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(ASC X12) 1634 Business Professional Title Code


Code identifying title of an individual within a business


1 Accountant
2 Accounting Manager
3 Administrative Assistant
4 Administrator
5 Assistant Secretary
6 Assistant Treasurer
7 Assistant Vice President
8 Associate
9 Attorney
A Auditor
B Bookkeeper
C Branch Manager
D Cashier
E Certified Public Accountant
F Chairman
G Chairman of the Board
H Chairman of the Board of Directors
I Chief Executive Officer
J Chief Financial Officer
K Chief Operating Officer
L Clerk
M Commercial Manager
N Comptroller
O Controller
P Credit Manager
Q EDP Manager
R Director
S Executive Director
T Executive Secretary
U Executive Vice President
V General Controller
W General Counsel
X General Manager
Y General Partner
Z Mutually Defined
1A General Secretary
1B Group Executive
1C Group Controller
1D Limited Partner
1E Manager
1F Managing Director
1G Managing Partner
1H Marketing Manager
1J Member of the Board
1K Member of the Board of Directors
1L Merchant Banker
1M Office Manager
1N Official Liquidator
1O Other Title
1P Owner
1Q Partner
1R Personnel Manager
1S President
1T Proprietor
1U Purchasing Manager
1V Registrar
1W Sales Director
1X Sales Manager
1Y Secretary
1Z Secretary of the Board of Directors
2A Secretary-Treasurer
2B Senior Vice President
2C Sole Director
2D Spokesperson
2E Treasurer
2F Unlimited Partner
2G Vice Chairman of the Board
2H Vice President
2I Advertising Manager
2J Alternate Director
2K Commercial Director
2L Company Secretary
2M Delegated Manager
2N Deputy General Manager
2O Export Manager
2P Financial Director
2Q Marketing Director
2R Operations Manager
2S Personnel Director
2T Production Manager
2U Referee
2V Sole Administrator
2W Technical Director
2X Trustee

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