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(ASC X12) 154 Standard Point Location Code


Code (Standard Point Location) defined by NMFTA point development group as the official code assigned to a city or point (for ratemaking purposes) within a city

Appears in

ANSI X12 EDI B2Beginning Segment for Shipment Information Transaction
ANSI X12 EDI BAXBeginning Segment for Advance Consist and Transportation Automatic Equipment ID
ANSI X12 EDI BGPBeginning Segment for Problem Log Inquiry or Advice
ANSI X12 EDI BJFBeginning Segment Railroad Junctions and Interchanges Update Activity
ANSI X12 EDI BLBilling Information
ANSI X12 EDI BMMBeginning Segment for Multilevel Railcar Load Details Transaction
ANSI X12 EDI CYCCar Hire Cycle
ANSI X12 EDI D9Destination Station
ANSI X12 EDI E5Empty Car Disposition – Pended Destination Route
ANSI X12 EDI E6Advance Car Disposition
ANSI X12 EDI ERRail Event Reporting
ANSI X12 EDI F9Origin Station
ANSI X12 EDI IS2Scheduled Events
ANSI X12 EDI ISCInterline Service Commitment Detail
ANSI X12 EDI ISDRailroad Interline Service Definition Detail
ANSI X12 EDI LFIBeginning Segment for Locomotive Information
ANSI X12 EDI ODOrigin and Destination
ANSI X12 EDI PRMBasic Trace Parameters
ANSI X12 EDI R2Route Information
ANSI X12 EDI R3Route Information – Motor
ANSI X12 EDI RTRate Destination
ANSI X12 EDI S5Stop Off Details
ANSI X12 EDI S9Stop-off Station
ANSI X12 EDI SMBBeginning Segment for Railroad Station Master File
ANSI X12 EDI SMRCross Reference
ANSI X12 EDI T1Transit Inbound Origin
ANSI X12 EDI T3Transit Inbound Route
ANSI X12 EDI V9Event Detail
ANSI X12 EDI Y3Space Confirmation
ANSI X12 EDI Y4Container Release
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