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(ASC X12) 152 Special Handling Code


Code specifying special transportation handling instructions


15Speed Restricted to 15 Miles per Hour
25Speed Restricted to 25 Miles per Hour
35Speed Restricted to 35 Miles per Hour
45Speed Restricted to 45 Miles per Hour
ABCar is Air Brake Controlled
AKAttachment – Auto Keys
ATAttachment to Move with Car
AVAnnual Volume
AWAttachments – Advance Only Waybill
BAClearinghouse Balance
BLBlowable Load
BNIf Bad Ordered Notify Shipper
BWBill Shipper for Weigh Charge
CCContainer, Consolidator Load
CDAttachment – Customer’s Document
CECleared for Export
CFContainer, Factory Load
CICustoms Inspection
CMAttachment – Cotton Manifest
CONo Marshalling Required for Hazardous Materials
CRCircus Ramp Only (TOFC Van)
CWBill Consignee for Weigh Charges
CXTop Load Only
CYCertification that this Shipment is for Recycling as Defined in Applicable Tariffs Containing Such Provisions
DNShipper Authorization Required for Diversion or Consignment
DRDrop Yard
DSDelivery Only on Surrender of Written Order
DTDead in Tow
DUDo Not Uncouple
DWDestination Weights Apply
EDExcessive Dimensions
EEElectronic Equipment Transfer
ELEnvironmental Control Limits
ERReturn Empty Via Reverse Route
EVDamages Incurred if Shipment Fails to Meet Vessel Loading
EWExcessive Weight
EXExplosive Flammable Gas
FAFace “A-end” to Head of Train
FBFace “B-end” to Head of Train
FCMoving Under “For Furtherance Instructions” and May Be Delivered
FDFull Service
FGFlammable Gas
FPFlammable Poison Gas
FRFragile – Handle with Care
FSNontransit Flat Shipment
GIGrain Inspection
HEHead End Car
HMEndorsed as Hazardous Material
HOHold for Orders
HPHeated Prior to Loading
HRHome for Repair
HVHigh Value Load
HWHigh Wide Load
IDShipment to be Inspected at Destination and Disposition Instructions will be
IMInteroffice Move
IPImport Shipment
IRRail Incentive Rate
ISSurveillance Service
JSJunction Settlement Account
LBLand Bridge (Import/Export)
LCCar Trip Leased to Consignee
LDLoading Devices
LFLoaded to Full Visible Capacity
LNLess Than Container, Consolidator Load
LPProtect Lowest Through Rate
LRLess Than Container, Factory Load
LSLocal Service Only
LTLess Than Full Carload
MCPerson in Charge of Car
MFCleared for Border Crossing
MPMultiple Pickup
MRMechanical Refrigeration
NCNotify Consignee Before Delivery
NDDo Not Divert
NENo Special Entrainment Required
NHDo Not Hump
NINew Equipment First Transborder Movement
NPDo Not Pool
NSNotify Shipper Before Reconsignment
NTDo Not Transfer Contents
NWIn Case of Fire Do Not Use Water
NXNot for Export
OSCommodity Loaded Less Than or Equal To the Car Ordered
PBPerishable in Box Car
PDPrivately Controlled Private Equipment Subject to Demurrage
PGPoisonous Gas
PIIced Prior to Loading
PSProduct Protection Service
PWAttachment – Prepaid Waybill
RAReturn Authorization
RBRender Bill for Charges
RCRailroad Controlled Private Equipment Subject to Demurrage
RMRadioactive Material
RORush Order
RRRear Rider
RSInspect Hourly if Car Stopped
RTRecord for Transit
SBShipper Load/Carrier Count
SCShove to Rest and Cover
SDSubject to Special Detention Rules/Charges
SEAttachment – Shipper’s Export Document
SHShiftable Load
SIShip to Cross Dock or Pool
SKRequires Shelf Couplers
SMAttachment – Shipper’s Manifest
SPAttachment – Shipper’s Packing Instructions
SRSpeed Restricted
STStack Train
SWStretch Wrap
TACars Temporarily Articulated
TCTrailer, Consolidator Load
TFTrailer, Factory Load
TNTurn Car
TSTransit Shipment
TTTeam Track Delivery
TVTime Volume Rates Only
UBUnload at Bumper (Circus Ramp)
ULUnload from Left Side of Car
UNUnload as Placarded
UPUnprotected Perishable
URUnload from Right Side of Car
USShipper Certifies Gross Weight under 240,000 pounds
VNVerification Weigh
VTVentilation Instructions
WBWide-Body Pickup Truck (Applies to Finished Vehicle Loading
