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(ASC X12) 1591 Type of Activity Code


Code specifying the type of activity


24 24-hour Endurance Snowmobile
A1 Aviation Advertising
A2 Aerial Application
A3 Aviation Aerobatics
A4 Air Ambulance
A5 Air Taxi
A7 Auto Stunt Driving
A8 Abalone Diving
A9 Aerobatic Skydiving
AA Auto Drag Racing
AB Aviation Ferrying
AC Aviation Firefighting
AD Auto Hill Climbing
AE Aviation Inspection
AF Aviation Instructional
AH Aviation Prospecting
AI Auto Road Rally
B1 Business Aviation
B2 Base Jumping
B3 Boxing
B4 Bungee Jumping
B5 Banner Towing
B6 Bush Flying
C1 Championship Auto Racing
C2 Certificated Route Air Carrier
C3 Chartered Air Carrier
C4 Commercial Aviation
C5 Construction Helicopter
C6 Corporate Aviation
C7 Crew Member Aviation
C8 Cross-country Aviation
C9 Cross-country Motorcycle Racing
CA Cave Diving
CB Cross-country Snowmobile Racing
CC Cartography
CD Cliff Soaring
D1 Demolition Derby
D2 Demonstration Aviation
DR Driving
E1 Endurance Racing Inboard
E2 Experimental Skydiving
F1 Flying
F2 Figure 8 Demolition
F3 Formula or Grand Prix Auto Racing
F4 Forestry Aviation
F5 Fire Fighting
G1 Glider or Sailplane
G2 Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing
G3 Ground Skimming
H1 Hot-air Ballooning
H2 Hang Gliding
H3 Hydroplane Racing Unlimited
H4 Hydroplane Racing Inboard
I1 International Racing (Auto)
I2 Intermediate Junior Snowmobile Racing
I3 Ice Diving
I4 Iceboat Racing
I5 Inboard Racing
I6 Ice Climbing
J1 Jet Car Racing
J2 Judo
K1 Kart Racing
K2 Karate
M1 Midget Racing
M2 Military Flying
M3 Modified Outboard Racing
M4 Motorboat Racing
M5 Modified Stock Motorcycle Racing
M6 Motocross Racing
M7 Mountain Climbing
M8 Military Skydiving
M9 Modified Stock Snowmobile Racing
MA Modified Snowmobile Racing
MB Motorcycle Acrobatics
MC Motorcycle Dirt Track Racing
MD Motorcycle Drag Racing
ME Motorcycle Enduro Racing
MF Motorcycle Hill Climbing
MG Motorcycle Ice Racing
MH Motorcycle Observed Trials
MI Motorcycle Road Racing
MJ Motorcycle Road Riding
MK Motorcycle Speed Record Trials
ML Motorcycle Speedway
N1 Non-scheduled Flying
O1 Off Road Auto Racing
O2 Offshore Racing
O3 Outboard Performance Craft Racing
O4 Oval Sprint Snowmobile Racing
O5 Other
O6 Open Modified Snowmobile Racing
P1 Passenger Aviation
P2 Personal Aviation
P3 Photographic Aviation
P4 Pilot Aviation
P5 Pleasure Aviation
P6 Precision Flying
P7 Private Flying
P8 Parachuting
P9 Professional Outboard Racing
PA Parakiting
PB Parasailing
PC Paraskiing
R1 Rock Climbing
R2 Rodeo
R3 Ridge Soaring
S1 Sports Car Racing
S2 Sprint Car Racing
S3 Stock Car Racing
S4 Snowmobile Enduro Racing
S5 Scheduled Flying
S6 Sight Seeing Aviation
S7 Student Flying
S8 Stock Outboard Racing
S9 Snowmobile Drag Racing
SA Stock Snowmobile Racing
SB Spear Fishing
SC Scuba Diving
SD Skydiving
SE Skydiving Accuracy
SF Skydiving Free-fall
SG Stunt Flying
T1 Testing Aviation
T2 Traffic Watch Aviation
U1 Underwater Diving
U2 Underwater Hard-hat Diving
U3 Underwater Scuba Diving
U4 Underwater Skin Diving
W1 Water Skiing
W2 Wrestling
W3 Wreck or Salvage Diving
W4 World Snowmobile Speed Record

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