1Y Repair Action Number
1Z Financial Detail Code
20 Repair Part Number
21 American Gas Association Equation Number
22 Special Charge or Allowance Code
23 Client Number
24 Short-term Disability Policy Number
25 Reason Not Lowest Cost Code
26 Union Number
27 Insuror Pool Identification Number
28 Employee Identification Number
29 Foreclosure Account Number
2A Import License Number
2B Terminal Release Order Number
2C Long-term Disability Policy Number
2D Aeronautical Equipment Reference Number (AERNO)
2E Foreign Military Sales Case Number
2F Consolidated Invoice Number
2G Amendment
2H Assigned by transaction set sender
2I Tracking Number
2J Floor Number
2K Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Product Type
2L Association of American Railroads (AAR) Railway Accounting Rules
2M Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Identifier
2N Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Trade/Brand Identifier
2O Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Claim Number
2P Subdivision Identifier
2Q Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Accession Number
2R Coupon Redemption Number
2S Catalog
2T Sub-subhouse Bill of Lading
2U Payer Identification Number
2V Special Government Accounting Classification Reference Number (ACRN)
2W Change Order Authority
2X Supplemental Agreement Authority
2Y Wage Determination
2Z U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Anti-dumping Duty Case Number
30 United States Government Visa Number
31 Docket Number
32 Credit Repository Code
33 Lender Case Number
34 Loan Request Number
35 Multifamily Project Number
36 Underwriter Identification Number
37 Condominium Identification Number
38 Master Policy Number
39 Proposal Number
3A Section of the National Housing Act Code
3B Supplemental Claim Number
3C Payee Loan Number
3D Servicer Loan Number
3E Investor Loan Number
3F Show Identification
3G Catastrophe Number
3H Case Number
3I Precinct Number
3J Office Number
3K Petroleum Pool Code
3L Branch Identifier
3M Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Condition Code
3N Gas Custodian Identification
3O U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Pre-approval Ruling Number
3P Third Party Originator Number
3Q Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Product Code
3R U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Binding Ruling Number
3S Provincial (Canadian) Sales Tax Exemption Number
3T U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Pre-classification Ruling Number
3U Protraction Number
3V Formation Identifier
3W U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Commercial Description
3X Subcontract Number
3Y Receiver Assigned Drop Zone
3Z Customs Broker Reference Number
40 Lease Schedule Number – Replacement
41 Lease Schedule Number – Prior
42 Phone Calls
43 Supporting Document Number
44 End Use Number
45 Old Account Number
46 Old Meter Number
47 Plate Number
48 Agency’s Student Number. This is the number assigned by an agency other than the institution sending the record.
49 Family Unit Number
4A Personal Identification Number (PIN)
4B Shipment Origin Code
4C Shipment Destination Code
4D Shipping Zone
4E Carrier-assigned Consignee Number
4F Carrier-assigned Shipper Number
4G Provincial Tax Identification
4H Commercial Invoice Number
4I Balance-due Reference Number
4J Vehicle-related Services Reference Number
4K Accessorial Rail Diversion Reference Number
4L Location-specific Services Reference Number
4M Special Move Reference Number
4N Special Payment Reference Number
4O Canadian Goods & Services or Quebec Sales Tax Reference Number
4P Affiliation Number
4Q Call Sign
4R Rule Section
4S Preferred Call Sign
4T North American Datum Standard (NADS)
4U Market Area
4V Emission Designator
4W Study
4X Log
4Y Subhouse Bill of Lading
4Z U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Countervailing Duty Case Number
50 State Student Identification Number
51 Picture Number
52 SWIFT (MT 100)
53 SWIFT (MT 202)
54 FEDWIRE (Federal Wire Transfer)
55 Sequence Number
56 Corrected Social Security Number
57 Prior Incorrect Social Security Number
58 Corrected Batch Number
59 Prior Incorrect Batch Number
5A Offense Tracking
5B Supplemental Account Number
5C Congressional District
5D Line of Credit Category
5E Consumer Identifier
5F Warrant
5G Complaint
5H Incident
5I Offender Tracking
5J Driver’s License
5K Commercial Driver’s License
5L Jurisdictional Community Number
5M Previous Sequence
5N Citation of Statute
5O Citation of Opinion
5P National Criminal Information Center Originating Agency Identification
5Q State Criminal History Repository Individual Identification
5R Federal Bureau of Investigation Individual Identification
5S Processing Area
5T Payment Location
5U Flood Data Identifier
5V Coupon Distribution Method
5W Original Uniform Commercial Code Filing Number
5X Amended Uniform Commercial Code Filing Number
5Y Continuation Uniform Commercial Code Filing Number
5Z Uniform Commercial Code Filing Collateral Number
60 Account Suffix Code
61 Taxing Authority Identification Number
63 Prior Loan Number
64 Jurisdictional Community Name Identifier
65 Total Order Cycle Number
66 Previous Policy Number
67 Previous Claim History Identifier
68 Dental Insurance Account Number
69 Dental Insurance Policy Number
6A Consignee Reference Number
6B U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Entry Number
6C U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Entry Type Code
6D U.S. Customs Service (USCS) Statement Number
6E Map Reference
6F Appraiser License
6G Map Number
6H Comparable Property Verification Source
6I Comparable Property
6J Census Tract
6K Zone
6L Agent Contract Number
6M Application Number
6N Claimant Number
6O Cross Reference Number
6P Group Number
6Q Insurance License Number
6R Provider Control Number
6S Provider Order Ticket Number
6T Pilot License Number
6U Question Number
6V Reissue Cession Number
6W Sequence Number
6X Specimen Identifier
6Y Equipment Initial
6Z Secretaria de Comercia y Famenta Industrial (SECOFI) Number
70 Calendar Number
71 (Working) Shift Number
72 Schedule Reference Number
