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(ASC X12) 1432 Business Purpose of Assurance


The stated business purpose for appending the assurance to an existing secured-entity (whether functional group or transaction set); the codes represent the intention of the business or application that has control over the assurance originator


ASG Authorization Signature Appropriate to this Document
ASP Authorization to Service Provider
CSG Authorization Co-signature Appropriate to this Document
EPA Approval Certification of Environmental Protection Agency
EXP Export Approval Certification
MRR Medical Record Release Certification
PPS Paid Preparer’s Signature
PRP Preparer’s Signature
TAX Authorization Signature Appropriate to Submitter of Filing of Taxation Return (TS 813 and others) and under Penalties Prescribed by the Relevant Laws
TSO Time Stamp Only (No Responsibility for Contents)
ZZZ Mutually Defined

Appears in

APEAssurance Protocol Error
S3AAssurance Header Level 1
S4AAssurance Header Level 2
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