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(ASC X12) 1602 Bill of Lading Charge Code


Code identifying the type of Bill of Lading charge


ADF Advance Fee
ADV Advance Amount
BLK Blocking and Bracing Charge
COD Cash on Delivery
COL Fee for Collecting COD
DEL Delivery Charge
DEP Detention of Power Unit
DET Detention of Trailer
DIB Diversion and Reconsignment
DSC Discount
EIC Export and/or Import Charge
EXC Exclusive Use Charge
FLT Flat Charge
FSC Fuel Surcharge
IDL Inside Delivery
IPU Inside Pick-up
LDA Loading Allowance
LDL Unloading Allowance
MIL Mileage Charge
MIN Minimum Charge
MRK Marking or Tagging Charge
MSG Miscellaneous Charge
ONC Order Notify Charge
PLA Placement Charge
PWH Pier Charges – Wharfage
REP Residential Pick-up
RES Residential Delivery
SOC Stop Charge
SPU Single Pick-up
SRG Storage
SUF Sufferance Warehouse
ZZZ Mutually Defined

Appears in

AT3Bill of Lading Rates and Charges
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