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(ASC X12) 1402 Equipment Attribute Code


Code specifying attributes of a piece of equipment


N2 Nitrogen Gas
ATM Atmosphere Controlled
C02 Carbon Dioxide Gas
CLE Clean Exterior
DHT Door Height Requirement
DWI Door Width Requirement
FAP Use Flatrack as Platform
GEN Genset Required
LIN Liner Attached
MCP Moisture Content Requirement
MOI Moisture Free
NDO Door Off
NOI Oil Stain Free
ODF Odor Free
PCO Pre-cooled
PRE Pre-mount Required
PSE Pre-set Temperature
RAD Reefer Used As Dry
RUS Rust Free
SLI Slider Chassis
SMO Smoke Test
STE Steam Cleaned
SUB Substitution Allowed
SUR Survey Required
TBT Timber Treated
TEC Tectrol Gas
VOD Dual Voltage Required
VOS Single Voltage Required
YEA Year of Manufacture Requirement

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EAEquipment Attributes
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