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(ASC X12) 146 Shipment Method of Payment


Code identifying payment terms for transportation charges


11Rule 11 Shipment
BPPaid by Buyer
CAAdvance Collect
CDCollect on Delivery
CFCollect, Freight Credited Back to Customer
DEPer Contract
DFDefined by Buyer and Seller
FOFOB Port of Call
HPHalf Prepaid
NCService Freight, No Charge
NRNon Revenue
PAAdvance Prepaid
PBCustomer Pick-up/Backhaul
PCPrepaid but Charged to Customer
PDPrepaid by Processor
PEPrepaid and Summary Bill
PLPrepaid Local, Collect Outstate
POPrepaid Only
PPPrepaid (by Seller)
PSPaid by Seller
RCReturn Container Freight Paid by Customer
RFReturn Container Freight Free
RSReturn Container Freight Paid by Supplier
TPThird Party Pay
WCWeight Condition

Appears in

ACSAncillary Charges
B1Beginning Segment for Booking or Pickup/Delivery
B2Beginning Segment for Shipment Information Transaction
B3Beginning Segment for Carrier’s Invoice
B9Beginning Segment for Logistics Services
B3BBeginning Segment for Rail Carrier’s Invoice
BOLBeginning Segment for the Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
BXGeneral Shipment Information
CF2Summary Freight Bill Detail
CSDConsolidated Shipment Invoice Data
FOBF.O.B. Related Instructions
G25F.O.B. Information
G66Transportation Instructions
G82Delivery/Return Base Record Identifier
Q3Arrival Details
SCNBeginning Segment for Cartage Work Assignment
SL1Tariff Details
SMDConsolidated Shipment Manifest Data
W27Carrier Details (Warehouse)
W66Warehouse Carrier Information
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