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(ASC X12) 1293 Return Request Reason Code


Code indicating the reason for the return from the party returning, or requesting to return, the items


BCBeyond Code Date
COCustomer Ordering Error
CVColor Variance
DADamaged Product
DIDiscontinued Product
DMDefective Merchandise or Store Inspection
DPDefective Packaging
DRDefective Merchandise or Returned by Consumer
DTDamaged In Transit
EIExcess Inventory
EOEnd of Season
EWExcessive Wear
LPLabel Problem
MDMark Downs
NANot as Expected
OPOutdated Packaging
PEPrice Error
PFPoor Fit
PRProduct Recall
PSProduct Spoiled
PWPoor Workmanship
SDShort-Dated Product
SPShipped past Cancel Date
SRStock Reduction Agreement
STStyle Problem
WGWrong Goods or Not Ordered

Appears in

RDRReturn Disposition Reason
Review post

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