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(ASC X12) 1487 Retrip Reason Code


Code identifying the reason a trip has been revised


BO Car Reported Bad Order
CI Change in Interchange Mode
CU Train Delay – Hold for Maintenance of Way Curfew
DE Train Delay – Derailment
ET Car Rescheduled to an Extra Train
HL Car Reported Held
HR Car Reported Released from Hold
HW Train Delay – High Wind
ID Scheduled Interchange did not Include Car
MS Car Manually Scheduled
MV Car Location Move (Without Train)
OK Car Reported Released from Bad Order
OP Operating Plan Change
RR Train Rerouted
SI Added Consignee Placement Instructions
SK Train Delay – Sun Kink
SL Train Delay – Washout or Slide
SO Train Block Set Out Location Changed
TA Train Annulment
TC Train Consolidation
TD Train Departed Without Car
TM Train Movement Reporting Deletion
TR Train Size Reduction (tonnage, length, number or cars)
WA Car Arrived on Different Train
WC Waybill Cancellation
WD Waybill Diversion or Correction
WE Train Delay – Weather
WI Car Included in Different Interchange
WT Car Departed on Different Train

Appears in

IS1Estimated Time of Arrival and Car Scheduling
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