73 Statement of Work (SOW)
74 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
75 Organization Breakdown Structure
76 Milestone
77 Work Package
78 Planning Package
79 Cost Account
7A Purchase Order Number Included in On-Order Position
7B Purchase Order Number of Shipment Received since Last Reporting Date
7C Purchase Order Number of Order Received since Last Reporting Date
7D Tester Identification
7E Collector Identification
7F Repeat Location
7G Data Quality Reject Reason
7H Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Test Type Purpose Code
7I Subscriber Authorization Number
7J Toll Billing Telephone Reference Number
7K List of Materials
7L Qualified Materials List
7M Frame
7N Piggyback
7O Tripleback
7P Sheet
7Q Engineering Change Order
7R Representative Identification Number
7S Drawing Type
7T Master Contract
7U Related Transaction Reference Number
7W Interchange Train Identification
7X Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) State Code
7Y Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) County Code
7Z Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
80 Charge Number
81 Symbol Number (for Milestone or LOB reports)
82 Data Item Description (DID) Reference
83 Extended (or Exhibit) Line Item Number (ELIN)
84 Contractor Data Requirements List (CDRL)
85 Subcontractor Data Requirements (SDRL)
86 Operation Number
87 Functional Category
88 Work Center
89 Assembly Number
8A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Authorization Number
8B Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Authorization Number
8C Third-party Organization (TPO) Authorization Number
8D Chemical Abstract Service Registry Number
8E Guarantor Loan Number
8F School Loan Number
8G Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Trace Number
8H Check List Number
8I FEDWIRE Confirmation Number
8J Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) Confirmation Number
8K Dominion of Canada Code
8L International Standard Industry Classification Code (ISIC)
8M Originating Company Identifier
8N Receiving Company Identifier
😯 Automated Clearing House (ACH) Entry Description
8P Originating Depository Financial Institution Identifier
8Q Receiving Depository Financial Institution Identifier
8R Security Type
8S Broker Identification
8U Bank Assigned Security Identifier
8V Credit Reference
8W Bank to Bank Information
8X Transaction Category or Type
8Y Safekeeping Account Number
8Z Alternate Clause Number
90 Subassembly Number
91 Cost Element
92 Change Document Number
93 Funds Authorization
94 File Identification Number
95 Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures (CUSIP) Number
96 Stock Certificate Number
97 Package Number
98 Container/Packaging Specification Number
99 Rate Conference ID Code
9A Repriced Claim Reference Number
9B Repriced Line Item Reference Number
9C Adjusted Repriced Claim Reference Number
9D Adjusted Repriced Line Item Reference Number
9E Replacement Claim Number
9F Referral Number
9G Department of Defense Form 250 Requirement Code
9H Packaging Group Number
9I Automated Clearing House (ACH) Standard Entry Class
9J Pension Contract
9K Servicer
9L Service Bureau
9M Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) Sequence Number
9N Investor
9P Loan Type
9Q Pool Suffix
9R Job Order Number
9S Delivery Region
9T Tenor
9U Loan Feature Code
9V Payment Category
9W Payer Category
9X Account Category
9Y Bank Assigned Bankers Reference Number
9Z Chamber of Commerce Number
A0 Advertiser Number
A1 Analysis number/Test number
A2 Disability Insurance Account Number
A3 Assignment Number
A4 Disability Insurance Policy Number
A5 Educational Institution Identification Number
A6 Employee Identification Number
A7 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Insurance Account Number
A8 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Insurance Policy Number
A9 Health Insurance Account Number
AA Accounts Receivable Statement Number
AB Acceptable Source Purchaser ID
AC Air Cargo Transfer Manifest
AD Acceptable Source DUNS Number
AE Authorization for Expense (AFE) Number
AF Airlines Flight Identification Number
AG Agent’s Shipment Number
AH Agreement Number
AI Associated Invoices
AJ Accounts Receivable Customer Account
AK Sending Company Audit Number (Automated Clearinghouse Transfers)
AL Accounting (Equipment) Location Number
AM Adjustment Memo (Charge Back)
AN Associated Purchase Orders
AO Appointment Number
AP Accounts Receivable Number
AQ Access Code
AR Arrival Code
AS Acceptable Source Supplier ID
AT Appropriation Number
AU Authorization to Meet Competition Number
AV Health Insurance Rating Account Number
AW Air Waybill Number
AX Government Accounting Class Reference Number (ACRN)
AY Floor Plan Approval Number
AZ Health Insurance Policy Number
B1 Lessee Bill Code Number
B2 Axle Ratio
B3 Preferred Provider Organization Number
B4 Bilateral Car Service Agreements
B5 Health Insurance Rating Suffix Code
B6 Life Insurance Billing Account Number
B7 Life Insurance Policy Number
B8 Life Insurance Billing Suffix Code
B9 Retirement Plan Account Number
BA Retirement Plan Policy Number
BB Authorization Number
BC Buyer’s Contract Number
BD Bid Number
BE Business Activity
BF Billing Center Identification
BG Beginning Serial Number
BH Lease Schedule Number – Blanket
BI Bonded Carrier Internal Revenue Service Identification Number
BJ Carrier’s Customs Bond Number
BK Broker’s Order Number
BL Government Bill of Lading
BM Bill of Lading Number
BN Booking Number
BO Bin Location Number
BP Adjustment Control Number
BQ Health Maintenance Organization Code Number
BR Broker or Sales Office Number
BS Split Booking Number
BT Batch Number
BU Buyer’s Approval Mark
BV Purchase Order Line Item Identifier (Buyer)
BW Blended With Batch Number
BX Buyer’s Shipment Mark Number
BY Repair Category Number
BZ Complaint Code
C0 Canadian Social Insurance Number
C1 Customer material specification number
C2 Customer process specification number
C3 Customer specification number
C4 Change Number
C5 Customer Tracking Number For Loaned Materials
C6 Carnet Number
C7 Contract Line Item Number
C8 Corrected Contract Number
