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(ASC X12) 133 Routing Sequence Code


Code describing the relationship of a carrier to a specific shipment movement


11st Carrier after Origin Carrier
22nd Carrier after Origin Carrier
33rd Carrier after Origin Carrier
44th Carrier after Origin Carrier
55th Carrier after Origin Carrier
66th Carrier after Origin Carrier
77th Carrier after Origin Carrier
88th Carrier after Origin Carrier
99th Carrier after Origin Carrier
AOrigin Carrier, Agent’s Routing (Rail)
BOrigin/Delivery Carrier (Any Mode)
DDELY (Delivery Switch Carrier)
HHaulage Rights Carrier and Junction
IOrigin Switch Carrier
MHaulage Movement Carrier and Junction
OOrigin Carrier (Air, Motor, or Ocean)
ROrigin Carrier, Rule 11 Shipment
SOrigin Carrier, Shipper’s Routing (Rail)
VIntermediate Switch Carrier
XLast Carrier in Route on Return Route Move
ZMutually Defined
JDJunction Settlement Carrier Following (Destination carrier receiving revenues resulting from junction contract)
JOJunction Settlement Carrier Predecessor (Origin carrier receiving revenues resulting from junction contract)

Appears in

E5Empty Car Disposition – Pended Destination Route
MS3Interline Information
R2Route Information
R3Route Information – Motor
R2ARoute Information with Preference
T3Transit Inbound Route
TD5Carrier Details (Routing Sequence/Transit Time)
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