WDWaived Inspection – Set Direct
WEWeigh Empty
WHAttachments – High Wide Notice
WIWaive Inspection
WMManifest Must Accompany Waybill
WOWeigh to Check for Overload
WWWaste Water
XTCross Town
045Advanced Fee
170Certificate of Origin
510Offshore – Alaska/Hawaii Service
520Oversized Premium
550Preparation of Air Waybill – Origin
555Preparation of Canadian Customs Invoice
565Preparation of Export Entry
570Preparation of Insurance Certificate
585Preparation of U.S. Export Documentation
665Saturday Delivery
670Saturday Pick-Up
675Security Signature Service
761Written Proof of Delivery
A1MAggregate 1000
A3MAggregate 3000
A5MAggregate 5000
AASAttendants Accompanying
ADLAdvance Loading
AFNAir Craft Furnished and Not Used
AGGAggregate Tender Discount
AGSArmed Guard Service
AIBAdditional Injection/Blending Service
ALPPort Changes
ALTUse of Alternate Terminal
AMMA.M. Delivery Requirement
ANCAnchoring and Unanchoring
APDAdditional Copy of Shipping Papers for Proof of Delivery
APLAppliance Servicing
ARCAir Conditioning Disconnect and Connect
ARGRail Armed Guard Service
ARRAir Ride Tractor Service
ARTAir Ride Truck Service
ASYAssembly Service Requested
AUXAuxiliary Service
BCPBypass Consolidation Point
BKABulky Article
BLKBlocking and Bracing
BLSBlind Shipment
BNSBolster Load, Do Not Switch
BOXBoxing Service – Dry Bulk
BU2Bunker Adjustment – 20 Foot Container
BU4Bunker Adjustment – 40 Foot Container
BUABunker Adjustment
CA2Currency Adjustment – 20 Foot Container
CA4Currency Adjustment – 40 Foot Container
CARROEE Car or Pick-up Truck
CCBConvert Commercial Bill of Lading (BOL) to Government BOL
CCSCarrier Caboose
CDDCorrosion Additive Service
CFCCustoms Fees – Container Level
CFLCustoms Fees – Lift Level
CGCCarrier Guard Car Service
CGRReturn Carrier Guard Car Service
CGTCargo Taxes
CHNChain and Binders
CIPCommercial Invoice Preparation
CISConstant Surveillance
CLSClass Rates Applied
CMDComb. Rates over Detroit
CNLConsolidation and Line Haul
CONContract Rates Apply
CORCertification That the Newsprint Winding Cores Being Returned Empty Were
Received Filled by Rail Freight Service
COUConsignee Unload
COVCourier, Overnight
CPCCopilot Service
CPMCustoms Papers Mailed
CRLContainer Lease
CSDCourier, Same Day
CSPGovernment Caboose
CTLControlled Atmosphere
CTMContainer Mounting
CTRCircuitous Routing
CUFCurrency Adjustment – Break Bulk
DBLDouble Wide Separate and Reassemble
DBPDelivery of Fuel From Barge to Pipeline
DCSDOD Constant Surveillance Service
DDNDual Driver with National Agency Check
DDPDual Driver Protective Service
DDSDirect Delivery
DDZDrayage at Port of Debarkation (Rate Zone)
DELDelivery Service
DEPDetention of Conveying Equipment and the Power Unit
DETDetention of Conveying Equipment Excluding the Power Unit
DEZDrayage at Port of Embarkation (Rate Zone)
DFDKeep From Freezing Percent Differential
DFM410 Dromedary with Mechanical Restraining Devices
DFS410 Dromedary
DISDistribution Service Requested
DLPDelivery of Fuel From Rail Tank Car to Pipeline
DLRNotify Shipper Immediately if Shipment is Delayed en Route
DNCDo Not Couple to Other Diaphragmed Cars
DNFDo Not Freeze
DNTDo Not Couple to Tank Cars
DOCDocumentation – Special
DOVContainer Diversion
DPBDelivery of Fuel From Pipeline to Barge
DPDDrayage at Port of Debarkation
DPEDrayage at Port of Embarkation
DPLDelivery of Fuel From Pipeline to Rail Tank Car
DPTDelivery of Fuel From Pipeline to Tank Truck or Trailer
DPUDetention With Power Units (30 minute periods)
DRODrop-Off Delivery
DRUDrumming Service
DSKDo Not Couple to Double Shelf Couples
DSMDromedary with Mechanical Restraining Devices
DSRDromedary Service Requested
DSVDoor Side Vanning
DTBLabor Associated with Detention of Conveying Equipment
DTPDelivery of Fuel From Tank Truck or Trailer to Pipeline
DTVDetention (Vehicle)
DWPDetention With Power Units (60 minute periods)
EAXExtra Axles
ECREscort/Courier Service