C9 Previous Credit/Debit Adjustment Number
CA Cost Allocation Reference
CB Combined Shipment
CC Contract Co-op Number
CD Credit Note Number
CE Class of Contract Code
CF Fleet Reference Number
CG Consignee’s Order Number
CH Customer catalog number
CI Unique Consignment Identifier
CJ Clause Number
CK Check Number
CL Seller’s Credit Memo
CM Buyer’s Credit Memo
CN Carrier’s Reference Number (PRO/Invoice)
CO Customer Order Number
CP Condition of Purchase Document Number
CQ Customshouse Broker License Number
CR Customer Reference Number
CS Condition of Sale Document Number
CT Contract Number
CU Clear Text Clause
CV Coil Number
CW Canadian Wheat Board Permit Number
CX Consignment Classification ID
CY Commercial Registration Number
CZ Contract Rider Number (Used in conjunction with contract number)
D0 Data Reliability Code
D1 Drug Enforcement Administration Order Blank Number
D2 Supplier Document Identification Number
D3 National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Number
D4 Cut Number
D5 Dye Lot Number
D6 Duplicate Bill Number
D7 Coverage Code
D8 Loss Report Number
D9 Claim Number
DA Domicile Branch Number
DB Buyer’s Debit Memo
DC Dealer purchase order number
DD Document Identification Code
DE Depositor Number
DF Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFAR)
DG Drawing Number
DH Drug Enforcement Administration Number
DI Distributor Invoice Number
DJ Delivery Ticket Number
DK Dock Number
DL Seller’s Debit Memo
DM Associated Product Number
DN Draft Number
DO Delivery Order Number
DP Department Number
DQ Delivery Quote Number
DR Dock Receipt Number
DS Defense Priorities Allocation System (DPAS) Priority Rating
DT Downstream Shipper Contract Number
DU Dependents Information
DV Diversion Authority Number
DW Deposit Sequence Number
DX Department/Agency Number
DY Department of Defense Transportation Service Code Number (Household Goods)
DZ Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Provider Identification Number
E1 Emergency Order Number
E2 Part Causing Repair Number
E3 Expansion on Effect of Change Number
E4 Charge Card Number
E5 Claimant’s Claim Number
E6 Backout Procedure Code
E7 Service Bulletin Number
E8 Service Contract (Coverage) Number
E9 Attachment Code
EA Medical Record Identification Number
EB Embargo Permit Number
EC Circular
ED Export Declaration
EE Election District
EF Electronic Funds Transfer ID Number
EG Ending Serial Number
EH Financial Classification Code
EI Employer’s Identification Number
EJ Patient Account Number
EK Healthcare Manpower Shortage Area (HMSA) Facility Identification Number
EL Electronic device pin number
EM Electronic Payment Reference Number
EN Embargo Number
EO Submitter Identification Number
EP Export Permit Number
EQ Equipment Number
ER Container or Equipment Receipt Number
ES Employer’s Social Security Number
ET Excess Transportation
EU End User’s Purchase Order Number
EV Receiver Identification Number
EW Mammography Certification Number
EX Estimate Number
EY Receiver Sub-identification Number
EZ Electronic Data Interchange Agreement Number
F1 Version Code – National
F2 Version Code – Local
F3 Submission Number
F4 Facility Certification Number
F5 Medicare Version Code
F6 Health Insurance Claim (HIC) Number
F7 New Health Insurance Claim (HIC) Number
F8 Original Reference Number
F9 Freight Payor Reference Number
FA Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
FB File Transfer Form Number
FC Filer Code Issued by Customs
FD Filer Code Issued by Bureau of Census
FE Failure mechanism number
FF Film Number
FG Fund Identification Number
FH Clinic Number
FI File Identifier
FJ Line Item Control Number
FK Finish Lot Number
FL Fine Line Classification
FM Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Forwarders Number
FN Forwarder’s/Agent’s Reference Number
FO Drug Formulary Number
FP Forestry Permit Number
FQ Form Number
FR Freight Bill Number
FS Final Sequence Number
FT Foreign Trade Zone
FU Fund Code
FV Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Reference Number
FW State License Identification Number
FX Failure Analysis Report Number
FY Claim Office Number
FZ Processor’s Invoice Number
G1 Prior Authorization Number
G2 Provider Commercial Number
G3 Predetermination of Benefits Identification Number
G4 Peer Review Organization (PRO) Approval Number
G5 Provider Site Number
G6 Payer Assigned Resubmission Reference Number
G7 Resubmission Reason Code
G8 Resubmission Number
G9 Secondary Employee Identification Number
GA Government Advance Progress
GB Grain Block Number
GC Government Contract Number
GD Return Goods Bill of Lading Number
GE Geographic Number
GF Specialty License Number
GG Gauge Ticket Number
GH Identification Card Serial Number
GI Secondary Provider Number
GJ Cornbore Certification Number
GK Third Party Reference Number
GL Geographic Destination Zone Number
GM Loan Acquisition Number
GN Folder Number
GO Exhibit Identifier
GP Government Priority Number
GQ Internal Purchase Order Release Number
GR Grain Order Reference Number
GS General Services Administration Regulations (GSAR)
GT Goods and Service Tax Registration Number
GU Internal Purchase Order Item Number
GV Third Party Purchase Order Number
GW Third Party Purchase Order Release Number
GX Third Party Purchase Order Item Number
GY Empty Repositioning Number
GZ General Ledger Account
H1 High Fabrication Authorization Number
H2 High Raw Material Authorization Number
H3 Gravity Source Meter Number
H4 Federal Information Resources Management Regulation
H5 Special Clause
H6 Quality Clause
H7 Standard Clause
H8 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Census Tract
H9 Payment History Reference Number
HA Competent Authority
HB Bill & Hold Invoice Number
HC Heat Code
HD Department of Transportation Hazardous Number
HE Hazardous Exemption Number
HF Engineering Data List
HG Civil Action Number
HH Fiscal Code
HI Health Industry Number (HIN)
HJ Identity Card Number
HK Judgment Number
HN Hazardous Certification Number
HO Shipper’s Hazardous Number
HP Pack & Hold Invoice Number
HQ Reinsurance Reference
HR Horsepower
HS Harmonized Code System (Canada)
HT Code of Federal Regulations
HU Type of Escrow Number
