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(ASC X12) 1437 Date/Time Reference


Date/time stamp in format as follows: YYYYMMDDHHNNSSTTTZZZ+XXXX, where YYYY = 4 digit year (with leading century), MM = month of year (01..12), DD = day of month (01..31), HH = hour of day in 24-hour format (00..23), NN = minutes of the hour (00-59), SS = second of hour (00..59), TTT = [optional] milli-seconds (000..999), ZZZ = [optional] three character, nominal timezone indicator (including daylight savings time indicator) and XXXXX = 3-5 digit (including leading + or – sign) offset of time to universal time, with three position format indicating hours-offset for whole hours, and five position format indicating hours and minutes offset where this is necessary. For example: 1993061522133OCDT+0930 which represents 15 June 1993, 22:13 (10:13pm), Central Daylight Time (Nominal Value “CDT”), in a timezone that is offset + 9:30 from Universal Time (Australia)

Appears in

ANSI X12 EDI S3AAssurance Header Level 1
ANSI X12 EDI S4AAssurance Header Level 2
ANSI X12 EDI S1AAssurance Level 1
ANSI X12 EDI S2AAssurance Level 2
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