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(ASC X12) 1599 Hazardous Vehicle Type Code


Code specifying the type of hazardous vehicle


A1 Aerial Application
A2 Aerial Application Converted
A3 Air Taxi
A4 Airplane
A5 Airship
A6 All Cargo Carrier
A7 Anti-submarine
A8 Attack Aircraft
A9 Alcohol Fuel Dragster
AA Alcohol Funny Car
AB Acrobatic
B1 Bomber
B2 B Fuel Dragster
B3 Baby Grand Stock Car
B4 Boat
B5 Banner Towing
B6 Bush Flying
C1 Certified Route Air Carrier (Passenger & Cargo)
C2 Commuter Air Carrier
C3 Corporate or Executive Aircraft
C4 Crop Duster
C5 Cargo or Transport Aircraft
C6 Cold Weather Aircraft
C7 Car
C8 Canoe
C9 Cartography
D1 Dirt Car
D2 Double-A Alcohol Dragster
D3 Double-A Altered Dragster
D4 Double-A Gas Dragster
D5 Double-B Funny Car
D6 Dragster
D7 Dune Buggy
D8 Demolition Derby
E1 Experimental Aircraft
E2 Early Warning or Electronic Aircraft
F1 Free Balloon
F2 Fighter Aircraft
F3 Formula 400 Auto
F4 Formula Atlantic Auto
F5 Formula Continental Auto
F6 Formula Ford Auto
F7 Formula One Auto
F8 Formula Super Vee Auto
F9 Flat Bottom Boat
FA Fire Fighting
FB Float Plane
G1 Glider
G2 Gyrocopter
G3 Gyroplane
G4 Go-cart
G5 Grand American Stock Car
H1 Helicopter
H2 High Performance Aircraft
H3 Home Built Aircraft
H4 Hot Air Balloon
H5 Hobby Stock Car
H6 Hydroplane
I1 Indy Car (Turbo-Charged Engine)
I2 Ice Boat
I3 Inboard Boat
J1 Jet Aircraft
J2 Jalopy Stock Car
J3 Jet Car
J4 Jet Boat
K1 Kayak
L1 Lighter-than-air Balloon
L2 Late Model Sportsman Car
L3 Late Model Stock Car
L4 Limited Sportsman Stock Car
M1 Multiengine Land Aircraft
M2 Multiengine Sea Aircraft
M3 Missile Carrier Aircraft
M4 Midget Car
M5 Mini-stock Car
M6 Modified Gas Coupe or Sedan
M7 Modified Stock Car
M8 Mini-boat
M9 Modified Outboard Boat
MA Modified Motorcycle
MB Motorcycle
MC Mod-stock Snowmobile
MD Modified Snowmobile
O1 Observation Aircraft
O2 Off Road Vehicle
O3 Outboard Boat
O4 Open Modified Snowmobile
P1 Paraplane
P2 Plane
P3 Prototype Aircraft
P4 Patrol Aircraft
P5 Drone Controller or Director Aircraft
P6 Professional Outboard Boat
R1 Radio Controlled Aircraft
R2 Reconnaissance Aircraft
R3 Runabout Boat
S1 Single Engine Land Aircraft
S2 Single Engine Sea Aircraft
S3 Supplemental Air Carrier
S4 Search and Rescue Aircraft
S5 Sand Buggy
S6 Sling-shot Dragster
S7 Sports Car
S8 Sprint Car
S9 Stock Car
SA Street Stock Car
SB Super Stock Car
SC Super-charged Gas-burning Coupe or Sedan
SD Stock Division Motorcycle
SE Snowmobile
SF Stock Snowmobile
SG Stunt
T1 Twin Engine Aircraft
T2 Tanker Aircraft
T3 Trainer Aircraft
T4 Tunnel Boat
U1 Ultralight Aircraft
U2 Utility Aircraft
U3 Unsuper-charged Gas-burning Altered Dragster
U4 Unsuper-charged Gas-burning Dragster
V1 Vintage Aircraft
V2 Vertical Takeoff Aircraft
V3 Vee-bottom Boat
W1 Weather Aircraft

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