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(ASC X12) 1387 Rate Qualifier


Code indicating the type of interest rate


1Reserve Requirement Rate – Demand Deposit Account (DDA)
2Analysis Earnings Credit Interest Rate Not Yet Net of Reserves
3Book/Ledger Balance Overdraft Interest Rate
4Collected Balance Overdraft Interest Rate
5Deficiency Balance Interest Rate
6Treasury Tax and Loan (TT & L)
7Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
8Overdraft Reserve Requirement Recover
9Federal Funds
11Mutually Defined
12Reserve Requirement Rate – Non-Demand Deposit Account (Non-DDA)
13Money Market (MMA)
14Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Reserve (NOW)
15Certificate of Deposit (CD)
2AAnalysis Earnings Credit Interest Rate Net of Reserves
CFCurrent Factor
CRCoupon Rate
CXCurrency Exchange
DADemand Deposit Account Interest
DIDeficiency Interest Rate
DSDeficiency Surcharge Rate
NBBook/Ledger Balance Net Overdraft Interest Rate
NCCollected Balance Net Overdraft Interest Rate
PBPrincipal Balance Factor
PFPrincipal and Interest Factor
STStandby (Letter of Credit)
UFUncollected Funds Usage Interest Rate

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RTERate Information
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