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(ASC X12) 1650 Shipment Status Code


Code indicating the status of a shipment


A3 Shipment Returned to Shipper
A7 Refused by Consignee
A9 Shipment Damaged
AF Carrier Departed Pick-up Location with Shipment
AG Estimated Delivery
AH Attempted Delivery
AI Shipment has been Reconsigned
AJ Tendered for Delivery
AM Loaded on Truck
AN Diverted to Air Carrier
AP Delivery Not Completed
AR Rail Arrival at Destination Intermodal Ramp
AV Available for Delivery
B6 Estimated to Arrive at Carrier Terminal
BA Connecting Line or Cartage Pick-up
BC Storage in Transit
C1 Estimated to Depart Terminal Location
CA Shipment Cancelled
CD Carrier Departed Delivery Location
CL Trailer Closed Out
CP Completed Loading at Pick-up Location
D1 Completed Unloading at Delivery Location
I1 In-Gate
J1 Delivered to Connecting Line
K1 Arrived at Customs
L1 Loading
OA Out-Gate
OO Paperwork Received – Did not Receive Shipment or Equipment
P1 Departed Terminal Location
PR U.S. Customs Hold at In-Bond Location
R1 Received from Prior Carrier
RL Rail Departure from Origin Intermodal Ramp
S1 Trailer Spotted at Consignee’s Location
SD Shipment Delayed
X1 Arrived at Delivery Location
X2 Estimated Date and/or Time of Arrival at Consignee’s Location
X3 Arrived at Pick-up Location
X4 Arrived at Terminal Location
X5 Arrived at Delivery Location Loading Dock
X6 En Route to Delivery Location
X8 Arrived at Pick-up Location Loading Dock
XB Shipment Acknowledged

Appears in

AT7Shipment Status Details
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