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(ASC X12) 1390 Eligibility or Benefit Information


Code identifying eligibility or benefit information


1 Active Coverage
2 Active – Full Risk Capitation
3 Active – Services Capitated
4 Active – Services Capitated to Primary Care Physician
5 Active – Pending Investigation
6 Inactive
7 Inactive – Pending Eligibility Update
8 Inactive – Pending Investigation
A Co-Insurance
B Co-Payment
C Deductible
D Benefit Description
E Exclusions
F Limitations
G Out of Pocket (Stop Loss)
H Unlimited
I Non-Covered
J Cost Containment
K Reserve
L Primary Care Provider
M Pre-existing Condition
N Services Restricted to Following Provider
O Not Deemed a Medical Necessity
P Benefit Disclaimer
Q Second Surgical Opinion Required
R Other or Additional Payor
S Prior Year(s) History
T Card(s) Reported Lost/Stolen
U Contact Following Entity for Eligibility or Benefit Information
V Cannot Process
W Other Source of Data
X Health Care Facility
Y Spend Down
CB Coverage Basis
MC Managed Care Coordinator

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EBEligibility or Benefit Information
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