HV Escrow File Number
HW High/Wide File Number
HX Auto Loss Item Number
HY Property Loss Item Number
HZ Tax Agency Number (MERS [Mortgage Electronic Registration System] Federal Information Processing Standards [FIPS] Based Number)
I1 Owning Bureau Identification Number
I2 Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Account Number
I3 Non-American Identification Number
I4 Credit Counseling Identification Number
I5 Invoice Identification
I7 Credit Report Number
I8 Social Insurance Number
I9 Pollutant
IA Internal Vendor Number
IB In Bond Number
IC Inbound-to Party
ID Insurance Certificate Number
IE Interchange Agreement Number
IF Issue Number
IG Insurance Policy Number
IH Initial Dealer Claim Number
II Initial Sample Inspection Report Number
IJ Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code
IK Invoice Number
IL Internal Order Number
IM Intergovernmental Maritime Organization (IMO) Number
IN Consignee’s Invoice Number
IO Inbound-to or Outbound-from Party
IP Inspection Report Number
IQ End Item
IR Intra Plant Routing
IS Invoice Number Suffix
IT Internal Customer Number
IU Barge Permit Number
IV Seller’s Invoice Number
IW Part Interchangeability
IX Item Number
IZ Insured Parcel Post Number
J0 Proceeding
J1 Creditor
J2 Attorney
J3 Judge
J4 Trustee
J5 Originating Case
J6 Adversary Case
J7 Lead Case
J8 Jointly Administered Case
J9 Substantively Consolidated Case
JA Beginning Job Sequence Number
JB Job (Project) Number
JC Review
JD User Identification
JE Ending Job Sequence Number
JF Automated Underwriting Reference Number
JH Tag
JI Multiple Listing Service Area
JK Multiple Listing Service Sub-area
JL Packet
JM Multiple Listing Service Map X Coordinate
JN Multiple Listing Service Map Y Coordinate
JO Multiple Listing Number
JP Multiple Listing Service Book Type
JQ Elevation
JR Property Component Location
JS Job Sequence Number
JT Prior Tax Identification Number (TIN)
JU Prior Phone Number
JV Prior Health Industry Number
JW Prior Universal Provider Identification Number (UPIN)
JX Prior Postal Zip Code
JY Origin of Shipment Harmonized-Based Code
JZ Governing Class Code
K0 Approval Code
K1 Foreign Military Sales Notice Number
K2 Certified Mail Number
K3 Registered Mail Number
K4 Criticality Designator
K5 Task Order
K6 Purchase Description
K7 Paragraph Number
K8 Project Paragraph Number
K9 Inquiry Request Number
KA Distribution List
KB Beginning Kanban Serial Number
KC Exhibit Distribution List
KD Special Instructions Number
KE Ending Kanban Serial Number
KG Foreclosing Status
KH Type of Law Suit
KI Type of Outstanding Judgment
KJ Tax Lien Jurisdiction
KK Delivery Reference
KL Contract Reference
KM Rental Account Number
KN Census Automated Files ID
KO Customs Drawback Entry Number
KP Health Certificate Number
KQ Procuring Agency
KR Response to a Request for Quotation Reference
KS Solicitation
KT Request for Quotation Reference
KU Office Symbol
KV Distribution Statement Code
KW Certification
KX Representation
KY Site Specific Procedures, Terms, and Conditions
KZ Master Solicitation Procedures, Terms, and Conditions
L1 Letters or Notes
L2 Location on Product Code
L3 Labor Operation Number
L4 Proposal Paragraph Number
L5 Subexhibit Line Item Number
L6 Subcontract Line Item Number
L7 Customer’s Release Number
L8 Consignee’s Release Number
L9 Customer’s Part Number
LA Shipping Label Serial Number
LB Lockbox
LC Lease Number
LD Loan Number
LE Lender Entity Number
LF Assembly Line Feed Location
LG Lease Schedule Number
LH Longitude Expressed in Seconds
LI Line Item Identifier (Seller’s)
LJ Local Jurisdiction
LK Longitude expressed in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
LL Latitude Expressed in Seconds
LM Product Period for which Labor Costs are Firm
LN Non pickup Limited Tariff Number
LO Load Planning Number
LP For Pickup Limited Freight Tariff Number
LQ Latitude Expressed in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds
LR Local Student Identification Number
LS Bar-Coded Serial Number
LT Lot Number
LU Location Number
LV License Plate Number
LW Location Within Equipment
LX Qualified Products List
LY Destination of Shipment Harmonized-Based Code
LZ Lender Account Number
M1 Material Storage Location
M2 Major Force Program
M3 Crop Year
M5 Lease Agreement Amendment Number – Master
M6 Military Ordnance Security Risk Number
M7 Medical Assistance Category
M8 Limited Partnership Identification Number
M9 Tax Shelter Number
MA Ship Notice/Manifest Number
MB Master Bill of Lading
MC Microfilm Number
MD Magazine Code
ME Message Address or ID
MF Manufacturers Part Number
MG Meter Number
MH Manufacturing Order Number
MI Mill Order Number
MJ Model Number
MK Manifest Key Number
ML Military Rank/Civilian Pay Grade Number
MM Master Lease Agreement Number
MN MICR Number
MO Manufacturing Operation Number
MP Multiple P.O.s of an Invoice
MQ Meter Proving Report Number
MR Merchandise Type Code
MS Manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet Number
MT Meter Ticket Number
MU Military Specification (MILSPEC) Number
MV Migrant Number, This number is assigned by the national Migrant Records Transfer System
MW Military Call Number
MX Material Change Notice Number
MY Model year number
MZ Maintenance Request Number
N0 Nomination Number
N1 Local School Course Number
N2 Local School District Course Number
N3 Statewide Course Number
N4 United States Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Course Number
N5 Provider Plan Network Identification Number
N6 Plan Network Identification Number
N7 Facility Network Identification Number
N8 Secondary Health Insurance Identification Number
N9 Data Authentication Number
NA North American Hazardous Classification Number
NB Letter of Credit Number
NC Secondary Coverage Company Number
ND Letter of Credit Draft Number
NE Lease Rider Number
NF National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Code
NG Natural Gas Policy Act Category Code
NH Rate Card Number
NI Military Standard (MIL-STD) Number
NJ Technical Document Number
NK Prior Case
NL Technical Order Number
NM Discounter Registration Number
NN Nonconformance Report Number
NO No OT5 Authority-zero Mileage Rate
