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(ASC X12) 1423 License Plate Type


Code identifying the type of license


AM Ambulance
AP Apportioned
AQ Antique
AR Amateur Radio or Citizen’s Band Radio Operator
AT All Terrain Vehicle
BU Bus
CC Consular Corps
CI City Owned or Municipal Vehicle
CO Commercial
CU County Owned
DA Drive-away
DB Dune Buggy
DD Dentist
DL Dealer
DP Diplomatic
DU Duplicate
DV Disabled Veteran
DX Disabled Person
EX Exempt
FD Fire Department
FG Foreign Government
FM Farm Vehicle
IP International Plate
IT In-transit
JJ Judge or Justice
LE Legislative, U.S.
LF Law Enforcement
LS Legislative, State
MC Motorcycle
MD Motorcycle Dealer
MF Manufacturer
ML Military Vehicle, Canadian
MP Moped
MV Military Vehicle, U.S.
NG National Guard Member
OB Omnibus
OL Other License Plate Types
PC Passenger Car
PE Personalized or Customized
PH Physician
PX Pharmacist
RE Reciprocal (or Reciprocity)
RI Reissue
RP Replacement
RV Rented Vehicle or Trailer
S1 Special Car
SC Special Purpose Commercial Vehicle
SN Snowmobile
ST State Owned Vehicle
SV School Vehicle
TK Truck
TL Trailer
TM Temporary Tags
TP Transporter
TR Truck – Tractor
TX Taxi
US U.S. Government Vehicle
UV Utility Vehicle (UTV)
VF Veterans of Foreign Wars
VN Van

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