ECSEmpty Railcar Ordered But Not Used
EDDEquipment Hose at Destination
EDOEquipment Hose at Origin
EEDExclusive Use
ELSExtra Lights
EMREmergency Service
EMTEmpty Movement
ERSEmpty Return
ERTSatisfactory Service Standards
EXCExclusive Use of Vehicle
EXDExtra Driver
EXLExtra Length Surcharge
EXOExport Preparation
EXPExpedited Rates Applied
EXQExpedited Service
EXTExtra Labor
EXUExclusive Use of Vehicle Damaged
EXZExpand Remove and Install
EZERoadway Easy Rates Applied
FAKBarge Freight All Kinds Service
FCSFurnishing Chassis
FFCFuel Filters Furnished by Carrier
FFSFuel Filters Furnished by Shipper
FLSFlatrack Surcharge
FPTFor Processing in Transit
FRZAccepted by Carrier at Owner’s Risk of Freezing
FSTFor Storage in Transit
FTRFiltration Service
GMSGarment Surcharge
GOCGovernment-Owned Containers
GSPGovernment Guard Car
GSSGreater Security Service
HALHold at Location
HBRHand Brakes at Each End Must Be Released
HDHShipment Holdover for Holidays
HDWShipment Holdover for Weekends
HEAHeat in Transit
HESHeat – Special
HETHeat With Steam
HMAAccessible Hazardous Material
HMIInaccessible Hazardous Material
HOLSunday or Holiday Pickup or Delivery
HOR24 Hour Availability
HOXSpecial Hose
HQTHigh Cube Trailer Rates
HRSHeater or Refrigeration
HTIHitch Installation
HZCHazardous Materials Surcharge
HZDHazardous Cargo On Deck
IDCIdler Car
IDLInside Delivery
IIHIcing Inhibitor Service
IMSIntermodal Shipment Service
INTIntra-Plant Move
IPUInside Pickup
ITSInterline Transfer Service
JITJust-In-Time (JIT)
JLXJoint Line Exception
KEGCertification that the Containers Being Returned Empty Were Received Filled by
Rail Freight Service
KMDKeep Material Dry
LABLabor Disturbance
LBLApply a Uniform Code Council/International Article Numbering Association
(UCC/EAN) Serial Shipping Container Label to the Shipping Containers
LBRLight Bar Service
LBTLow Boy Trailer/Flat Bed
LC2Land Currency Adjustment Factor – 20 Foot Container
LC4Land Currency Adjustment – 40 Foot Container
LCLPercent Differential – Less Than Container
LECLess Than Container
LFDLinehaul from Port of Debarkation
LHSLinehaul Service
LIELiability of Carrier
LMDLiner Terms at Port of Debarkation
LMELiner Terms at Port of Embarkation
LPDLinehaul Percent Differential
LTELinehaul To Port of Embarkation
LTTLess Than Truckload
LYCLayover Service
MATModified Atmosphere
MENEscort Service with Overnight Subsistence
METEscort Services (Telephone)
MNSMotor Surveillance Service
MSSMotor Surveillance Service
MTEMilitary Traffic Expediting Service
MVSSpecial Motor Surveillance
NHCDo not Hump or Hump into
NHLDo Not Use Helper Locomotive to Push
NPRNo Placards Required
NSVNose Side Vanning
OAHStow Away from Heat
OBLBlock Stowage
OCACargo Aboard
OCLCarrier Load and Consignee Unload
OCNOver Height Container
OCSCompleting Shipment
OCVDelivery Verification Not Required
ODIStow with Doors Facing Inward
OEHExempt Commodity
OFHIn Front of House Stowage
OILOil Field Service
ONCUse No Hooks
ONSNot Restricted Cargo
OOBCargo on Board Certification Required
OODOn Deck Stowage
OOLCarrier Load and Carrier Unload
OPTPartial Shipment
OSBStow Below Deck
OSTStow Between Decks
OTCTemperature Control
OTDTime of Delivery and Signature Required
OTHOn Top In-hatch Stowage
OTOOn Top On-deck Stowage
OTSTotal Shipment
OUCUnder Container On-deck Stowage
OUWBelow Water Line Stowage
OWCOver Width Container
OWROne Way Rates Applied
PAJPumping Equipment
PAVPickup of Shipments on Saturday, Sunday, and/or Holidays Requiring Absolute Next Day Delivery
PDSPickup and Delivery From Storage in Transit
PDYPickup and Delivery Beyond Service Area
PERSpecial Permits
PFHProtect From Heat
PHRPer Hour Rates Applied
PIRPier Time
PMMP.M. Delivery Requirement
PMRPer Mile Rates Apply
PMSPickup of Shipments Requiring Same Day Delivery Service
PMTPickup of Shipments Requiring Same Day Delivery Service and/or Delivery at a Specified Time
