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(ASC X12) 1496 Property Description Qualifier


Type of reference or number used to describe real property


1 Map Cover & Sublot Number
2 Metes & Bounds
3 Section, Lot, and Block
4 Tax Identification
5 Parcel Identification Number
6 Lot or Unit Number
7 Block or Building
8 Subdivision
9 Section
10 Arbitrary Number
11 Book (Liber)
12 Page (Folio)
13 Outlot
14 Baseline
15 Survey Description
16 Torrens Property Number
17 Legal
18 Appraisal Description
19 Neighborhood or Project Name
20 Multiple Listing Service Area or District
21 Multiple Listing Service Sub-Area or Sub-District
22 Property Identification
23 Mobile Home Park
26 Tract Number
27 Square
28 City
29 Range
30 Lot
31 Unit Number
32 Land Lot
33 County
34 Township
35 Acreage
36 Record of Survey
37 Plat Map
38 Parcel Map
39 Licensed Survey
40 Subdivision Map
41 Official Record
42 Deed
43 Miscellaneous Map
44 Miscellaneous Record
45 State
46 Country
47 Block
48 Building
49 Real Estate Development Project
50 Master Real Estate Development Project
51 Phase
52 Ward
53 District
54 Borough
55 Village
56 Parish

Appears in

PDSProperty Description/Legal Description
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