NP Partial Payment Number
NQ Medicaid Recipient Identification Number
NR Progress Payment Number
NS National Stock Number
NT Administrator’s Reference Number
NU Pending Case
NW Associated Policy Number
NX Related Nonconformance Number
NY Agent Claim Number
NZ Critical Application
O1 Outer Continental Shelf Area Code
O2 Outer Continental Shelf Block Number
O5 OT5 Authority-Condition or Restriction on Car Hire Rate
O7 On-line Procurement and Accounting Control (OPAC) Transaction
O8 Original Filing
O9 Continuation Filing
OA Outlet Number
OB Ocean Bill of Lading
OC Ocean Container Number
OD Original Return Request Reference Number
OE Open and Prepaid Station List Number
OF Operator Identification Number
OG Termination Filing
OH Origin House
OI Original Invoice Number
OJ Amendment Filing
OK Offer Group
OL Original Shipper’s Bill of Lading Number
OM Ocean Manifest
ON Dealer Order Number
OP Original Purchase Order
OQ Order Number
OR Order/Paragraph Number
OS Outbound-from Party
OT Sales Allowance Number
OU Tariff Supplement Number
OV Tariff Suffix Number
OW Service Order Number
OX Statement Number
OZ Product Number
P1 Previous Contract Number
P2 Previous Drug Enforcement Administration Number
P3 Previous customer reference number
P4 Project Code
P5 Position Code
P6 Pipeline Number
P7 Product Line Number
P8 Pickup Reference Number
P9 Page Number
PA Price Area Number
PB Payer’s Financial Institution Account Number for Check, Draft, or Wire Payments; Originating Company Account Number for ACH Transfers
PC Production Code
PD Promotion/Deal Number
PE Plant Number
PF Prime Contractor Contract Number
PG Product Group
PH Priority Rating
PI Price List Change or Issue Number
PJ Packer Number
PK Packing List Number
PL Price List Number
PM Part Number
PN Permit Number
PO Purchase Order Number
PP Purchase Order Revision Number
PQ Payee Identification
PR Price Quote Number
PS Purchase Order Number Suffix
PT Purchase Option Agreement
PU Previous Bill of Lading Number
PV Product change information number
PW Prior purchase order number
PX Previous Invoice Number
PY Payee’s Financial Institution Account Number for Check, Draft or Wire Payments; Receiving Company Account Number for ACH Transfer
PZ Product Change Notice Number
Q1 Quote Number
Q2 Starting Package Number
Q3 Ending Package Number
Q4 Prior Identifier Number
Q5 Property Control Number
Q6 Recall Number
Q7 Receiver Claim Number
Q8 Registration Number
Q9 Repair Order Number
QA Press Identifier
QB Press Form Identifier
QC Product Specification Document Number
QD Replacement Drug Enforcement Administration Number
QE Replacement Customer Reference Number
QF Quality Disposition Area Identifier
QG Replacement Assembly Model Number
QH Replacement Assembly Serial Number
QI Quality Inspection Area Identifier
QJ Return Material Authorization Number
QK Sales Program Number
QL Service Authorization Number
QM Quality Review Material Crib Identifier
QN Stop Sequence Number
QO Service Estimate Number
QP Substitute Part Number
QQ Unit Number
QR Quality Report Number
QS Warranty Coverage Code
QT Warranty Registration Number
QU Change Verification Procedure Code
QV Major System Affected Code
QW New Part Number
QX Old Part Number
QY Service Performed Code
QZ Reference Drawing Number
R0 Regiristo Federal de Contribuyentes (Mexican Federal Tax ID Number)
R1 Current Revision Number
R2 Canceled Revision Number
R3 Correction Number
R4 Tariff Section Number
R5 Tariff Page Number
R6 Tariff Rule Number
R7 Accounts Receivable Open Item
R8 Rental Agreement Number
R9 Rejection Number
RA Repetitive Cargo Shipment Number
RB Rate code number
RC Rail Routing Code
RD Reel Number
RE Release Number
RF Export Reference Number
RG Route Order Number-Domestic
RH Route Order Number-Export
RI Release invoice number for prior bill and hold
RJ Route Order Number-Emergency
RK Rack Type Number
RL Reserve Assembly Line Feed Location
RM Raw material supplier Dun & Bradstreet number
RN Run Number
RO Repetitive Booking Number
RP Repetitive Pattern Code
RQ Purchase Requisition Number
RR Payer’s Financial Institution Transit Routing Number for Check, Draft or Wire Payments. Originating Depository Financial Institution Routing Number for ACH Transfers
RS Returnable Container Serial Number
RT Payee’s Financial Institution Transit Routing Number for Check, Draft or Wire Payments. Receiving Depository Financial Institution Transit Routing Number for ACH Transfers
RU Route Number
RV Receiving Number
RW Repetitive Waybill Code (Origin Carrier, Standard Point Location Code, Repetitive Waybill Code Number)
RX Resubmit number
RY Rebate Number
RZ Returned Goods Authorization Number
S0 Special Approval
S1 Engineering Specification Number
S2 Data Source
S3 Specification Number
S4 Shippers Bond Number
S5 Routing Instruction Number
S6 Stock Number
S7 Stack Train Identification
S8 Seal Off Number
S9 Seal On Number
SA Salesperson
SB Sales Region Number
SC Shipper Car Order Number
SD Subday Number
SE Serial Number
SF Ship From
SG Savings
SH Sender Defined Clause
SI Shipper’s Identifying Number for Shipment (SID)
SJ Set Number
SK Service Change Number
SL Sales/Territory Code
SM Sales Office Number
SN Seal Number
SO Shipper’s Order (Invoice Number)
SP Scan Line
SQ Container Sequence Number
SR Sales Responsibility
SS Split Shipment Number
ST Store Number
SU Special Processing Code
SV Service Charge Number
SW Seller’s Sale Number
SX Service Interrupt Tracking Number
SY Social Security Number
SZ Specification Revision
T0 Dealer Type Identification
T1 Tax Exchange Code
T2 Tax Form Code
T3 Tax Schedule Code
T4 Signal Code
T5 Trailer Use Agreements
T6 Tax Filing
T7 Affected Subsystem Code
T8 Description of Change Code
T9 Documentation Affected Number
TA Telecommunication Circuit Supplemental ID
TB Trucker’s Bill of Lading
TC Vendor Terms
TD Reason for Change
TE Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Tariff Number
TF Transfer Number
TG Transportation Control Number (TCN)
TH Transportation Account Code (TAC)
TI TIR Number
TJ Federal Taxpayer’s Identification Number
TK Tank Number
TL Tax License Exemption
TM Travel Manifest (ACI or OTR)
TN Transaction Reference Number
