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(ASC X12) 1653 Shipment Appointment Reason Code


Code indicating the reason that a pick-up or delivery appointment status code was transmitted.


A1 Missed Delivery
A4 Holiday, Closed
A5 Appointment Already Scheduled
AD Customer Requested Future Delivery
AF Accident
AG Consignee Related
AH Driver Related
AI Mechanical Breakdown
AJ Other Carrier Related
AM Shipper Related
AU Civil Event Related Delay
AX Insufficient Pick-up Time
AY Missed Pick-up
BE Road Conditions
CB No Requested Arrival Date Provided by Shipper
CC No Requested Arrival Time Provided by Shipper
E9 Receiving Time Restricted
NA Normal Appointment
RC Reconsigned
WE Weather Related

Appears in

AT7Shipment Status Details
Review post

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