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(ASC X12) 1429 Construction Type


Contains the primary construction material


0 Adobe
1 Aluminum Siding
2 Asbestos Siding
3 Cement
4 Concrete
5 Concrete Block
6 Corrugated Metal
7 Galvanized Plate
8 Glass
9 Granite
A Aluminum
B Brick
C Cement Block
D Cinder Block
E Grey Brick
F Fiberglass
G Hollow Tile
H Lava Stone
I Limestone
J Logs
K Marble
L Metal
M Frame
N Metal Coating
O Other
P Metallic
Q Plaster
R Plastic
S Steel
T Plate Ceiling
U Plywood
V Reinforced Concrete
W Rock
X Sandstone
Y Sheet Iron
Z Mutually Defined
A0 Wood Metal Coating
A1 Sheet Metal
A2 Siding
A3 Slate
A4 Stucco
A5 Teja
A6 Tile
A7 Tin
A8 Veneer
A9 Vinyl Siding
AA Wood Siding

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