TO Terminal Operator Number
TP Test Specification Number
TQ Tracer Action Request Number
TR Government Transportation Request
TS Tariff Number
TT Terminal Code
TU Trial Location Code
TV Line of Business
TW Tax Worksheet
TX Tax Exempt Number
TY Policy Type
TZ Total Cycle Number
U0 Consolidator’s Receipt Number
U1 Regional Account Number
U2 Term
U3 Unique Supplier Identification Number (USIN)
U4 Unpaid Installment Reference Number
U5 Successor Account
U6 Predecessor Account
U8 Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) Loan Number
U9 Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) Pool Number
UA Mortgage Number
UB Unacceptable Source Purchaser ID
UC Mortgage Insurance Indicator Number
UD Unacceptable Source DUNS Number
UE Secondary Coverage Certificate Number
UF Mortgage Insurance Company Number
UG U.S. Government Transportation Control Number
UH Removal Number
UI Previous Course Number
UJ Current or Latest Course Number
UK Equivalent Course Number at Requesting Institution
UL Cross-listed Course Number
UM Quarter Quarter Section Number
UN United Nations Hazardous Classification Number
UO Quarter Quarter Spot Number
UP Upstream Shipper Contract Number
UQ Section Number
UR Unit Relief Number
US Unacceptable Source Supplier ID
UT Unit Train
UU Township Number
UV Range Number
UW State Senate District
UX State Assembly District
UY Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) Loan Number
UZ State Legislative District
V0 Version
V1 Volume Purchase Agreement Number
V2 Visa Type
V3 Voyage Number
V4 State Department I-20 Form Number
V5 State Department IAP-66 Form Number
V6 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Compliance Number
V7 Judicial District
V8 Institution Number
V9 Subservicer
VA Vessel Agent Number
VB Department of Veterans Affairs Acquisition Regulations (VAAR)
VC Vendor Contract Number
VD Volume Number
VE Vendor Abbreviation Code
VF Vendor Change Identification Code
VG Vendor Change Procedure Code
VH County Legislative District
VI Pool Number
VJ Investor Note Holder Identification
VK Institution Note Holder Identification
VL Third Party Note Holder Identification
VM Ward
VN Vendor Order Number
VO Institution Loan Number
VP Vendor Product Number
VQ Related Contract Line Item Number
VR Vendor ID Number
VS Vendor Order Number Suffix
VT Motor Vehicle ID Number
VU Preparer’s Verification Number
VV Voucher
VW Standard
VX Value-Added Tax Registration Number (Europe)
VY Link Sequence Number
VZ Sponsor’s Reference Number
W1 Disposal Turn-In Document Number
W2 Weapon System Number
W3 Manufacturing Directive Number
W4 Procurement Request Number
W5 Inspector Identification Number
W6 Federal Supply Schedule Number
W7 Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code
W8 Suffix
W9 Special Packaging Instruction Number
WA Labor or Affiliation Identification
WB American Petroleum Institute (API) Well
WC Contract Option Number
WD Review Period Number
WE Well Classification Code
WF Locally Assigned Control Number
WG Vendor’s Previous Job Number
WH Master Reference (Link) Number
WI Waiver
WJ Pre-Award Survey
WK Type of Science Code
WL Federal Supply Classification Code
WM Weight Agreement Number
WN Well Number
WO Work Order Number
WP Warehouse Pick Ticket Number
WQ Interim Funding Organization Loan Number
WR Warehouse Receipt Number
WS Warehouse storage location number
WT Broker’s Reference Number
WU Vessel
WV Dealer Identification
WW Depository Trust Company Identification
WX Distributor’s Account Identification
WY Waybill Number
WZ Distributor’s Representative Identification
X0 Debtor’s Account
X1 Provider Claim Number
X2 Specification Class Number
X3 Defect Code Number
X4 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment Number
X5 State Industrial Accident Provider Number
X6 Original Voucher Number
X7 Batch Sequence Number
X8 Secondary Suffix Code Indicator
X9 Internal Control Number
XA Substitute National Stock Number
XB Substitute Manufacturer’s Part Number
XC Cargo Control Number
XD Subsistence Identification Number
XE Transportation Priority Number
XF Government Bill of Lading Office Code
XG Airline Ticket Number
XH Contract Auditor ID Number
XI Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Loan Number
XJ Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation Default/Foreclosure Specialist Number
XK Mortgagee Loan Number
XL Insured’s Loan Number
XM Issuer Number
XN Title XIX Identifier Number
XO Sample Number
XP Previous Cargo Control Number
XQ Pier Number
XR Railroad Commission Record Number
XS Gas Analysis Source Meter Number
XT Toxicology ID
XU Universal Transverse Mercator – North
XV Universal Transverse Mercator – East
XW Universal Transverse Mercator – Zone
XX Rating Period
XY Other Unlisted Type of Reference Number
XZ Pharmacy Prescription Number
Y0 Debtor
Y1 Claim Administrator Claim Number
Y2 Third-Party Administrator Claim Number
Y3 Contract Holder Claim Number
Y4 Agency Claim Number
Y5 Delivery Trailer Manifest
Y6 Sort and Segregate
Y7 Processing Area
Y8 User ID
Y9 Current Certificate Number
YA Prior Certificate Number
YB Revision Number
YC Tract
YD Buyer Identification
YE Railroad Commission Oil Number
YF Lessee Identification
YH Operator Assigned Unit Number
YI Refiner Identification
YJ Revenue Source
YK Rent Payor Identification
YL Allowance Recipient Identification
YM Resource Screening Reference
YN Receiver ID Qualifier
YO Formation
YP Selling Arrangement
YQ Minimum Royalty Payor Identification
YR Operator Lease Number
YS Yard Position
YT Reporter Identification
YV Participating Area
YW Engineering Change Proposal
YX Geographic Score
YY Geographic Key
YZ Geographic Index
Z1 Safety of Ship Certificate
Z2 Safety of Radio Certificate
Z3 Safety Equipment Certificate
Z4 Civil Liabilities of Oil Certificate
Z5 Load Line Certificate
Z6 Derat Certificate
Z7 Maritime Declaration of Health
Z8 Federal Housing Administration Case Number
Z9 Veterans Affairs Case Number
ZA Supplier
ZB Ultimate Consignee
ZC Connecting Carrier
ZD Family Member Identification
ZE Coal Authority Number
ZF Contractor Establishment Code (CEC)
ZG Sales Representative Order Number
