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(ASC X12) 1590 Asset Liability Type Code


Code specifying the type of financial statement item


A1 Accounting Services
A2 Accounts Payable
A3 Accounts Receivable
A4 After-tax Net Earnings or Losses
A5 Alimony
A6 Annuities
A7 Auto
A8 Automobile
B1 Before-tax Pension Plan Cash Contributions
B2 Before-tax Profit Sharing Cash Contributions
B3 Bonds
B4 Bonus
B5 Building
C1 Capital Gains
C2 Car Loan
C3 Cars
C4 Cash
C5 Casualty Insurance Premiums
C6 Certificate of Deposit
C7 Child Support
C8 Collectibles
C9 Commissions
CA Company Assets
CB Company Capital
CC Company Liability
CD Corporate Bonds
CE Cost of Goods Sold
CF Credit Card Debt
D1 Deferred Compensation
D2 Dental Insurance Premiums
D3 Depreciation
D4 Depreciation or Principle on Business Loans
D5 Disability Insurance Premiums
D6 Dividends
E1 Earned Income
E2 Electricity
E3 Employee Benefits
E4 Equipment Payments
E5 Equities
E6 Expenses
F1 Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
G1 Gain or Loss from Sale of Fixed Assets
G2 Gift
G3 Government Bonds
G4 Gross Profit
G5 Gross Receipts
G6 Gross Sales
H1 Health Insurance Premiums
H2 Heat
H3 Home
I1 Inheritance
I2 Insurance Premiums
I3 Intangible Assets
I4 Interest
I5 Interest on Loans
I6 Inventory
I7 Investment
J1 Janitorial Services
L1 Licenses and Fees
L2 Life Insurance Cash Value
L3 Limited Partnership Income
L4 Loans
M1 Maintenance
M2 Malpractice or Liability Insurance Premiums
M3 Money Market
M4 Mortgage
M5 Municipal Bonds
M6 Mutual Funds
N1 Net Profit or Loss After Taxes
N2 Net Profit or Loss Before Taxes
N3 Net Rental Income
N4 Net Worth
N5 Non-owner or Employees Compensation
O1 Other
O2 Other Taxes
O3 Owner or Employees Compensation
P1 Pension
P2 Periodicals
P3 Personal Liability
P4 Personal Assets
P5 Personal Property
P6 Professional Dues
P7 Professional Fees
P8 Profit Sharing
P9 Property Taxes
PA Publications
R1 Real Estate
R2 Rent
R3 Rental Property
R4 Retirement Plan
R5 Royalties
S1 Salary
S2 Sales
S3 Savings
S4 Savings Bonds
S5 Scheduled Principal Payments on Debt
S6 Security Service
S7 Self Employment Income
S8 Share of After-tax C Corporation Net Income or Loss
S9 Share of After-tax Corporation Earnings or Losses
SA Share of Partnership Net Profit or Loss
SB Share of Partnership Ordinary Income
SC Share of S Corporation Net Income or Loss
SD Social Security (FICA)
SE Sole Proprietorship Net Profit or Loss
SF State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
SG Stocks
T1 Tangible Assets – Non-current
T2 Tangible Assets – Current
T3 Taxes
T4 Telephone
T5 Telephone Answering Services
T6 Total Assets
T7 Total Earned Income
T8 Total Income
T9 Total Liability
TA Total Unearned Income
TB Treasury Bills
TC Trust
U1 Unearned Income
U2 Unemployment Compensation
U3 Utilities
W1 Workers Compensation
ZZ Mutually Defined

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ASLAsset Liability
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