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(ASC X12) 1398 Inquiry Selection Code


Code indicating what the requestor wants included or excluded from the response to an inquiry


1 Exclude Sublocation
2 Exclude All Synonyms
3 Include All Synonyms
4 Stop Processing after Look-up
5 Stop Processing after Machine Match
6 Stop Processing after Merge/Purge
7 Include Asset Details
8 Include Breakdown of Capital
9 Include Liability Details
A Include Capital
B Include Comparatives
C Include Current Assets
D Include Current Liabilities
E Include Facility Description
F Include Income Statement
G Include Insurance
H Include Loan Details
I Include Location Description
J Include Long Time Liabilities
K Include Net Worth Reconciliation
L Include Starting Capital
M Include Non-current Assets
N Include Percentages
O Include Ratios
P Include Sales and Net Worth
Q Include Statement Explanation
R Include Trends
S Include Updated Figures
T Include Tax Details
U Include Financing
V Include Term Detail
W Include Net Worth and Equity Details
X Include Credit Amounts

Appears in

REQRequest Information
Review post

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