ZH Carrier Assigned Reference Number
ZI Reference Version Number
ZJ Universal Railroad Revenue Waybill Identified Number (URRWIN)
ZK Duplicate Waybill in Route
ZL Duplicate Waybill Not in Route
ZM Manufacturer Number
ZN Agency Case Number
ZO Makegood Commercial Line Number
ZP Spouse Tie
ZQ Non-Spouse Tie
ZR Supplier (Replacement)
ZS Software Application Number
ZT Milling in Transit
ZU Field
ZV Block
ZW Area
ZX County Code
ZY Referenced Pattern Identification
ZZ Mutually Defined
AAA Distributor’s Split Agent Number
AAB Fund Manager’s Reference Number
AAC Agency Hierarchical Level
AAD Officer License Number
AAE Previous Distributor Number
AAF Interviewer ID
AAG Military ID
AAH Option Policy Number
AAI Payroll Account Number
AAJ Prior Contract Number
AAK Worksite Number
AAL Agent Number
AAM Treaty Identifier
AAN Associated Case Control Number
AAO Carrier Assigned Code
AAP Dealer Number
AAQ Directory Number
AAR Distributor Assigned Transaction Number
AAS Distributor Assigned Order Number
AAT Distributor’s Account Number
AAU General Agency Number
AAV Laboratory Number
AAW Agency Assigned Number
AAX List Bill Number
AAY Accounting Period Reference
AAZ Paramedical ID Number
ABA Payroll Number
ABB Personal ID Number
ABC Policy Link Number
ABD Secondary Policy Number
ABE Special Quote Number
ABF National Property Registry System Level 1
ABG National Property Registry System Level 2
ABH Investor Assigned Identification Number
ABJ Ginnie Mae (Government National Mortgage Association) Pool Package Number
ABK Mortgage Electronic Registration System Organization Identifier
ABL Seller Loan Number
ABM Sub-Servicer Loan Number
ABN National Property Registry System Level 3
ABO State Hazardous Waste Entity Identifier
ABP Bankruptcy Procedure Number
ABQ National Business Identification Number
ABR Prior Data Universal Number System (D-U-N-S) Number, Dun & Bradstreet
ABS Vessel Name
ABT Security Instrument Number
ABU Assignment Recording Number
ABV Book Number
ABY Health Care Financing Administration National Payer Identification Number
ACA Growth Factor Reference
ACB Region
ACC Status
ACD Class Code
ACE Service Request Number
ACF Supplement Number
ACG Previous Ticket Number
ACH One Call Agency Ticket Number
ACI Ticket Number
ACJ Bill of Material Revision Number
ACK Drawing Revision Number
ACR Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Return/Notification of Change (NOC) Code
ACS Society of Property Information Compilers and Analysts
ACT Accounting Code
ADA Agency for International Development Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR)
ADB Master Property Number
ADC Project Property Number
ADD Unit Property Number
ADE Associated Property Number
ADF Associated Number For Limited Common Element Parking
ADG Associated Number For Unit Parking
ADH Associated Number For Joined Unit not re-subdivided
ADI Processor Identification Number
ADM Air Dimension Code
AEA Numero de Cedula de Identidad (CIN) Number
AEB Company’s Registry Office (CRO) Number
AEC Government Registration Number
AED Judicial Number
AEE Numero de Identificacion Tributaria (NIT)
AEF Passport Number
AEG Patron Number
AEH Registro Informacion Fiscal (RIF)
AEI Registro Unico de Contribuyente (RUC)
AEJ Superintendencia de Inversiones Extranjeras (SIEX) Number
AEK Tokyo Shoko Research Business Identifier
AEL Registro Nacional de Contribuyente (RNC)
AEM Distribution Center Number
AHC Air Handling Code
ALC Agency Location Code
ALG Title Company Code Book Reference
ALH Title Document Schedule
ALI Recording Number
ALJ Title Policy Number
ALT Alteration Number
API American Petroleum Institute (API) Deduction Code
ASL Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel (ASLBP) Number
ASP Animal Species
AST Animal Strain
ATC Maintenance Availability Type
BAA Franchise Tax Account Number
BAB Certificate of Incorporation Number
BAC Beam Assembly Code
BAD State Tax Identification Number
BAE Charter Number
BAF Receipt Number
BAG Withdrawal Account Number
BAH Deposit Account Number
BAI Business Identification Number
BCI Basic Contract Line Item Number
BKT Bank Telegraphic Number
BLT Billing Type
BMM Begin Mile Marker
BOI Binary Object Identifier
CBG Census Block Group
CDN Citizenship Document Number
CIR Circuit Number
CIT Citation
CMN Continuous Move Number
CMP Customer Maintenance Period Sequence Number
CMT Component
CNO Commitment Number
COL Collocation Indicator
COT Certificate of Transportation
CPA Canadian Province Operating Authority Number
CPT Current Procedural Terminology Code
CRN Casualty Report Number
CRS Casualty Report Serial Number
CSC CS54 Key Train Indicator Code
CSG CS54 Key Train Indicator Group Name
CST Census State Code
CTS Census Tract Suffix
CYC Periodicity Code
DHH Department of Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR)
DIS District Number
DNR Deposit Number
DNS D-U-N-S+4, D-U-N-S Number with Four Character Suffix
DOA Department of Agriculture Acquisition Regulation (AGAR)
DOC Department of Commerce Acquisition Regulation (CAR)
DOE Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation (DEAR)
DOI Department of Interior Acquisition Regulation (DIAR)
DOJ Department of Justice Acquisition Regulation (JAR)
DOL Department of Labor Acquisition Regulation (DOLAR)
DON Density Order Number
DOS Department of State Acquisition Regulation (DOSAR)
DOT Department of Transportation Acquisition Regulation (TAR)
DRN Drainhole Number
DSC Departure from Specification Class Code
DSI Departure from Specification Number
DST Departure from Specification Type Code
DTS Department of the Treasury Acquisition/Procurement Regulation (TAPR)
DUN D-U-N-S Number Dun & Bradstreet
EDA Department of Education Acquisition Regulation (EDAR)
EMM End Mile Marker
END Endorsement Number
EPA Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation (EPAAR)
EPB Environmental Protection Agency Transporter Identification Number
ESN Estimate Sequence Number
FCN Assigned Contract Number
FLZ Flood Zone
FMP Facility Measurement Point Number
FND Finder Number
FSN Assigned Sequence Number
FTN Premarket Notification Number
FWC Final Work Candidate Number
GWS Group Work Candidate Sequence Number