POCPiano/Organ Carry
PPDPickup and Delivery Service for Perishables
PRTStuffing Charge
PSGProtective Service Security with Armed Guards
PSSProtective Security Service
PTSProtective Tarp For Security Purposes
PUDPickup and Delivery
PUKPack and Unpack
PUPPUP Trailer Rates Apply
PVBBonded Privately Owned Vehicle
PVDDetention of Privately Owned Vehicle
PVIInoperable Privately Owned Vehicle
PVLLoading/Unloading of Privately Owned Vehicle
PVPPrivate Owned Vehicle Processing
PVSStop-offs for Privately Owned Vehicle Shipment
PVTPrivately Owned Vehicle in Truckaway Service
PYSPriority Service
RDHRailhead Handling
RDRRoadrailer Service
RESResidential Delivery
RFMReefer Maintenance
RIEReleased Value Charge in Excess of Carrier Maximum Liability
RLSRelocation of Vehicle
RMCReturn of Empty Container
RMPReturn Movement of Pallet
RMSRail Surveillance
RPDReefer Cargo Percent Differential
RRRRound Trip Service
RSSRestricted Speeds
RWRReweight Requested
SASShipment Holdover on Weekends
SATSaturday Pickup or Delivery
SCCSpecial Containers
SCLShipper Load and Consignee Unload
SDLSplit Delivery
SDSSpecial Dromedary Service
SECSpecial Equipment Charge
SEDShipper Export Declaration Required
SEEStairs, Elevator, Excess Carry
SERService Charge Applies
SEVSecurity Escort Vehicle Service
SFBSingle Factor Origination/Destination
SFDSingle Factor Origination/Port of Debarkation
SFESingle Factor Port of Embarkation/Destination
SFTSpecial Train Movement
SGLSingle Shipment
SHHShipment Holdover on Holidays
SHLShipper Load
SHWShipment Holdover on Weekdays
SKTSkirting and Unskirting
SLCShipper Load and Count
SMPSmall Package
SMSSatellite Surveillance Service
SNMTransmit a Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set
SNSSatellite Surveillance Service
SNTShipment from Non-Temp Storage
SOLShipper Load and Carrier Unload
SPCSpecial Permit
SPRSpreader Service
SPTSpot for Storage – No Shipment
SPUSplit Pickup
SRSSurveying Routes
SSCStripping, Sorting & Consolidation
SSNSubstitute Service Not to be Used
SSUPole Lashing Equipment (PLE) Surcharge
STAConductivity/Anti-static Additive
STDStopoff at Destination
STPStopoff at Origination
STRSignature and Tally Record
SUASpot for Unloading from A End
SUBSpot for Unloading from B Brake End
SUPSupervisor Requested
SVSStorage of Vehicles
TDCTruckload-Double Operator-Common Carrier
TDPTruckload-Double Operator-Padded Van
TERTerminal Handling Charges
TLSTendered as Truckload (Truckload Service Requested)
TMSMulti-Tank Surveillance Service
TMVTendering of Multiple Vehicles
TOFTrailer on Flat Car
TPSThird Party Service
TRATractor Only
TRKTruck Rates Applicable
TRLTrailer Preparation – Special
TRNTransfer Product
TRPTire Repair and Replace
TRSTrade Show
TRTTractor and Trailer
TSCTruckload-Single Operator-Common Carrier
TSPTruckload-Single Operator-Padded Van
TSSTank Surveillance Service
UFCUnder Carriage Furnished By Carrier
URCUnloading or Reloading
UTLUtilities Disconnect and Connect
VACVacuum Service
VANROEE Van Type Truck
VCLVan Cleaning
VFNVehicles Furnished But Not Used
VISVehicles Inoperable
VSOStop Off Delivery of Personal Vehicles
VTSVehicles in Truckaway
WBBWharfage – Breakbulk
WCTWharfage – Container
WDSWaterfront Delivery
WRBWar Risk Crew Bonus
WRIWar Risk Insurance
WTVWeight Verification
ZZZMutually Defined

Appears in

AT5Bill of Lading Handling Requirements
B4Beginning Segment for Inquiry or Reply
CSDConsolidated Shipment Invoice Data
G39Item Characteristics – Vendor’s Selling Unit
GR5Loading Details
H3Special Handling Instructions
IMIntermodal Movement Information
SHRRailroad Interline Service Special Handling Restrictions
TD4Carrier Details (Special Handling, or Hazardous Materials, or Both)
VC1Vehicle Detail
W6Special Handling Information
W06Warehouse Shipment Identification
W27Carrier Details (Warehouse)
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