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(ASC X12) 1488 Bad Order Reason Code


Code indicating the reason equipment has been designated as a bad order


A Body; Including Floors, Roof, Sides, Ends and Multi-level Rack
B Braking System; Any Brake Component Listed in Rule 83 Car Part Codes under the Heading of ‘Brake Equipment’ and ‘Piping’
C Clean-Out; Including Preparation for Loading such as Clean-out, Conditioning and Pre-tripping
D Derailment or Accident; Damage Resulting from Derailment, Sideswipes, Fire, Flood or Other Casualty Occurrence
E Doors; Including Side, End and Hopper Doors, Outlet Gates, Hatch and Dome Covers
F Draft System; Including Couplers, Yokes, Draft Gears, Draft Lugs, Draft Sills, End of Car and Center of Car Cushioning Units and Articulated Connections
G Interior Linings and Coatings; Including any Interior Lining or Coating
H Load Attention: Requiring Measurement, Weighing, Adjustment, Transfer or Containment of Leaking Commodity
I Load Restraining Devices; Components Integral to Car such as Tie Down Equipment, Interior Bulkheads, DF Equipment, Trailer Hitches, Container Pedestals or Other Similar Equipment
J Mechanical Inspection; Including Inspection From Early Warning Letters, Maintenance Advisory Notifications or Special Instructions Received From the Car Owners or Handling Line
K Refrigeration Equipment; Including Inspections Pre-Tripping and Defective Equipment Listed in Rule 83 Car Part Codes Under the Heading ‘Mechanical Refrigeration Equipment’
L Safety Appliance; Including Handholds, Sill Steps, Ladders, Running Boards, Crossover Boards, Brake Steps and Uncoupling Levers
M Trucks; Including Side Frames, Truck Bolsters, Friction Castins, Springs Snubbers and Side Bearings, but Excluding Wheel Assemblies and Brake Rigging
N Underframe; Including Center Sills, Side Sills and Body Bolsters, Crossbearers, Crossties, Body Center Plates and Body Side Bearings
O Wheel Assembly; Including Wheels, Axles, Friction or Roller Bearings Wedges, Adapters, Periodic Attention and Hot Boxes
P Enroute to Ship for Inspection
Q Defect Unknown; Car Awaiting Inspection

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ESEquipment Status

Review post

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