HHT Type of Household Goods Code
HMB Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Block Number Area
HPI Health Care Financing Administration National Provider Identifier
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development Acquisition Regulation (HUDAR)
ICD ICD-9-CM (International Classification of Diseases)
IFT International Fuel Tax Agreement Account Number
IID Image Identifier
IMP Integrated Master Plan (IMP)
IMS Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
IND Investigatorial New Drug Number
IRN Importer’s Reference Number to Letter of Credit
IRP International Registration Plan Account Number
ISC International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) Dominion of Canada Code (DCC)
ISN International Registration Plan Sticker Number
ISS Inspection and Survey Sequence Number
LEN Location Exception Order Number
LIC Health Industry Business Communications Council (HIBCC) Labeler Identification Code (LIC)
LOI Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes (LOINC)
LSD Logistics Support Documentation Type Code
LVO Levying Officer Identification
MBX Mailbox
MCI Motor Carrier Identification Number
MDN Hazardous Waste Manifest Document Number
MSL Mail Slot
MZO Multiple Zone Order Number
NAS National Aeronautics and Space Administration FAR Supplement (NFS)
NDA Abbreviated New Drug Application Number
NDB New Drug Application Number
NFC National Flood Insurance Program Community Name
NFD National Flood Insurance Program County
NFM National Flood Insurance Program Map Number
NFN National Flood Insurance Program Community Number
NFS National Flood Insurance Program State
PAC Patent Cooperation Treaty Application Number
PAN Nonprovisional Patent Application Number
PAP Provisional Patent Application Number
PCC Pool Contract Code
PCN Protocol Number
PDL Previous Driver’s License
PGC Packing Group Code
PGN Plug Number
PGS Proposed Group Work Candidate Sequence Number
PHC Process Handling Code
PID Program Identification Number
PIN Platform Identification Number
PLA Product Licensing Agreement Number
PLN Proposed Contract Number
PMN Premarket Application Number
PNN Patent Number
POL Policy Number
PRS Previously Reported Social Security Number
PRT Product Type
PSI Previous Shipment Identification Number – Continuous Move
PSL Next Shipment Identification Number – Continuous Move
PSM Credit Card
PSN Proposed Sequence Number
PTC Patent Type
PWC Preliminary Work Candidate Number
PWS Proposed Work Candidate Sequence Number
RAA Restricted Availability Authorization
RAN Restricted Availability Number
REC Related Case
RGI Regulatory Guideline Identifier
RIG Rig Number
RPP Relative Priority
RPT Report Number
RRS Reconciliation Report Section Identification Code
RSN Reservation Number
SBN Surety Bond Number
SCA Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)
SEK Search Key
SES Session
SHL Shelf Life Indicator
SNH Systematized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED)
SNV State Non-Resident Violator Compact
SPL Standard Point Location Code (SPLC)
SPN Theater Screen Number
STB Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) Bridge Number
STR Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) Replacement Code
SUB Title Reference
SUO Spacing Unit Order Number
TDT Technical Documentation Type
TIP Technical Information Package
TOC Type of Comment
TPN Transponder Number
TSN Template Sequence Number
URL Uniform Resource Locator
WCS Work Candidate Sequence Number
WDR Withdrawal Record

Appears in

ADJAdjustments to Balances or Services
ASOAsset Ownership
B10Beginning Segment for Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
BAABeginning Segment for Product Transfer Account Adjustment
BCDBeginning Credit/Debit Adjustment
BCOBeginning Segment for Procurement Notices
BCPBeginning Segment for Contract Pricing Proposal
BGFBeginning Segment for File Transfer Information
BGPBeginning Segment for Problem Log Inquiry or Advice
BPABeginning Segment for Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status
BRBeginning Segment for Material Management
BRCBeginning Segment for Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
BSDBreakdown Structure Description
BTIBeginning Tax Information
CADCarrier Details
CCICredit Counseling Information
CD1Cargo Detail
CDSCase Description
CICarrier Interchange Agreement
CIVCivil Action Liability
CMACooperative Market Agreement
CONContract Number Detail
CSContract Summary
CSDConsolidated Shipment Invoice Data
DDDemand Detail
EMSEmployment Position
ETDExcess Transportation Detail
F02Identification of Shipment
F09Detail – Supporting Evidence for Claim
F10Identification of Claim (Tracer)
FAAFinancial Asset Account
FGSForm Group
FSTForecast Schedule
G5Scale Information
G11Coupon Reporting Specifications
G48Statement/Invoice Identification
GACanadian Grain Information
GFFurnished Goods and Services
HPLHealth Care Provider License
IN1Individual Identification
JILLine Item Detail for the Operating Expense Statement
L11Business Instructions and Reference Number
LEQLeased Equipment Information
LHMixed Hazardous Commodities
LHEEmpty Equipment Hazardous Material Information
LHRHazardous Material Identifying Reference Numbers
M12In-bond Identifying Information
M15Customs Events Advisory Details
M20Permit to Transfer Request Details
M21Supplementary In-Bond Information
N9Extended Reference Information
NACross-Reference Equipment
OTIOriginal Transaction Identification
PIPrice Authority Identification
PRIExternal Reference Identifier
PRJMultifamily Housing Project
PRVProvider Information
PTDProduct Transfer and Resale Detail
Q2Status Details (Ocean)
Q5Status Details
REFReference Information
RLTReal Estate Loan Type
RMRRemittance Advice Accounts Receivable Open Item Reference
RMTRemittance Advice
ROPublic Record or Obligation
SERService Charges
SHDShipment Detail
SPISpecification Identifier
T1Transit Inbound Origin
TFSTax Form
VEHVehicle Information
X4Customs Release Information
ZAProduct Activity Reporting
CTHBeginning Segment for Contract Transaction Set
TRDTrade Item Ingredient Details
TRTTrade Item Type
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