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(ASC X12) 1379 Loan Verification Code


Code indicating the loan verification confirmation or exception reason


0 Match on Loan
1 Social Security Number Does Not Match
2 Loan ID Does Not Match
3 Loan Program Does Not Match
4 Borrower Name Does Not Match
5 First Disbursement Date Does Not Match
6 Guaranteed Amount Does Not Match
7 Guarantee Date Does Not Match
8 Outstanding Loan Balance Does Not Match
9 Interest Rate Does Not Match
10 Interest Schedule Does Not Match
11 Grace Period Does Not Match
12 Less-Than-Half Time Date Does Not Match
13 Repayment Begin Date Does Not Match
14 Borrower Status Does Not Match
15 Borrower Status Date Does Not Match
16 Servicer/Lender Department of Education (DOE) Number Does Not Match
17 Seller Department of Education (DOE) Number Does Not Match
18 Servicing Transfer Date Does Not Match
19 Purchase Date Does Not Match
20 Guarantee Fee Not Paid
21 Birthdate Does Not Match

Appears in

LVLoan Verification

Review post

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